Trump Administration to Overturn Cole Memo and Let Federal Prosecutors Where Marijuana Is Legal Decide How Vigorously to Enforce Federal Law

Jeff sessions marijuana

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said marijuana is “only slightly less awful” than heroin.

AP Newsbreak reports that today Attorney General Jeff Sessions will overturn the Obama era Cole Memo which deprioritized the prosecution of cannabis crimes in states where marijuana is legal.

Funds brought into California’s coffers from taxing cannabis is expected to exceed $1 billion annually not too far down the road.

Almost 30 states have legalized cannabis in some form. Here’s a map of those states. 

According to AP, “The move by President Donald Trump’s attorney general likely will add to confusion about whether it’s OK to grow, buy or use marijuana in states where pot is legal, since long-standing federal law prohibits it.”

AP also said,

A task force Sessions convened to study pot policy made no recommendations for upending the legal industry but instead encouraged Justice Department officials to keep reviewing the Obama administration’s more hands-off approach to marijuana enforcement, something Sessions promised to do since he took office.

The change also reflects yet another way in which Sessions, who served as a federal prosecutor at the height of the drug war in Mobile, Alabama, has reversed Obama-era criminal justice policies that aimed to ease overcrowding in federal prisons and contributed to a rethinking of how drug criminals were prosecuted and sentenced. While his Democratic predecessor Eric Holder told federal prosecutors to avoid seeking long mandatory minimum sentences when charging certain lower level drug offenders, for example, Sessions issued an order demanding the opposite, telling them to pursue the most serious charges possible against most suspects.



  • Just in time for the upcoming mid-term elections!

  • Sessions didn’t go back on his word, Jerry Brown did.
    Sessions said that as long as states keep it out of the hands of criminals, that he’s cool with it.
    Brown turned Calif state into a harbor for criminal activity.

    As long as the people want to play the Govt is big daddy-0, whether it be local, state or Fed, the people will never know liberty again.
    Where in the Constitution does the people give any government the power of authority to govern their personal choices? Nowhere.
    What is a Power? Who are powers given to? Why were they given?
    What is a Right? Who are Rights secured for? Why are they listed separately?


      • Liberal hypocrisy

        Yep you can bet this is just the beginning of the shitstorm that is coming upon California because of that liberal kook job in Sacramento

    • Note: It doesn’t say Sessions went back on his word, it says he’s doing what he promised.

      “…encouraged Justice Department officials to keep reviewing the Obama administration’s more hands-off approach to marijuana enforcement, something Sessions promised to do since he took office.

      The change also reflects yet another way in which Sessions, who served as a federal prosecutor at the height of the drug war in Mobile, Alabama, has reversed Obama-era criminal justice policies that aimed to ease overcrowding in federal prisons and contributed to a rethinking of how drug criminals were prosecuted and sentenced. While his Democratic predecessor Eric Holder told federal prosecutors to avoid seeking long mandatory minimum sentences when charging certain lower level drug offenders, for example, Sessions issued an order demanding the opposite, telling them to pursue the most serious charges possible against most suspects.”

      I disagree with his approach entirely.

      • All is fair in love and war.

        Pot is not a delegated duty, so it falls under the unconstitutional label. Calif should have nullified that unconstitutional law decades ago.
        Immigration is a delegated duty, so it falls under the constitutional label. Calif should be abiding by the compact of the states that created the constitutional laws of immigration.

        He’s cool with it. He’s not afraid to play hardball. Calif is stupid.

      • obama created the policy because hes a pothead and wanted to let all his bros out of prison. it was his way around congress. he thought he was king.

    • The constitution shak !? Lol. You can’t say whatever you want anymore… you can only bear “non-evil” arms….racism and slavery are alive n well and too even think about opposition to the government is labeling you as a terrorist,NOT a patriot. Wave your flag and shut your mouth. 🇺🇸 🤐

      • Just how many new names on your list? I suspect one for each post. Unfortunately though, the same ol’, same ol’ one note idea screamed as loud as can be.

        • Pot calling kettle black!!!!
          If you are annonymous you can’t call some other annonymous commenter out for being annonymous. OLD RULE😁

          • Actually that is true. But not the point. The point was that no matter how many name changes take place, the message is always the same limited one phrased in the same way hackneyed terms even if it has nothing at all to do with the article in question. It’s like being stuck in a car on a long drive through all kinds of scenery with a six year old saying “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” every ten seconds.

            Dear Whatever name you pick next: No, you are not there yet.

      • That is the result of a tyrannical state government that has betrayed their oath to the Constitution. Who is at fault? The people, that’s who. The people refused to hold themselves morally accountable by holding their officials accountable. Turning a blind eye convenienced them. They wanted to control others, not themselves. They thrive on stolen power. They are dictators for their own self righteous causes that are too numerous to count.
        That can be reversed.
        The Constitution assures all people are secured their liberties, through the mere concept of limiting all governments to the powers of authority given them by the compact.
        People have inalienable rights. Governments have powers bestowed upon them that act as a guard of those rights. Governments do not have rights.

    • The Commerce Clause gives the fed the authority to control markets that cross state and national borders. So if CA thinks it’s going to get rich exporting pot to other states where it is still illegal, they may have a hard wake up call. If CA overproduces beyond sales to itself, that’s an assumption of intent to export. CA needs to be very careful about this because if CA-export busts increase in other states, the fed may sweep in and shut down the legal-pot party in states where this is happening.

      Actually, the fed has the right to “just say no” to pot altogether. Otherwise the same logic and process could be used on any drug, including heroin. The justification for legalizing pot is “everybody does it”. Well it’s coming on fast that everybody does heroin too. And both are creating huge social problems synergistic outside just personal use. Especially heroin. How pot legalization gives heroin a leg-up is that it sets a precedent where states can tell the fed to piss off on regulated drug use/sales for recreation. Since all are on Schedule 1 federally, other drugs can be “legalized” in the same way. Either that or the FDA should be disbanded. But I prefer tight regulation on drugs since I’m not in the habit of visiting the guy on the street corner in the wagon selling pine pitch to salve wounds, etc.


