Lost Hikers Rescued Near Mad River Boat Ramp

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department:

Humboldt COunty Sheriff's OfficeSheriff’s deputies rescued two hikers lost in the woods near the Mad River Boat Ramp last night.

The Sheriff’s Office Communications Center received a call from the two lost hikers around 6:45 p.m. on Jan. 3, 2018. The hikers told dispatch that they were out hiking along the Mad River when they lost visual of the trail due to darkness and fog. The hikers were unable to move further due to thick mud along the riverbank. Dispatchers were able to pinpoint the lost subject’s location to an area near the Mad River Boat Ramp.

Deputies arrived on scene and were able to make telephone contact with the hikers. The lost hikers spotted the patrol vehicle’s headlights and a deputy’s spotlight at the end of School Rd. Deputies made contact with the lost hikers approximately 150 yards north of the boat ramp parking lot. Both hikers were in good health. Deputies escorted the hikers back to their vehicle.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind hikers of important safety precautions before hitting the trails:
1. Inform someone of where you are going and when you plan to return.
2. Whenever possible, plan to hike during the day. Set a turnaround time to ensure you finish hiking before the sun goes down.
3. Always carry a flashlight, even on short hikes.
4. Bring extra water and high energy foods.
5. Bring a small first aid kit.
6. Stay on an established trail.
7. Dress properly for a hike and prepare for changes in the weather, bring rain gear or a jacket.
8. If unfamiliar with the area, bring a map.
9. Consider bringing a whistle to help emergency responders find your location in a search and rescue situation.
10. If hiking with a partner or a group, never leave someone behind.



  • I wonder how much that cost? They should have let natural selection take care of these 2. These 2 could get lost on the plaza! I’m surprised they didn’t follow their GPS into the river, and need the Coast Guard, f’ing twits!

    • Wow, I think they were reckless and wasted tax payer money because they couldn’t handle a very minor hardship but to think two strangers should die because of that, well that says a lot about you and not them. Inexperienced people don’t deserve to die dude.

    • Hey, I’ve gotten a little confused in the woods when the fog settles in and the noise from the ocean sounds all around…. they learned a lesson. I would want the Sheriff to look for you.

  • How is it even possible to get lost next to a river near a boat ramp? Maybe the headline should have read “Inconvenienced hikers rescued…”

    • Have you hiked it? the trail from the boat ramp parking lot to the dunes can be confusing especially in the dark. their are multiple loops and dead ends. when I hiked it I figured the trails were created by historical homeless for camps that aren’t there now. it is also mostly overgrown and muddy in areas.

  • We’re talking about an area maybe a quarter mile by a half mile, bordered by the ocean, a river, and a road. They weren’t lost, they were just stupid.

  • must have been the Sour D

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