Does Your Kid Go to a Campus Outside of Your School District? New Rules for Interdistrict Transfers

Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE)Press release from the Humboldt County Office of Education:

Humboldt County school district superintendents have come to a collective agreement on interdistrict attendance, which includes the process for interdistrict transfer agreements. In a meeting at the end of last calendar year, superintendents came to consensus on the new agreement, now pending formal approval from each of their respective boards.

  • Key components of the agreement include:
    A designated open enrollment period with timelines for interdistrict request approval.
  • Processes to support districts with student enrollment and staffing.
  • Participation by families in “reasonable enrollment activities” to ensure that they are aware of the programs and services in their district of residence (DOR).

There are two important changes from the prior process. The first one is that there will be an application deadline of February 1, in order to allow families to plan for the following year, and to facilitate schools planning for staff and resource allocation. Applications received after February 1 shall be approved by the DOR for the 2018-19 school year. The second is that there will be opportunities for families to learn more about their DOR through “reasonable enrollment activities” which can include a discussion with the DOR administration or their designees, attending an orientation meeting, taking part in a site visit, or reviewing information literature provided by the DOR.

“This agreement and process honors parent choice while giving schools reasonable enrollment predictability,” states Dr. Chris Hartley, Superintendent of Humboldt County schools. “We have outstanding teachers and schools throughout Humboldt County and each and every one provides unique strengths and opportunities for students.”

A link to the form can be found here. Districts will be sending out correspondence to their families and constituents regarding this new process. In addition, the Humboldt County Office of Education will be facilitating an education campaign throughout January to bring greater awareness to the broader community.



  • School choice- what it means in reality. Long lines of out of area parents, waiting in running cars, clogging the fume filled local roads, to let off and pick up students at small schools in areas who approved their extra local property tax bonds , in order to avoid the management or violence or disruption in the school districts in their own neighborhoods.

    Stude-immigrants? A pattern easily recognized in other areas of human activity?

    • start at the top

      I agree that parents are avoiding the management or violence and lack of leadership at a certain school, but as a parent do you want your kid to be the guinea pig in trying to fix it, all while you child is getting bullied and have insufficient staff to really provide a positive learning environment. I would choose to take my child else wear, and if it is that big of a problem that parents are moving children mostly out of eureka city schools then I think that is a huge sign something is not right in the eureka school dist.

  • I couldn’t get my son into the popular school just up the street in my district due to out of district transfers.

    • That’s not correct…if you live in the school district the school HAS to take your child. They can’t turn your child away if they live in the district.

  • Not true. If it was a Eureka City School and your particular school is filled for your child’s grade, they can turn you away. Your child will still be going to a school in the district, but not the school of residency. That is messed up. It happened to us as well.

    • I am going through the same thing right now. It sucks. We bought our house in a neighborhood in Eureka, and have been looking forward to our children attending the local elementary school. Last month, we found out that there will most likely be no room for them at our neighborhood school, but Eureka City Schools gaurentees to open spots for them at another location. My property taxes are going towards somebody else’s seat — not my own! BS.

      • “My property taxes are going towards somebody else’s seat — not my own! BS.”

        Are you new to California? If so you better get used to paying for other people’s use of resources. After all that is how socialism works, that is until they run out of money to take from other people.

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