      • The commerce duties given to the Central government, were external.
        The central government was created by the states for certain duties, which were External in nature.
        They do not have Internal powers which are not a necessary and proper part of the External powers given.
        They slipped in through the cracks with their migratory birds clause, because migratory birds are foreigners.

        No government has the power of authority to govern plants or inalienable rights of the people. The people created the Constitution and the people created the government. The governments were given powers to secure the rights of the people. They were not given the powers of authority to deny or grant the rights of the people.
        The Declaration of Independence sheds light on why the new nation was being born. Nobody in their right mind would ever read the DOI, then preach about how the New Country was formed in order to replicate the old. The Revolutionary war was not fought so that the “king” could rule here just like over there.

      • In fact if you factor in all the legal prescription opiates, close to two-thirds of the country are on heroin.

      • Actually, Pine, (or Fir pitch), is a proven wound healer. Or any other topical, (on the skin), issues. Just messy and sticky, but it does work, so…

    • Marijuana is regulated under the federal Commerse clause. Just how the hell do you think California farmers selling to California buys qualifies as interstate commerse? As usual, you are a total boot-licker.

    • From a NYTimes article: ‘ “What happened today was a trampling of Colorado’s rights, its voters,” Sen. Corey Gardner (R-Colo.) said in a Senate floor speech in which he angrily accused Sessions of going back on commitments to respect the will of voters in states that have chosen to legalize.
      “I will be putting today a hold on every single nomination from the Department of Justice until Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions lives up to the commitment he made to me,” declared Gardner, who is a member of the Senate’s Republican leadership.’

      • Does grandstanding politicians mean anything? No doubt he’s honestly outraged by this rapscallion Session. Any honest politician would be.

        Let me know if you find one. Honest politician, I mean.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Another example of somebody who doesn’t use cannabis but it drives him nuts. Just like the other States, we had a vote and decrim won by a decisive majority, maybe 56% if memory serves (!). Unlike Trump who lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes, but still “won”, thus giving us neo-Confederate Jeff Sessions as Attorney General of the United States. Wow. Soon he will arrive with The Lord and a Heavenly Host to smite the heathens, smite the infidels, just like Confederates have always done. Hate America. That’s why the Russian connection with this administration is so enlightening. Hate America.

      Maybe some of you will get off your dead asses and register to VOTE in the midterms. Plenty of blame to go around, but sweeping Republicans out of office is the first move toward reform.

    • Fidlin the ganjo

      Our supervisors are the biggest criminals in northern california.
      Sessions isnt going to let them get away with this shit

  • “Sessions said that as long as states keep it out of the hands of criminals, that he’s cool with it.”

    Don’t recall that.

    Do recall his saying “Good people…don’t smoke marijuana.”

    • Good people…don’t smoke marijuana. Says it all doesn’t it!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Exactly right. Sessions has never been conciliatory on weed. Trumpers have been on the Breitbart/Hannity Feed for so long they are practically drooling. That’s why you get crazy blame-Brown drivel. Trump’s evil contaminates all, corrupts all. You know Hillary would never do this shit.

      Register and vote. Call your friends and family. Please. Voting matters. Get Republicans out of office. Your right to vote has been paid for with the blood of patriots. Please.

      • Was this sarcasm? As Brown et al were in office long before Trump. Memory problems abound. Don’t you remember the rejoicing when pot heads heard the magic words (in their heads at least) that the Feds were no longer going to prosecute medical- meaning anyone bothering to get a 215 card- pot then two years later watching a summer of military pot farm raids when things got overheated? The many dispensary challenges?

        All under that uber Democrat Obama and the under Democrats Holder and Lynch. And Clinton too I suppose. Why are liberals so smitten with simply awful people if they make massaging messages in public and then do terrible things quietly? Is it the Emperor’s New Clothes Syndrome?

  • Make marijuana illegal again….get em sessions. BLACKMARKETSMATTER

    • Labeled a nazi loves federal overreach and hates the free market. No wonder why he labels himself a nazi.

      • If you google the phrase, it will tell you how the Commerce Clause works. Although the arguments in the Supreme Court shift a bit towards and away from Federal power, the most recent case, Gonzales vs Raisch, in 2005, covered the issue specifically.

        Of course, with the despised conservative presence in the judicial branch recently increasing, the tendency might move back in favor of less Federal authority. It is always surprising that pot heads claim Federal overreach when it effects their beloved pot access but want more Federal authority for other social causes. What is always comes down to is that they want the other guy screwed over but not their own beloved selves. Rights don’t work that way. But it seems that pot people do expect it to. Disingenuous little guys, aren’t they?

      • Jacklope. There’s nothing more free than the black market. Trust me….cash is king. 👑


  • What about the whole “state’s rights” thing the republicans are always going on about? Guess that only applies when they want to exploit people of color, women, and low wage workers. Or anyone else marginalized, really that’s a lot of people these days and I don’t want to be lambasted by the pc police for not being inclusive enough.

    • You are right. You are going to be lambasted but not for what you meant but because of not understanding what State’s rights mean. State’s rights were actually what was touted as the authority for States allowing slavery, not as a reason for opposing it. There are people today who believe that the Federal government usurped State’s rights by declaring slaves free.

      FYI State’s rights are those rights specifically assigned by the Constitution and those rights not specifically to the Federal government are reserved for the States and the people. And in a conflict in assigning authority in exercising rights, the Federal government is supreme. A long series of court resolutions have basically ceded the right to regulate pot to the Feds. Too bad, so sad. But then again, that gave social liberals and Democrats the power to create lots and lots of nasty intrusions into individual rights by the Feds. You can’t have it both ways at your choice.

