Thirty Minute Delays on Hwy 299 at Big French Creek Slide

Hwy 299 at French's Creek.

Hwy 299 at Big French’ Creek taken recently. [Photo from Caltrans District 2]

Starting today–Wednesday, January 3—until Friday, January 5, construction crews will be working on Hwy 299 at Big French Creek and there will be delays of up to 30 minutes, according to Caltrans District 2. This is the slide area between Willow Creek and Weaverville.

Caltrans explained, “[C]rews will be doing erosion control and touch up work during daylight, with delays up to 30 minutes.”

Here’s a reminder of one of the large slides in December of 2016 that impacted traffic through the area for months.



  • Milking it.

  • This picture reminds me of how massive nature is and how small we are. That is one giant and massive wall that looks as if it could seriously crumble into the river all at once or into bits during the next season of heavy rainfall.

    Alas, at best we are only feeble mortals. Mother Nature lives on in her glory, havoc, and relentless vigor.

  • Looking at the photo… that steep, tall mountain slope above the road utterly pittifies (makes pitiful) the tiny ribbon that is Hwy 299 down at the bottom.

    That mountain will keep them working on this spot forever.

  • Tunnles, plz thx.

  • See the ‘natural repose’ angles of the canyon walls ?
    That’s what this slide will eventually go to, sooner or later.

    The highway won’t last on that side of the river.
    Needs a bridge, there is flatter territory on the other bank.
    Same thing as they did on the Eel River and my the
    ‘Matthews’ rest stop on the Eel.

    Costs money though.
    I heard CalTrans was spending $90K per day on this slide. (Un-verified rumor.)
    $90K x 260 days = $30 million or so… that’s a chunk of change.

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