[UPDATE 5:31 p.m.] Vehicle Chase on Hwy 36

A pursuit of a grey Mitsubishi began in Fortuna about 5:20 p.m. because the vehicle had an expired registration.

The vehicle headed southbound on Hwy 101 about 75 mph and then turned east on Hwy 36. The officer is reporting that there is no traffic on the road and requesting the California Highway Patrol to take over.

UPDATE 5:31 p.m.: The Fortuna Police officer discontinued the chase at Monroe Lane near Carlotta.



  • Not his juries- dickshun?

  • Teach him to come into town without tags


    I am glad to read Fortuna came out as far as Monroe lane, here as of late it seems chp patrol of 36 means the 36 101 overpass I would pay extra on my prop taxes if fortuna could annex to the 36 carlotta fire hall for the patrol! Why let a little thing like a town jurisdiction prevent crime it has turned into one big city anyway fortuna does a better job locally, fund them for the area.

    • So true. I rarely see HCOE out here except when they are chasing someone or an accident; and CHP, maybe once every week or two. Once vehicles get past the Carlotta PO, they hit 60+ all the way through to the fire hall. CHP or HCOE could bank tickets if they would sit at Barbershop LN or the fire hall.

    • We have a resident Deputy Sheriff who is supposed to be doing that job!!! But strangely he never seems to be around whenever anything happens!!!


    Hey wait a minute with H C O E! I did hear a chopper with the siren!? I was wondering if I missed something.

  • 75 on 36! Wow…be careful out there.

  • We don’t have a resident deputy he works out of [Edit: Eureka] now . Saw him in the paper doing a bust a while back.

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