      BTW welcome back. It was peaceful for less than a day.

      • All men were created equal.
        No man is above the law.
        The BOR secures the inalienable rights of ALL PEOPLE.
        The Constitution limits the governments to powers that do not infringe upon the rights of the people.
        People have rights. Governments have powers. The line is drawn.
        It is unconstitutional to infringe on the BOR in any way.
        The BOR secures the rights of ALL PEOPLE. Even the laws that declared Black men can own Black men were nullified.
        Any law that is unconstitutional is repugnant to the Constitution. Unconstitutional laws are to be considered null and void.
        Owning people is unconstitutional.
        Bringing in foreigners for the vote, is unconstitutional. (this goes back to the 3/5 law).
        Enslaving, robbing, assaulting, or harming ANY individual’s liberties and private property is unconstitutional.
        The Constitution secures the inalienable rights of the individual, not the groupies.
        Standing up for your inalienable rights is the duty of the individual. When those rights are being denied, it is the duty of all individuals to rise in defense of the individual. The Amicus Brief is one way, but not the only way.
        If an individual enslaves, robs, assaults another individual’s inalienable rights to life, liberty and private property, it is the duty of the people to hold that individual accountable for his/her unconstitutional actions upon another.

      • Welcome back? Thanks for a history lesson I didn’t need, though. Just pointing out the irony in it all. Seems every time I hear state’s rights, it’s some conservative moron wanting to keep a gay couple from getting a wedding cake or keep a black person from voting. And I’m not a Democrat, either. They’re just the other part of the problem.

        Oh and liberal is an adjective, not a noun. It means pertaining to or embodying liberty. What a horrible word.

        Too bad most people are too stupid and irresponsible to manage self-governance. Maybe after the nuclear apocalypse.

        • The media is mostly liberal. They blame everything on conservatives. Conservatives are not the only ones who have a belief that goes against the media, but the conservatives are the only ones who are belittled for it.

          Your example of the cake is only half truth. The bakery was accepting of baking the cake for their wedding. They drew the line on the decorating of it though, because it went against their beliefs. Their business, their rules. The couple had the right to go next door to the bakery who would agree to their terms, like the Muslim bakery or whoever.

          Any business who turns down business, is only hurting themselves. Government has no power of authority to force individuals to bow to another’s demands. The 9th district has been political, not constitutional. They are only hanging themselves, not the bakers.
          We the people have the power of boycotting. According to the 9th district, though, we lose the power of the boycott because we are forbidding the sale of a cake to a couple who doesn’t want special unique to the bakery decorations. This sounds funny at the moment, but in reality, it is quite literal. You’ll see.

          Which black person/people are kept from voting? Women used to be tread upon too, until they stood up for their rights secured by the constitution. Same thing with all the various races that were once kept at bay until they proved themselves to be constitutionally educated.
          Long long ago, if it weren’t for the richer “whities” providing education to the freed and the enslaved both, the “slaves” never would have learned that the constitution covered them too. Pockets of Jim Crow law counties would still be enforced to this day if it weren’t for them.

          Education, not indoctrination, is the key word.

          • Liberals do own the media. They are the ones stirring hate n racism. These dipshit kkk guys throw rally’s every year! Did we see it in Obama’s reign? No. Now that the libs haven’t got there way they focus the media on these minuscule kkk and white power rallys. Really. If u didnt feed into it and not portray it, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Feeding the kkk with media hype is like feeding a troll. They love it. But hey….it works great for stirring up hate in millions that wasn’t there in the first place. Thanks Washington Post and CNN,your on it.

        • Keep Black people from voting??? What planet you on…your psycho…lol..geez..lib.move on

          • Georgia changed the voting districts this year which requires some areas to travel 45 miles to vote. those areas are mostly African American, poor, and most don’t have cars. education and information is key when trolling. I see the 90 million new voters in 2020 changing everything dramatically. you should hear the shit they say and they are full of information.

        • Total shock, here’s a little history pop quiz.

          Which political party in the United States fought to free slaves in the Civil War?

          Which political party in the United States voted to pass the Civil Rights bill?

          Which political party in the United States voted to pass the 19th Amendment?

          I’ll give you a little hint, it starts with the letter R.

          • Only surprises await us............................

            What political party started the Civil War?
            What political party shut down all of the mental health hospitals?
            What political party voted to build more prisons so they could say lock them up and throw away the keys?
            What political party started the military draft?
            What political party profited from the Vietnam war?

            Oh ya, the Republican Party.

    • All it takes is for Congress to remove the law making pot illegal, then the Fedral government would not have the right to regulate it under its commerce powers. So run for Congress, if you can manage that much coherent thought.

      • The war on drugs is unconstitutional.
        The war on poverty is unconstitutional.
        The war on terrorism is unconstitutional.

        It would be easy to correct the past, just by stepping up in the present.

      • With it legal in over half the states it outta be a cake walk in the Congress to change the law, but only if they have the cajones

    • If you haven’t caught on yet, here’s how it works: You pander for the votes once every 4 or 6 years. Then you send all the perks and benefits upward to the wealthiest: your big donors, sponsors, businesses and lobbyists contributing to your campaign, think tanks, and special pet interests. They, in turn, give you employment when your term is finished. Folks never catch on, in part due to the echo-chamber sound bytes fed to them and circling the wagons of denial. In the backwards Red States they will actually vote against their self-interests and believe horseshit. Since Citizens United, you have no voice anyway. You don’t matter.

      State’s rights? Only in certain applications they deem worthy. Deficits? They don’t matter now. Truthiness? Hey, it matters only being right rather than doing right, and it doesn’t really matter until you’re caught.

