Fiance Records Message to Missing Man

A little more than a month ago a Spanish man, Ivan Linan, disappeared from Hwy 36 near the town of Carlotta. Searchers combed the area with no success. There have been several unconfirmed sightings of the missing man in the first weeks after he disappeared, but none recently.

The last confirmed sighting of Linan was November 28 when he appeared to be suffering from a mental health crisis and fled a vehicle after he allegedly caused it to wreck.

His family and friends are desperate to hear from him. His fiance, “Che” (María José) recorded this message to Ivan in hopes that he sees it and contacts his family.

According to a translation provided by Linan’s nephew, Norb Iba Li, she is roughly saying, “”Ivan, we haven’t known about you for a long time. Get in contact with us. Your family, your friends, Hari (Their pet: a dog) and me, we all are looking forward to seeing you and to receiving you. So I ask you, if you are listening to me, to contact us.”

There is a $1000 reward for any information leading to his return.

Ivan Linan

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