Messages From Community Credit Union of Southern Humboldt Accidently Contained Addresses of Some Other Members

Community Credit UnionEmails sent out today in the late afternoon from the Community Credit Union of Southern Humboldt (CCUSH) confused and worried some members as the emails contained just under two hundred email addresses in addition to their own address. Pat Neighbors, President/CEO of CCUSH, explained that a mass email that was meant to clarify to members that they should
confirm that their records matched their statements was not sent BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) with all the email addresses hidden from other members but instead was sent CC (Carbon Copy) which allowed affected members to see about 199 other members’ email addresses.

“This was not a data breach…None of their personal sensitive data was released,” Neighbors explained. “The good news is [the email addresses] only went to other members.”

Neighbors said the message in the email is accurate. In accordance with normal audits, CCUSH would like everyone to make sure their statements accurately reflect their records. “The information is correct,” she said. “The CPA’s address is real.” The only error, she explained was in showing the email addresses of members to everyone who received the email.

Neighbors stressed that “the Credit Union members’ privacy is important to us.” She said that CCUSH is reaching out to the affected members individually to notify them of the error. She added that anyone who has any concerns or questions can contact her at CCUSH.



  • I would hate to be that CPA.

  • whoooooooops

  • I got it but it didn’t have the CC addresses.

  • Well yes, Pat Neighbors, this was a data breach. Of course it was a data breach. Email addresses are data. Quite useful, too, for nefarious purposes, don’t you think?

    Now everyone who has received this email has the email addresses of “just under two hundred” credit union customers. This is not acceptable. I wonder what the law says.

    These kinds of messages used to be sent by US Mail, right? It cost a little more, but was fairly secure.

    If this was really the CPA sending this message then you need to find another CPA immediately. Whoever sent it should find other employment. This kind of “mishap” certainly makes me loose confidence in CCUSH.

    • Community Credit Union CEO

      @Lost Trust, thank you for your comments and concern. I want to reiterate that the CPA firm was not responsible for the error. We do take our members’ security and privacy very seriously. Those members affected will be receiving a letter of apology along with a copy of our privacy policy which outlines our strict security requirements. I’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with you directly to hear your concerns and hopefully gain your trust back in our organization.

  • Not a good sign making this kind of n00b mistake on customer email, opens the question about the rest of their IT security posture. They need some assessment and auditing…

  • This really concerns me, just last month I got a message from a person letting me know that they were in my account. Every time they logged into their account it took them to mine. I was fortunate to have known the person, they could have taken everything from my account. Now this? Im worried.

  • I’d like to hear about how they plan on implementing new proceedures so that this doesn’t happen again.

    The credit union has grown too fast and can’t seem to keep up with the growth.

    • Community Credit Union CEO

      @SunnybankRoar Thank you for your comments and concern. We do take our members’ security and privacy very seriously. I’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with you directly to hear your concerns and provide you with information about our protocols that will hopefully gain your trust back in our organization.

      • Fidlin the ganjo

        Are you copy and pasting? Dude im loosing confidence big time! Im coming off the hill and shutting it down you just blew it with the identical responses. Not cool!
        See ya monday and dont make me,wait when i get in either.
        If im the only one,closing,my accounts you know it was me the ganjo fiddler!

  • Thank you Pat for letting me know that all is well with my account. Just a phone call away and all is well. Everyone has hiccups once in awhile.

  • They started charging $5 a month to get your statement in the mail which seems like more than the cost to them for a paper copy. Now this. I too am very wary of these ‘cost saving’ computer based ‘improvements’ to the world.

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