[UPDATE: Owners Located] Red Nose Pitbull Found

A female red nose pitbull showed up at a home in Miranda. “She’s super sweet and rather skinny with a muscular build,” said the finder. “Looks like maybe she got out at some point and had been running the hills. No collar or anything.”

If you have any information about this girl, please call (707) 601-9269.Red pitbull

UPDATE: The owners were located.



  • running the hills. killing deer or some one livestock. pitbull running the hills get shot all the time

  • Covelo or busted

    AWWWWW poor little fawn killer..

  • I have a special place for loose wildlife killing pit bulls. People you seem to care more about pit bulls than wildlife, shall we show you more graphic pics of mauled livestock and wildlife .We have the pit, Where is the parolee.

    Uncle jack

  • Paperwork and Laptops

    …And sometimes a lost dog is just a lost dog. Or a clever now confused backyard escapee. Generally a solo pit can’t catch much in the woods- those short legs are no help. I’m glad it got found and returned. Sure- stray dogs packing together can be devastating, as can solo wolfie dogs. Dog owners should be aware that even a pet dog can be trouble in a pack and get shot. But please let’s not shoot every lost dog! Accidents happen even to good dog owners.

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