      In the federal view of things, weed is as bad as heroin and scheduled Class 1 drugs. Just get to work, pay your taxes, keep your nose to the grindstone and drink alcohol instead to forget your troubles.

    • Show me where either Constitution forbids women, people of color, wage earners their individual inalienable rights.

      • Well, WOMEN are mentioned exactly NOWHERE in the constitution, for starters.

        • “2. Persons; people; mankind; in an indefinite sense. men are apt to forget the benefactor, while they riot on the benefit.”

          Noah Webster, one of the signers of the DOI, also created the dictionary to safeguard the meaning of the words at that important time. He knew first hand what was meant by “all men created equal”.

  • Let the games begin. Maybe a crackdown could push the market price back up? Technically with the RICO act they don’t need to send thousands of federal agents in to dismantle grows and raid shops. All the legal businesses are filed with the county and state. All they have to do is go through a directory so to speak and send notices. Who knows though, maybe it could go either way but popular opinion doesn’ t seem to matter in America anymore…… I just don’t see cannabis becoming legalized federally for a long time. I see economic collapse and the introduction of a mandatory federal digital currency (FEDCOIN) based on block chain technology happening first as well as the introduction of negative interest rates before any kind of federal legalization. I point to the fact that CBD’s flew under the radar for so long and December of 2016 the DEA scheduled them scheduled 1 along with cannabis, LSD, heroin and so on. Big pharma has way too much to lose from legalization of cannabis and CBD.

    • Well said

    • Very true.
      Because the people never bothered themselves to nullify the unconstitutional law that made pot illegal, the people will now face unspeakable loss of sovereignty.
      Only unconstitutional laws can be nullified. Immigration is not unconstitutional. Immigration is the duty of the Federal government. This means that State’s, who gave the Feds this duty in the compact, must never interfere. If they interfere, they are acting in treason.

      • Immigration is one of the clearly defined Federal powers. But what the heck. Too many of residents of the liberal echo chamber are convinced otherwise. They truly believe they are in control.
        Luckily for them the same document they despise bars the Federal government from showing them just how very dependent they are on the rest of the country. If the Feds simply held back funding for one month, California would be at a stand still whereas if California attempted to hold back income to the Federal government, they would just be laughed at.

  • It is true, that polite folks don’t smoke dope.

    Pot is fucking awful, probably the biggest about-to-occur big sticky mess in history. It’s only been legalized because the cost of enforcing prohibition just got too high, and the tax potential is significant.

    The worst thing about pot, is the cowboy growers and the shitty, dirty poison weed that they grow! This makes Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendo/Lake Counties some of the most crime infested, drugged up, and sleazy areas in the US! The concentration of assholes and party-people is unprecedented in these areas, and the concentration is producing the murders, crazy crimes, and the social degradation present all over Northern CA. AND interational groups, especially Mexican Crime families, are introducing new levels of insanity and drug-fueled psychotic activity.

    Wait for it, Humboldt! I am predicting bodies all over the place, Heroin central, and new drug crimes that you have never heard of!

    Thanks growers! You have destroyed what you love in exchange for a pile of Krugerrands! Enjoy!

    • Sounds like something right out of Reefer Madness.
      The first bit is no more than blind ignorance about people who smoke. Do you paint the entire world in generalizations? Must be easy to figure it all out that way.

      As to the rest of your rant… well, have a good day.

    • Dully Has a point. This is not eutopia like Our parents saw it.Per popula, this place is full of assholes,theives n drug addicts lost way to many friends who were bored with too much money,drugs n booze. If your not careful…this county will kill u young

    • This is why it is not a delegated duty.
      Creating a crisis, creates a profit for the crisis handlers.

      Think back to before prohibition. There were no greedy growers. Everybody was free. The media reported on stocks and productions.
      What changed?

      • Most states had rules regulating pot before the Feds ever got involved. And before there was a real pharmaceutical industry. Whybwas that?

  • “Marijuana is only slightly less awful than heroin”, says the man who obviously has had no exposure to drugs. Since when do politicians turn down ways to collect tax?

  • Sessions announced this today to deflect from 4 members of congress forming a “cannabis caucus” to resolve the differences between state law and federal law.

    • That is a mighty small conspiracy you created there. Go big like “Aliens from outer space want Earth to be one big pot farm for them.”

    • Thanks for posting this link, Scooter. This caucus could be of value, but first our government(s) will have to figure out what to do with the unemployed workers of the prison industry. And the infrastructures of the myriad developments supporting them. That’s what I DON’T see happening anytime soon… or late.

  • Frankly Obama had no Constitutional right to create or negate law as he did. It would have not been so easy to reverse if he had he behaved in a Constitutional manner. But it was too hard so he simply made it up as he went along. A nice precedent to have established so here we are. A spineless Congress, a whiny people and a press that has so little respect for both, they are constantly telling what to do.

    • Frankly, the DEA has no right to regulate in-state commerce.

      • Why yes the Feds do. Even personal consumption . Google Gonzales v Raish. Although I think funding for prosecution of medical pot was taken away, it hasn’t been for recreational pot. Yet.

        • Key quote: “The opinion began by pointing out that the respondents did not dispute that Congress had the power to control or ban marijuana for non-medical uses:”

          The scotus can only form opinion. They do not make law. The defendants didn’t question the law. They failed to make their accusers prove that they had the constitutional power of authority over plants & people.

        • Reason brought up that case today too, in their article.
          “Writing in dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas spelled out the disastrous impact of the Wickard/Raich doctrine in plain English: “By holding that Congress may regulate activity that is neither interstate nor commerce under the Interstate Commerce Clause, the Court abandons any attempt to enforce the Constitution’s limits on federal power.”


