Help Fortuna Police Collect Evidence by Registering Your Surveillance Camera System

Fortuna Police Department FPD Blur 2Press release from Fortuna Police Department:

Video surveillance cameras are increasingly being used in both residential and commercial properties to prevent crime and to memorialize events as they occur. As such, video evidence has become extremely helpful in solving crimes, identifying perpetrators, and serves as valuable evidence in court.

Criminal investigations frequently involve officers canvassing neighborhoods surrounding a crime scene for security cameras. Knowing where cameras are located greatly speeds investigations by allowing officers to prioritize where to begin looking for evidence. Many times the best available video evidence isn’t of the crime scene itself, but of pathways and streets leading into and out of the crime scene.

The Fortuna Police Department is forming a community partnership that will allow residents and businesses that have surveillance cameras on their property to register them with the police department.

By registering your camera system with the Fortuna Police Department, officers will be able to identify what cameras in an area may have captured criminal activity. You would only be contacted by the Fortuna Police Department if there is an incident within the vicinity of your camera system and officers may request to view the footage in order to assist in the investigation.

Cameras can be registered at

The goal of this program is to deter crime and promote public safety through collaboration between the Fortuna Police Department and the residents and businesses we serve.

Fortuna additional information, contact the Fortuna Police Department at 707-725-7550



  • Wow , help the police become a police state.

  • Maybe, just maybe...

    That’s Orwellian as fuck.

  • Sharpen your pencil

    I was hoping this was a joke, and in some ways I’m still holding out hope that it is….

  • Maybe, just maybe...

    It’s a really twisted state of affairs, especially as most modern systems are wifi and the police can tap and record them remotely already, albeit unpermitted. It needs to be put in writing, first and foremost, that the “registered owner” of the video maintains all discretion of the video’s release and distribution, including the right, for any and every reason imagineable, to refuse to show the video to the police if they demand…er…”ask” to see it, AND/OR if they ask that the video not be released.

  • Are you guys serious? Read the article. This registration does not give PD ACCESS to your cameras. It lets them know who has cameras and where so when there is a crime that happens in your area they can contact you to get access to the information on your footage. It will be your choice whether you provide the information. What’s wrong with that?

    • That’s not always true , where there is evidence police can subpoena it . Making it a clear access with legal ramifications. This is a horrible idea . The cops should just put out public requests in the general area for video , not ask for registration. If you have a camera that is your business and your data unless you reveal its existence and possible criminal activity recorded there on . Then it becomes evidence which can be forcibly appropriated.

    • Your naivité is quite charming.

    • That’s what they say about gun registration too.

    • Friendly Observer

      Don’t you know that law enforcement can subpoena individuals with surveillance cameras to gain access to their video recordings? Precedents have already been set and established.

      Fortuna, a town so “friendly” that you can pay to register your personal legal grow (thus providing law enforcement with your address) and then register your surveillance cameras (so that the police can subpoena your videos in case they decide to go on a fishing or poaching expedition) in a single stop at the friendly neighborhood City Hall.

      I don’t think that I’d want to be friends with such “friendly” and nosy city officials. Fortuna Police appear to possess a rather unhealthy and unwelcome curiosity in peoples’ personal affairs.

  • Maybe, just maybe...

    If the police are going to effectively turn civilian homes into surveillance stations, those registered homes need to be on a public database so the public knows they’re effectively being recorded by law enforcement. We already paid for cameras on the officers and their vehicles, and we already have major hassles surrounding the release of those videos.

  • Video evidence from my surveillance cameras helped convict a serial burglar, who was terrorizing our neighborhood, and put him in prison. It was completely voluntary to provide the video. I provided video clips to the police on a flash drive, which was returned to me after the trial. The police did not request, and I would not have provided, remote access to my system.

  • Good people already turn in any evidence they may be holding.

