Homicide Victim Found Along Alderpoint Road Identified

PachecoThis is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has identified the victim of the homicide on Alderpoint Rd. on Jan. 1, 2018 as 28-year-old Saul Perez Pacheco.

As Sheriff’s Deputies continue their investigation into Pacheco’s death, they are asking for the public’s help to learn more about Pacheco and his connection to Humboldt County.

Pacheco is a Hispanic male adult, 5 foot 4 inches tall and approximately 225 pounds. Pacheco has a tattoo of a cross on his left arm bicep and a tattoo of a grim reaper on his right arm.

Anyone with information about Pacheco or this case is asked to contact Investigator Scott Hicks at (707) 445-7301.



  • So they have the victims mug shot?

  • praise the sanctuary cities of Covelo and alder point, soon we will see bodies from the bridge, like the movie sicario.long live the 101 alderpoint overpass bridge.murder mountains dump site, keep them coming they kill them in Juarez and now here. no need for the wall when we have so many bridges.welcome to Juarez.great job leardership of our counties.could this be the handy work of the honey dew bridge chump, his mechanic friends call him angel eyes.

    best wishes Donald chump

  • Bless the person, who picked up this lost departing soul, regardless of affiliation or action, whatever it may be. May his mama or some family find peace, knowing their family was not alone, in his last breath.

    • He looked familiar. Those robberies and photos of him & his buddy sitting in that bar 3months a go?? Grab and run type stuff??? Chase down 101 ?????
      I could be wrong.

  • Who and where will be next. Only surprises await us............................

    After a somewhat quiet Holidays Humboldt has returned to the Wild West Days. Missing people, dead people found, robberies, crazies running away from the police. And it is only the fourth day of the New Year!!

  • Sohum justice?

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    I don’t know which scares me more, the seemingly psychotic drugged-up-vaqueros/criminalistas present in SoHum in general or the folks commenting above… I visited the Alderpoint area once, and once was enough!

    Have a good day, try not to kill anyone, if you don’t mind…

  • one less dreamer. one less democrat voter . build the wall

  • Is it possible some variety of white supremacists are killing these people? This man was Mexican and it was a Mexican who was wasted and dumped off by the side of the road to Covelo a few months ago. Perhaps there`s a connection here; a resurgent KKK perhaps, going around and killing hapless and harmless hard working Mexican farm workers. It may be a random thing; however, this certainly should be taken into consideration.

    • That’s ridiculous

      • There’s white supremacists in this area and always have been, go put your head back on the sand.

        • Go stick your head some where else, nice try but there no kkk here in the Harris alderpoint area, racist assholes yes just like everywhere else, but trying to say the kkk is here killing Mexicans is Ludacris and misleading.

    • No. The KKK is big into advertising. There would be warnings attached.

      More likely to be spill over from well established violence in Mexico. A cultural shift going on for sure.

    • Oh please, I live in Covelo and the kid they found on the road had his hands cut off (classic cartel response to a thief). He was well known as a part of Mexican grows as was Michael Pina who was found two years ago on Indian Dick road. He too had his hands cut off. KKK indeed, grasp at straws much?

      • The Southern Poverty Law Center lists the KKK as being active in Willits. Certainly these people don`t go around in public wearing pointy hats and bed sheets so how do you know they`re not active all over the place? Willits isn`t very far from Covelo and not that far from Alderpoint It would seem killing these 2 Mexicans is analogous to lynching. A mean thing like cutting off someone`s hands would be something the KKK would do. They`re just mean people. At least some of them are.

        Immediately blaming the cartels for this kind of thing is a an assumption and preconception, both of which I`ve heard are bad things. It may even be a value judgement, which I`ve heard is even worse. The cartel people are immigrants too — give them a break.

    • It’s the Mexican Mafia, [edit]

  • Dead dog, are you a neo-Nazi?

    • I have been labeled one… I’m white and I voted. Im a nazi now

      • I suspect there might be at least a little more to it than that–I’m white. I voted. And the only person that has ever called me a Nazi is my teenage son when he was reminded yet again to do his dishes. Being called a Nazi wasn’t really related to being white and voting. But I could be wrong, in which case, I’m sorry. Being called a Nazi is unpleasant.

    • are you a cartel grower.i ben to mexican grow site. alot of dead wildlife deer bear.i like wildlife. do you ?

  • Funny thing is ,is where are all the people in the last post praying for this guy. I commented on maybe the guy deserved it and got $hit for it….come on people,where u at?

  • Grim reaper tattoo? Sounds like Mexican mafia sending another message

    • There was a robbery recently, a store/gastation and the description said grim reaper tattoo mexican/ hispanic male. I cant remember if it was in hopland or willits… I hope the aurhorities figure that one out.

