DTF Makes Arrests in Redway

Arrest in Redway

The Humboldt County Drug Task Force arrested two for drug dealing this afternoon. [Photo provided by a reader]

According to a reader, at least one person was arrested in Redway today about 3 p.m. on Redwood Drive for drugs.

When we reached the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department to request information, the suspects were on their way to jail but hadn’t been booked yet so Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department wasn’t able to confirm the charges or state who was arrested yet. However, she did confirm that the Humboldt County Drug Task Force (DTF) was involved in the incident.

She explained, “It was a traffic stop and it looks like two people were arrested.”

We’ll have more information tomorrow.



  • Can’t confirm charges because they are turning them . And Dtf doesn’t do traffic stops . They do stings which involve any method of transport , stowage or concealment . A traffic stop is when someone makes a simple mistake and get pulled by CHP . A sting is when they have been investigating your ass and they move in for the arrest where ever you are . The statement made by the sheriff makes it sound like a simple traffic stop that ended in drug dealing charges . Were the dtf close by or called after the stop to the scene …probably not . They don’t have enough peeps to be hanging out and waiting to be needed . For dealing charges and the dtf being involved you can bet your ass there was a prior investigation resulting in a traffic stop as to not expose the on going investigation. They get you on the road to make it look random so the next guy up the chain doesn’t freak out and get rid of whatever evidence might still be around .

    • You sure like to speculate on details, sounds like you have had a random pull over yourself. If not shut your damn pie hole. You are the reason people do not trust the police. Trump and Matthias forever.

      • How many reasons to “not trust the police?” So, so many; sadly, the cops are as human as the rest of us…and that’s the primary reason.

      • I have a friend that is a detective and will be Chief of his department in the next couple of years. I trust him, but in general, no, I don’t trust the police and always told my kids the safest bet is to stay out of trouble and stay away from cops. People are people, and you do get a lot of gunslinging, chip-on-shoulder douches, willing to “fabricate” probable cause or reasonable suspicion and swear to it in court.

      • I worked for the Las Vegas Coroner’s office and the person who is speaking is absolutely 100% correct the DTF does not do pullovers traffic stops if they do hit traffic stop is because they’ve been investigating you for quite some time and get you off the road so you don’t tell the guy higher above where you’re at and what’s going on evidence

    • I agree! Regardless of the comment Roger.made….. That many Police???? Damn Skippy they new who they were pulling over.
      Your spot on!!

  • I seen this .....

    Omg ….there was a lot of cops

  • They should go to G’ville and observe a certain Latino male (non-user) approximatly 5’3 / 180+ lbs 35-45 years old, clean dressed, makes contact with certain users, trying to appear casual. Obvious.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff


    Someone in Redway was dealing drugs?

    How remarkable!

  • Was this at the Brass Rail?
    What the Fuck happen to that place? (As if it could get any worse but somehow has)
    Looks like something out of New Jack City.

    • Brass Rail MOTEL NOT the BAR… the two businesses are owned by separate parties… just to clarify. The motel is full of squatters. The current owner says he is trying to evict… we shall see

  • What was going on at the Salmon Creek overpass this afternoon around 1530? CHP and lots of Sheriffs cars that way.

  • Anyone know who? I’m hearing maybe blizzard again


  • We should raise fines for those too greedy to use the legal market.
    Good job DTF! Keep it up & stay safe.

  • Now that weed is legal the sumbitches got to work on getting rid of the heroin ,and the crank cuz that’s all there is left to bust .

  • Probably at the old hotel which is shut down and ran by squatters, don’t know how the powers still on. Between that and the drug infested trailer park next door its a true detriment, soar eye and makes my town feel trashy and on the very down hill spiral. Along w all the slum motels in gville. Clean these places out, its prime estate in the middle of a small town. Ridiculous

    • Bring in the dozer, and burn the rest….

    • good people live in those trailers too. People who are an important asset to this beautiful community. People who volunteer at kmud and hospice,who work at our local stores, people this community needs. please try to be sane and reasonable even though you’re angry

  • Brass rail notel is the new Sleepy Hollow of red way or I should say dead way.

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