  • Cabin in the woods

    Piss on these fucking turds.

  • Paperwork and Laptops

    Good! It’s very obvious that CA production pushes tons of weed into other states that have not embraced “legalization”. Why don’t we stop pretending? Some states don’t want their children stoned daily yet we in CA think it’s our right to make big bucks by supplying it in a flood anyway? We have no track and trace yet- that is another fairy tale. We have temporarily permitted huge operations to produce tons of weed with no accountability when we all know where it is going. It’s a shitshow of lies and misrepresentation and scamming weed people. I hope the feds come in and shake the hell out of CA, CO and OR. Choose what you want- lying about your distribution, safety from legal action or livelihood. Because insisting on all 3 together is a bad look. I see right through you- and so does Jeff Sessions!!

  • Death, Slavery, and the pursuit of Injustice, i recon, unless i’ve got it backwards.


    Cool! All our state knows how to do is tax, let our state collect the taxes on the pot then have big daddy feds come in and confiscate the earnings of the state. If the pot is not federally legal the taxes shouldn’t be either!!

  • Hate speech. Hello? Kym?

  • Lots of constitutional interpretations today! Like the Supreme Court of! Except for the moralistic bombast and phony conservative outlook that forms most of the opinions here- oh wait- just like the real Supreme Court! America is a dead land, devoid of new ideas. That’s how we got Sessions and the other guys. Lack of real ideas for freedom and prosperity got us a leadership that wants to work us backwards into a hole in the ground, breathing from a long straw, choking on our own foul gasses and afraid to stick our heads above grade. Nothing can stop the Weed from growing now though. The government has been overgrown, and so have those moralistic fucktards who think that their flag stickers and whining about the fall of our nation will get them into heaven.

  • The REAL equation here is not cannabis, but the pharmaceutical industry and the legal deadly opioid pills they push on America for profits – the link AG Jeff Sessions (and other beneficiaries of big-pharma bribes -influence) desperately want to continue hiding, regardless deaths in the thousands! So Sessions goes after safe medicinal, recreational and (by implication) Industrial Hemp!

    States rights? not for this big-pharma tool! RESIST the useful idiot pawn Republican extremists and their uninformed stupidity (Honeydew CHUNMP)!

    Big-pharma gives lots in campaign-contribution and other bribes to limit decriminalization/legalization – along with other industries – to reps from BOTH parties! BOTH complicit to the deaths and silence to call-out big-pharma – both responsible.

  • Dump Trump and Sessions also.

  • Bootlicker.

    PS fascist and faggot have the same latin root, so glass houses and all that.

  • Drone pollinators inc.

    Large corporations already pulling out do to the reality of Federal Prosecution. Pot stocks on the crash. Huh

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    I actually LIKE the theory that aliens WANT the entire planet covered in cannabis, coca, and opium, and they probably want the formulas for methamphetamine, xanax, valium, LSD, MDMA, and all the other phenethylamines, and the intent is to exterminate the pesky humans that DON’T know how to produce decent weed, drugs, etc, entirely… especially good 25I-NBOMe – My specialty…

    Good theory, They were just waiting for the druggies to take over… Nice going guys!

  • Wait wait wait you can say fagget spelled wrong but you can’t call a wook a wook?

  • Comments here are becoming like loco’s… a bunch of rush Limbaugh-esque blowhards. I never meet people like this in real life around here. I guess that’s why most of you sit around and type all day. Man what happened to all the interesting people?

    • What is your goal Emily? To insult posters into silence so that your preferred narrative gets cemented?

      • Taurus Ballzhoff

        What I want to know, Emily, is what happened to YOU??

      • Oh well someone has to be last picked

        Common tactic to bully, isolate, misconstrue, diminish, and or invalidate into silence. Mob rule rules.

      • No I like a good back and forth. I just find the comments on this thread and others lately very unappealing and.. childish…. by weed haters who should really stick to subjects they can add something to. It’s getting old. And why let diesel dually back on I thought he was banned.. he’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Boring!

    • Actually Emily, if you look at the results from the last presidential election you might be very surprised as to how many conservatives live in this area. it is not the fake “liberal” Echo chamber you think it is.

      • It’s not about conservative.. I hold some views which are conservative and consider myself pretty middle of the road. I just hate blow hard idiots that don’t add anything to the pot. Here’s what I have to add instead of being negative: I have been and continue to be very skeptical of the legalization program that the county has been trying to force onto growers. It forces you to sign and notarize a document that states you are and have been breaking federal law. It doesn’t seem smart to me, and this seems like I was right. We’ll see what the future holds. I’m sure it is mostly a ‘show’ and it won’t have much impact, because it does seem like legalization is a wave and it will be hard to put it back in any big way. But wow it’s another big problem for all those do-gooders who played by the rules.. signed up for permits… can’t sell their land now… facing huge tax responsibilities…. the numbers are not adding up. For those people, that is.. black market doing fine or so I’ve heard

        • +1 Emily. Well said.

          Knowing that the progressives/socialists/commies are against private property, borders and capitalism, it was easy for many to see the corruption unfolding before our eyes even before the taxman made it’s announcement.

        • No Emily ,
          unfortunately it’s not for “show” if you understood Mr Jeff sessions you would understand he is a lifelong crusader against cannabis.The commenter that pointed out that cbd was recently classified a scheduled 1 is on the ball .Anyone that is now a Corporation Aka a llc now sits in a predictable situation .The situation is a simple cease and desist letter from your us attorney to the county officials. along with a seizure of funds and a request of copy of enrollment is coming. I openly discussed the Mendocino zip tie program trying to tell people of that debacle. Recent history shows us how the Feds handled the Mendocino mmj zip tie program ! Jesus people…

  • Declaring war on the American people on American soil is unconstitutional.
    The war on drugs is as unconstitutional as is the war on poverty or war on terrorism (no defined terms or targets, no official declaration by congress…).