  • In the past ten yrs. so hum has been engulfed by mexican grows. I know spots that have more than 25 ppl. No locals at all. Im a minority on my mnt. These days. No ones killing them faster then themselves. N j, don’t b an idiot, farmers love cheap labor but dont think for a sec they’re passing on the savings, making em pay up n hire Americans is whats up.

  • Praises due the good Samaritan who tried to rescue him. I hope the young man didn’t leave small children. Peaceful thoughts to the family.

    • Amen to that. It’s a hell of a thing to watch someone bleed out when there’s nothing you can do to stop it, but the Samaritan gets major props for trying to save the guys life.

  • Wish they would tell us where it was, seems like if someone is killing people in our neighborhood they should warn us. And no Alderpoint Rd doesn’t narrow it down, that’s like saying between Garberville and scotia.

    • Ask Rene Saucedo who is killing the Mexicans and chopping them up around here. She knows everything and is an expert on the subject of how to peacefully integrate the Mexican Cartel into your life. My suggestion would be to keep the local ICE machine in good repair, ’cause spring’s coming and things are gonna warm up.

      • Let’s get rid of the ICE machine and rebuild our commUNITY. This man may have been spreading joy LOVE and PEACE here. You have absolutely no way of knowing anything about him unless you actually knew him. Please don’t speak ill of the dead. Go work on becoming perfect yourselves and stop spreading judgement here. My prayers are with his family, may all of their hearts be comforted knowing that he didn’t die alone and that he died in a community that loved him simply for being a living breathing human being. I loved him and still do. I hope that I had met him because I would occasionally meet unknown Spanish speakers at the store and they were often very friendly even when they initially seem guarded. Welcome them in to the community and they will become a part of it. Can you tell the difference between a legal or illegal immigrant by looking at them? No, so stop trying and just love them.

        • Thank you for your comment his family does not even know yet this article was just forwarded to me last night i will be finding his uncle today to let him know

  • It don’t matter if you don’t have your papers get the hell out go back to mexico. He shouldn’t be here in the first plaace

  • Humboldt Documentary

    Sorry if you read this in the first thread about this story but I have to repost. I am a local Humboldt County resident and land owner of 8 years. I’m also a husband and father of a beautiful innocent little 2 year old baby girl. For the last few years I have been feeling inspired to make a documentary film about the social and political climate here in Humboldt County. Everyone wants to talk about cannabis cops and robbers, but every documentary made about this region overlooks the staggering social issues we residents face every day. I want to paint a picture of the homelessness epidemic, the mental health crisis, the drug and alcohol abuse epidemic, the violent crime rate, the missing persons epidemic, the environmental crisis and many other pitfalls of the dark side of the emerald triangle. I love this place like no other. I have faith that the future of Humboldt County rests in the hands of enough concerned good willed citizens that we can make a change for the better, but not without serious swift and consolidated effort. I decided to let the Red Headed Blackbelt community know about this documentary after reading this story and the following thread, not unlike so many other stories just like this. I am looking for concerned citizens and community members that would like to be involved in the documentary. If you or a love one has lost someone to violent crime or drug overdose here in the emerald triangle and would like to join the effort in shedding some light on this epidemic we have on our hands, please email me at : humboldtdocumemtary@gmail.com
    I look forward to hearing from some of you, we need as many participants as we can get and please, spread the word!


    • The trouble with doing your documentary is that you will have to point fingers to have any real effect. If you live here and don’t want to move away, stick to the standard bullshit or you might regret having given out personal info. Organized crime doesn’t like people that live in the woods telling the truth.

      • Humboldt Documentary

        I appreciate your imput and you are making a very valid point, this is undoubtedly one of the first thoughts that came to mind when I began to conceptualize this project. I am no greenhorn to these hills and the last thing I would ever want is to bring negative repercussions or violence upon myself or the wellbeing of my family. The premise of this documentary is not to expose the underworld of multi ethnic organized crime syndicates that come here from all over the world to cultivate cannabis. There will be no finger pointing, just facts and questions from high ranking members of our local government and social services institutions, and stories and history from good willed locals who wish to contribute to the effort for a brighter future here in the Emerald Triangle.

  • Last comment was accurate , future doesn’t look bright , everything is going to start and finish with cannabis . Its nobody’s land . its a drug zone and even with legalizations , it’s only going to bring more greedy ignorant folks moving in . Local resident are very kind persons, it’s the outsiders white folks (rednecks) and the Mexican cartel who bring a lot violence and crime to the zone and a few others organized cartels . It’s a war zone for drug enterprises . For the local resident the only hope it’s for cannabis cultivation war to end . That’s the only way to see who really loves this land to live .

  • I just read this article and even though it’s from a year ago and old news, I still couldn’t help but comment on the stupidity, naivite, and other commenting fools thinking this guy was some innocent “hapless, helpless farmworker”!! You’re joking, right? He had a mugshot, grim reaper tattoo, and was found in Alderpointe. Mexican Cartel related obviously. I would bet the ranch on that. Another drug/gang shooting.

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