    Quote from article “By registering your camera system with the Fortuna Police Department, officers will be able to identify what cameras in an area may have captured criminal activity.”
    and delete them if the criminal activity is a rogue officer or a panic kill.

    The occifers might be a good team this year, but we are never guaranteed a good and decent team. It is up to the citizens to safeguard their evidence that holds ANY real criminal in a situation accountable. This includes the mayor’s hired quota driven goons. Mayor’s also come and go, good and bad.
    Relying on the fairytale visions that all officials are picture perfect has been the downfall of America.

    Truths to keep in mind, always.

    • do you remember all the Code Enforcement raids in 2003-2005 that started out with an warrant to search your property looking for an illegal weed grow? none of these properties had weed growing but did have a long list of violations that generated revenue under County Code Violations. One of the Team Players of that unit is now the Chief of Police in Rio Dell. The code enforcement department head at the time had to flee to Florida to avoid civil suits resulting from shady shit. now they are doing it again, but to the growers, and one could assume history will be repeated.

  • In the past the comments were complaining of all the crime. Now they are complaining they are asked to help fight it.

    • Go figure huh. People are only happy if they have something to complain about. BTW if you secure your wireless cameras with a password the police will not be able to access them without you providing that password. If that were possible we would see all the video’s being published by the news media without permission of anyone.

  • I have several cameras. The recorded video has been used several times (including armed robbery) to successfully incarcerate and retrieve or get remuneration for stolen goods. The police are very aware of my video system without me having to register it.

  • Here comes all the paranoid comments!

  • Don’t ever trust law enforcement.

    • Especially if you are a criminal. Law abiding citizens have no reason to fear the police.

      • Friendly Observer

        Tell that to the fellow who was shot by the police last Thursday in Wichita, Kansas; and tell that to the tens of thousands of other law abiding citizens who have their civil rights violated by law enforcement officials each year. Tell that to peaceful citizens who still have cops knee them in the back and step on their heads for simple marijuana possession.

  • Well let me see, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours? Really? Who do they think we are, Stupid? Most Citizens would turn over video if the were asked and if they had captured criminal activity or if there was a request for any footage of a certain time frame that may help law enforcement. But seriously? Wanting people to register, Nah, I’ll pass. No, not paranoid in any way but will just use my common sense.

  • No way. I agree (as stated in previous comments) that most everyone would willingly volunteer their video if they thought it would contribute to the apprehension of a perpetrator. There is nothing paranoid about believing that “registering” your video with LEO could become problematic and for the Pollyannas that believe such a practice could never be abused or misapplied…register yours and hope you always remain in the good graces of city officials. You would be amazed at how petty and retaliatory city officials can be behind the scenes.

  • Some want to just complain and be victimized.
    I would rather have video evidence to put an end to all this crime.
    Home owners still have control over when they are taping so why whine about it.
    Crime has gotten out of control and we need to hit back.
    Are you afraid of something you’re doing?

  • Shit id give plumas county full access to mine if ever needed or wanted to prosocute the dumbassery on my block..
    I hate these sorry fucking junkie criminals

  • Just wonderin…… what would keep Law Enforcement from tapping into your home system and erasing evidence? Perhaps they were the ones at fault in a situation and then if they have access to your home surveillance system, then…Oopsie, there goes the evidence? Right?

  • lol this is to funny. yeah ill help as soon as they cover the cost of my 1080p cctv system and network storage. fortuna pd has done nothing for me when ive been ripped off. I put together my cctv system with high quality 1080p ip cameras, good enough to count the teeth in the scum bags head, so when filmed stealing my stuff, ill know to grab when it comes time to knock the rest of his teeth out. I didn’t put cameras up to turn over to fpd to watch while they have there feet up on the desk and a donut in hand. I can turn over video of numerous tweaks at least 3-4 times a week checking our cars and door handles at any time of the day. im very close to the fpd station. doesn’t matter any more, im tired of being ripped off. earn yours don’t take everyone elses.

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