    The fact that Obama created a law for indefinite detention of any persons, even persons who are belligerent, should be a huge wake up call.
    Another huge wake up call, are the 9800+ sealed indictments waiting on the desk.

    My suggestion? Prepare a resolution that restores the Constitutional governance by city, county and state.
    Here is just one example.

  • OMG reading some of these comments is like a bad dream that the Henchman of Justice (HOJ) came back to haunt us all. Such an annoying and righteous commenter he was, now others are competing for his title.

    • Then you support the unrighteous and find them not annoying?

    • “The NDAA also applies the laws of war on American soil―except under this law, everyone, whether an American citizen or not, is robbed of their rights. Under Section 1021, anyone who has committed a belligerent act, which even the government could not define when questioned in court, can be detained indefinitely, without charges or trial, as a “suspected terrorist.” (2012 Obama EO)

      While most people are under the impression that they will soon be witnessing Poetic Justice as Obama’s unconstitutional EO backburns him & his groupies, others aren’t quite so sure.
      In any case, Trump’s new EO will soon shed light. The problem is, does this EO also cover farmers and dispensaries that are in question in Kym’s article? Oh the wicked weave we see when we practice to deceive.
      If you haven’t seen Trump’s new EO about corruption, visit the whitehouse site.


  • Drone pollinators inc.

    Choppers will be flying and eradicating this year just as they did during the Reagan era. I’m all for cleaning house in this county( deadliest in California right behind Oakland). Go Sessions Go.

  • Yeah…I was about to quit..prices not worth it..but now I’ll be cracking seeds..get em sessions…bring the prices back up..shrink these big stupid gardens..scare us…put people in jail..big risks bring big profits..I’m down with that.. always have been….

    • Bushman.props. Free market is a black market.long live the outlaws. If it wasn’t for them these legal growers wouldn’t even have the weed they have today. They would still be growing hemp! Respect your elders in this game….they were outlaws risking there freedom

  • I have said it once…Ill say it1,000 times…Ever evolving, NEVER resolving. When the feds figure out their policy that will establish it for one and all. Until then…

  • Lots of ways this could break….But first I must say that all this malarkey about “states rights” and Session’s betrayal of that- What about the states that have not legalized or do not want marijuana? Don’t they have rights too? We all know CA’s massive overproduction is geared for pushing weed into their markets. The federal government has stated repeatedly that they do not approve of illegal interstate commerce of cannabis and so yeah- this could easily be in response to CA’s complete lack of responsibility in that area. It would actually be quite understandable.
    Some potential scenarios of how this will play out:
    1) Mostly breakdown in prosecutions by federal judicial districts. All state and county busts are reviewed by the federal prosecutor’s office and they pick out what they want to prosecute.If you remember smaller mom n pops will be okay as long as you are in the Northern California District. With it’s office in San Francisco and in an area of massive and huge drug activity you will not be targeted for your small grows. They have MUCH bigger fish to fry. Perhaps we will see some large distributors or corporate farms get shut down. Perhaps a RICO Act prosecution of Emerald Scamily or Honeydew Farms? ….Eastern California District with its offices in Sacramento has always been anti-weed. That’s why we all stayed west of Trinity County back in the day! Trinity County is part of the Eastern District and who knows if they don’t grab up some smaller people just to make headline and scare off the many people who are only growing because it’s easy. But they will again most probably focus on large grow scenes run by foreign nationals and large, loud distributors. Also you have counties in that district that are anti-weed yet are having it shoved down their throats by big unpermitted grows. It’s a legitimate gripe!
    2) The feds will use this to pressure CA to tighten up it’s non-existent track-and-trace program. And to force CA to monitor and shut down a bunch of export. It’s no secret that tons of weed are easily making it to other states. Perhaps this signals a campaign against large transporters. And those largest transporters- they are the lowest low-ballers!
    3) The beginning of a federal program to shut down the major overproduction of cannabis in CA. It would be easy. Review satellite pictures , send out letters of violations from the federal government. Review again and send in teams to eradicate and process federal criminal charges. Confiscate land, houses, equipment, etc. Clean out the biggest grows first. Like CAMP it will take a few years to get down to the smaller mom n pops but in the meantime prices will rise.
    These are only 3 possible scenarios but in all of them the results for smaller growers in Humboldt and Mendocino are actually positive. For small people just hanging on, getting run over by corporate investments and greedy greenrush blow-ups ths news should be welcome. The small mom n pop grower has been beaten up and nearly exterminated by this fake round of “legalization”. Federal intervention will work to level the field by removing and penalizing the biggest and most brazen. I’m okay with that.

  • Nothing will happen. Business as usual. Everybody is acting like some ametures with this news.

  • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

    The Feds hate competition. We certainly cannot be allowed to reduce their profits.

    We don’t destroy poppy production we actually guard against its destruction..

    There is no money in legalization for either side. Wake up

  • (Not that) Guest

    People should be able to get high to unwind just like they can have a cig or beer. People shouldn’t go to jail for mj, period. That’s it. All this talk of the black market being good for prices, mom n pops surviving a coming federal crackdown (weren’t they the ones charging $3000 and up a pound, my how quaint), prices going up because people go to jail is disgusting. All most of these people care about is money and it’s obvious from these comments. Really, you live in Humboldt and grow and are calling for it to stay illegal and others to get busted then puff chests about being outlaws? What happened!? That’s why you’ll see the taxes voted yes again and again, the greed is both obvious and frustrating to the working people and casual pot smokers like myself. So many people have spent years rotting in jail cells over this relatively harmless, non toxic mild drug. If you just don’t like weed, you’re sober, you have kids and live next to a grow, I get it, it’s not your thing, I respect that. I have zero respect for growers wishing it to stay illegal for their bottom line. That attitude just gross and if you’re hoping others get busted for the same thing you do I think you’re scum.

