Serious Injury Traffic Accident on Hwy 101 Near Phillipsville

Traffic Collision Car Accident

At about 5:20 p.m., a traffic accident occurred on Highway 101 near Phillipsville. One occupant of a vehicle was trapped.  CHP website states that #2 (outside) northbound lane of Highway 101 is blocked. An air ambulance was requested. Miranda Fire Department and Cal Fire responded to the scene.



  • Omg, it’s one of California’s most dangerous highways. Slow down, pay attention. Keep your self safe. Prayers going out.

  • Hope for the best for the patient and the first responders. No way to end the year.

  • Some people are turning around, poor visibility, into South Lane.
    Yikes People! Are you trying to make this worse?

  • Passed it right after it happened. Looked like a big suv on top of car. Front wheels of suv on top of car. Bad wreck.

  • Does anybody know what color car

  • One was white and the other more damaged one was a dark blue or black Toyota pickup or similar.

  • I know the driver of the White Ford truck. The smaller truck lost control…. very sad. The driver of the Ford tried to help him.

    Prayer’s to all.

  • Drove by very slow after it happened. Look like a green or blue “car” lost control and spun around resulting in a Ford truck hitting the drivers side of the car head on. The first responders were helping a passenger or driver out passengers side. He had a neck brace already on. If their was someone in the drivers side it wasn’t pretty. Smashed completely in.

    • That was the driver on the passenger side. The driver of the Ford has medical training, and it was pretty bad.

  • Is it possible to get a up date I know your busy but I always wonder about the outcome how the patient is doing. Thanks Kim

  • There is still no update on here. The driver of the small truck died. The driver of the big truck feels terrible. There was nothing he could do. The small truck came across the highway right in front of him. Somehow the driver in the small truck had lost control, and was spinning and crossed over.

    This is so very sad. My heartaches for all involved.

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