    • People don’t need to go to jail for the price to go up. If lots of flying and crop chopping were to go down that would increase price itself. Somthing like C.A.M.P. 2.0 the production could use some reduction.

      Your narrative is exaggerated becouse regular folk smoking and possessing will not be in jeperdy of being jailed.
      The ones who will be at risk of jail will be the same ones that are saying they hope it brings price up. Obviously they like the risk to reward. Basically the illegal ones you are calling gross.

      Of course no one should be jailed for mj, but “Legalization” in its current form wants to jail people for mj. What about those who profited from the black market and now want to snitch becouse they are “legal”. It’s way more complicated than what you laid out in your post.

      • Drone pollinators inc.

        That’s the point of this article . The Feds can prosecute now how they want. Let’s eradicate and there’s no penalty, pretty sure humbolt found out about that last year from the county, DFG, sheriff.

    • Other ways to relax besides crippling your brains: walk, meditate, read book, watch a movie, go dancing, make art, swim, woodworking, listen to music, talk with friends, volunteer, garden, photography, cook, beachcomb, play an instrument, write poetry, take a nap, play with pets, play a game, crotchet, solve puzzles…

      The problem with chemicals like booze and pot is that they relax by impairing the thinking that keeps you and those around you from injury. No one drunk or high is capable of judging accurately how impaired they are or act wisely about it even if the thought occurs to them . Stringing two thoughts together such as “Boy am I buzzed” and “I shouldn’t be driving” is difficult.

      Maybe we should do like the Canadians are doing- simply impound the vehicles and driver’s licenses for at least 30 days of anyone caught driving impaired. No jail.

      • But dude ….like weed is a medicine mon..!? Whatever. I’ll adapt n change. Have before and will continue to do so. Good luck out there yha’ll

      • @ guest: Aw thanks for mansplaining how we should all relax after a day of work. I’m glad that’s working for you, but I think the majority of us would like to unwind w a beer or three and maybe a joint. Maybe if you tried it u might lighten up a little…

        • I perfectly agree with you. Many do like just that. Although many skip the hard work part and go straight chemical temporary fixes.

          If you could stop DUI fatalities, medical malpractice due to impaired thinking, fatal overdoses, child neglect, homeless drug addicts, bar fights, etc by advocating simply not indulging , why not? If there are alternatives, why not?

    • War profiteers come in all shapes and sizes. I agree that it’s gross.

    • There are winners and losers in any business enterprise. I don’t think many end users are going to jail for marijuana. It’s people who are taking the risk/reward gamble and, well, sometime that doesn’t work out for them. It’s not always a nice world, bad things happen to good people, I have no qualms about wanting mj to stay gray. I don’t see lots of good people suffering because we (our economy) are prospering (or were prospering.)

      • “In October 2010, Bernard Noble, a 45-year-old trucker and father of seven with two previous nonviolent offenses, was stopped on a New Orleans street with a small amount of marijuana in his pocket. His sentence: more than 13 years.”

        Or ” In 2011, there were more arrests for marijuana possession than for all violent crimes put together.”

        Or, “The costs of this national obsession, in both money and time, are astonishing. Each year, enforcing laws on possession costs more than $3.6 billion, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. It can take a police officer many hours to arrest and book a suspect. That person will often spend a night or more in the local jail, and be in court multiple times to resolve the case. The public-safety payoff for all this effort is meager at best: According to a 2012 Human Rights Watch report that tracked 30,000 New Yorkers with no prior convictions when they were arrested for marijuana possession, 90 percent had no subsequent felony convictions. Only 3.1 percent committed a violent offense.”

        Or, “whites and blacks use marijuana at roughly the same rates; on average, however, blacks are 3.7 times more likely than whites to be arrested for possession”

        Let’s see…lives ruined, huge cost to society, no benefit to society from pulling criminals off the streets, and institutionalized racism… but you think it should be illegal because you get a better paycheck…?

        Look, I love the folks of the Emerald Triangle and am very partizan but even I don’t think we deserve to have prosperity at the cost described above.

        • I think you can point to people getting hurt from many business practices, and many people are getting hurt from things we all do every day, from eating fish (fisheries collapsing), to driving all over the place and flying places (I’m a big believer that climate change *is* happening- I’ve seen it clearly in my 30+ Years), and even things as basic as buying apple products, which employ sweat shop labor etc… I think hand-wringing and worrying about every little consequential ripple effect is more than most people can handle. I couldn’t possibly feel responsible or guilty for a guy in New Orleans going to jail for weed(and we don’t know the whole story) What we have in CA is a gray market, where no one is going to jail unless they are undertaking a big illegal enterprise. There is an opportunity to profit, and although it is a bubble that will surely burst at any time, it is human nature to see an opening or opportunity for profit, and go for it. It’s not for the weak of heart or those prone to a guilty conscience maybe, but it’s life.

          Also, those stories you cited are vague. An arrest for marijuana is likely no more than a tiny fine, if that.

          • Didn’t read the article, did you…

            Look, I know we all want to make our lives better and so we avoid information that makes us uncomfortable but this article is directly related to an opinion you have, it is apparently directly related to your livelihood. You don’t have to like it, but, to be fair, you might want to read it and let the facts simmer a little. I don’t expect you to change your mind overnight. But, you seem like a decent person, the article will make you think.

            • That argument doesn’t really move me very much, honestly. It’s an opinion piece, light on details (what were the other offenses of the individuals?), eager to play race card (I know already that police and the judicial system are rascist, marijuana arrests are the least of the prob. Try the death penalty)
              Bad things happen everywhere all the time, it wouldn’t make me think twice about voting in favor of my and my communities way of life.
              The only thing that slightly makes me in favor of legalization is to get the ugly side of the humboldt grow world to close up shop and leave… like the organized crime elements and the annoying gro-bros from Ohio that have run amok through the hills. And the tweakers… it’d be nice to have it back the way it was … but I know that’ll never happen.. anyway, that’s my point of view.

              • When morality comes up against profit, it is seldom that profit loses. – Shirley Chisholm

                • When neigbors, friends etc jave been crying over the price fall, it has become routine to remind them that the drug war is failing, and we are the victors.

                  HW bush, Reagan, Sessions are losers!

                  Enjoy the falling prices. Become better at business. We won.

                • It’s not really about profits, it’s about a way of life. Like d.trump loves his coal miners, I love the way of life that has been afforded many of us here in this area. (Even though lately I’m not impressed with the quality of people attracted here)
                  Let’s be clear; legalization will most definitely kill that way of life. Anyone pouring money down the rabbit hole of legalization is foolish in my opinion (just run the numbers) .

                • I can understand that. I’ve cried about the loss of a way of life here that I felt was beautiful. But I still think the overall health of society benefits even though we lose.

                • Actually morality frequently wins out over the impuse of greed. Everytime some one donates to a charity, or helps another in need or turn in a wallet or refuses to work for a cheat or take advantage of another.

                  What we seem to have a problem with is depriving ourselves of the easy reward. Of avoiding saying “Everybody cheats” or “Every one does it” when we think ourselves that it not right but we’re doing to give in anyway because we want to.

  • Let’s all take a big breath.

    By the time your done exhaling Jeff Sessions will be another person that once was an attorney general.

    Calls for his resignation are growing regarding the Russia probe.

    Not to mention , Trump and Sessions and Bannon lost a longtime stranglehold on Alabama. Its a big deal.

    These guys are all clowns and better Republicans know it.

    • The close-to-home trajectory of this news has distracted us from the real meaty question demanded by the article’s title graphic…

      How high is Jeff Sessions?

    • Drone pollinators inc.

      You watch CNN. Democrats channel. He’s not going anywhere. Let’s get this devils lettuce out of here. Quote I learned here from Chump.

      • Satans cilantro! Gotta love Chump

      • Just because FOX or Blightfart news doesn’t report it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen HBC chump-wanna-be.

        “Rep. Chris Stewart joins other Republicans in calling for Sessions to step down”

        Furthermore, and this may be too complex for trumpites: a search for Rep Chris Stevens on Fox News website provides no articles since late July.

        So, What’s fake? Is there really a Chris Stewart? Did he say what CNN reported? Or did CNN make it up, you know, like “faking” it?

        Or are you stuck with objectively poor reporting efforts by obviously biased sources at Fox?

        What is your definition of fake?

        It seems like your gleefully choosing ignorance and calling what you don’t like to hear “fake”.

        Sorry for you and yours.

        • To complex for trumpies lol….you watch CNN on New year’s OMG…what a joke…I bet you did so fake and gross Cooper and love..lemmon is a complete idiot nasty hater…that’s what you want for this country? It was so hard to watch them like horrible comedy but their actually glad Trump won..CNN is fake Trump bash no matter what period…that’s it matter what you reply that’s it
          Period…..thank god

        • CNN is fake it’s a about your luck lol..gross

          • Totally.

            There is only 49 states.

            Utah is fake.

            There is no Rep. Chris Stewart.

            He is not a Republican, because those are fake too.

            He is not one of many calling for Sessions to resign. Sessions doesn’t even exist.

            I love facts! Your brain club is awesome!

            • Yeah Brian take a roach to new Orleans… Or salt lake..busted..not worth it..we need you careful

            • Poor Brian you Clinton lover..your smarter than us winners..I’m so sorry..ha ha lol

            • Wowserz fake brain club.

              Ron Paul, who is fake, just said Sessions should resign because of his change to federal cannabis law priorities.


              But Sessions is fake because CNN reported it.

              So he can’t resign, because his job isn’t real.

              The only real anythings are not reported on by CNN.

              Now, without sarcasm;

              It’s AMAZING to watch you commenters who HATE on “DEMOCRAT” IDEOLOGY and at the same time DEMAND BIG GOVERNMENT .

              IE: Federal control of what we care to consume per state.

              What are you political freaks calling yourselves?

              The real fake party?

        • CNN are paid political shills/fact manipulators. Just like trying to get trump impeached. He would have to mess up much worse than he has. There’s always a fall guy or a patsy underling to take the hit. Good luck holding a president accountable for anything. Remember Ollie North?

        • Dear Kim…I read the article…I’ve known since I was 18 now 40 that you don’t go to Louisiana with anything not even a roach…,.now you do… I’m sorry that that happened to him but it happens everyday…I would feel bad if it happened to you…but now you know…be smarter..there are other places also so do some research before you travel… especially if your a truck driver that crosses many borders,.be smarter..even a roach remember that

  • Nice!
    Thank God for Jeff sessions

    Lock these idiots up.

  • I thought it was a prosecutors job to enforce all the laws. Not just the ones he feels like.

    • Laws change.

      28 states, over half the Union, have voted in favor of cannabis in one way or another.

      It’s a conflict of enforcement agendas and a matter of where to focus resources.

      Local areas should enforce the ordinances they draft. And big government should stay the F out of all our lives.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    Put few freckles on his face he looks like Alfred E. Newman. Mad magazine

  • Fidlin the ganjo

    Time for the feds to visit humboldt and nab the supervisors for their extortion scheme of taxation without representation.
    Im,sure they could build a make example case and lock these clowns uo for the next 50 years before going after everyone on the cultivation list.
    Good times are coming to humboldt. Cant wait to see this unfold and backfire in our so called county officials.

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