Is There ‘Profit in Marijuana Country?’

The Profit in Marijuana Country from CNBC.

On Tuesday, January 2, Marcus Lemonis of CNBC’s The Profit will focus on Emerald Triangle marijuana growers and law enforcement as legalization changes the landscape. The Profit in Marijuana Country is the title of the piece. (See the trailer above.)

“Everywhere I went in Humboldt County, I saw pot farmers hustling and hoping for their share of a potential six billion dollar industry,” said Lemonis. “While investing in the marijuana industry seems tempting to some, I can’t help but wonder, will reality meet the expectations?”

Local grower Johnny Casali of Huckleberry Hill Farms tells us that his farm as well as Honeydew Farms, and Amaranth Farms will all be featured.



  • I hope it’s the same John casali that cleaned up garbage in homeless encampments all around southern Humboldt what a good man and I hope all the best for go john.

    • Its his son.

      • I bought a gram of Wedding Cake for $17 at the new pot club across the street from Mazzoles Italian Restaurant in Eureka, The weed was just OK. nothing special. But it was the most expensive pot there. The prices ranged from $10 to $17 a gram. At $17 a gram that puts the OZ. price at $ 476. Then the one pound price at $7,616 . One can see this is very pricey for pot. MY Question is- Why the high mark up ? Especially
        when I can only get $1,100 a pound. this is a 700 % mark up , So my question again, who and where is this high profit come from and where is it going ? We the growers are being screwed, is it greed on the part of the middle man or some unseen force we cannot see ? We need to form a union and stick together.
        I see the trouble as the young people in the business do grow very good pot, but they suck at the business end. They settle for low prices based on fear and just plain stupidity. Please lets get together and solve this very important problem, it can only be solved by communication and good business savvy. Lets pass on this word and keep more of our labor. sincerely Mo.

        • Mildred Shoemaker

          You can get $1,100 a pound? Stop your whining and count your blessings. You are better off than most everybody around

  • Like all Gold Rushes, this GREEN Rush will bust eventually. More likely sooner than later. Those selling grower supplies are making handsome profits. Same as merchants have been doing here since the 70s. Same as the merchants did in 1849. That’s where the real gold was.

    Look at Colorado. In September, bud was going for $120/OZ as medicine and $200-$240/OZ recreational. Plus sales tax on top of the weed tax already included in the price for recreational. Same for edibles and extracts and oils. All sold for less than they do in Humboldt. And I was told the prices would continue to fall and that why dispensaries there were so generous with freebies and discount sales. Unlike dispensaries in Humboldt that charge artificially high prices, in my opinion. Supply has always out stripped demand here in Humboldt. Now with this Green Rush, it can only saturate the local market. Should we wait for the dispensaries here to lower prices? I would not hold my breath. But by the end of the coming year, many growers, distributors and dispensaries will be forced to lower prices and still face stiff competition. That is the inevitable outcome of any greed rush; over supply.
    It remains to be seen how many will survive.

    That is my opinion of the future legal market here.

    • Although those that made the real money during the 1849 gold rush were the merchants and the banksters, the ultimate legacy of that period was the creation of California… and one of the largest economy’s in the world.

      Who knows what the legacy of the green rush will be? Undoubtedly no one predicted the results of the gold rush.

    • Craigslist has great weed!

    • Was there too much gold in them thar hills? Is that what ended the gold rush?

      • Sharpen your pencil

        Lol, does get pretty hilarious! Idiots comparing weed to gold, yuou can’t grow the finest gold. But you sure as shit can produce some AAA if you know what you’re doing!

        • Calling me an idiot for comparing the Gold Rush to this Green Rush makes you sound like an idiot. I did not draw a direct comparison with gold and weed. Your reading abilities only made you THINK I did.

          The analogy is valid if you read what I wrote. Both attracted people looking to get rich quick.

          And the economic effects won’t be as beneficial to this state as the real Gold Rush was. The law of supply and demand will catch up to the greed heads who think this is a way to get rich quick. Prices will plummet.

          • There is plenty of gold and diamonds on this planet. The thing that keeps the prices high is the manipulation of “supply” by the industries. If pot farmers in northern California stopped saturating the market with its product and instead grew higher quality and less quantity (less dep) weed, the market just might stabilize.

            • What keeps prices high is golds special properties, it cost more to mine it than it’s worth, and our money system. The fed is constantly printing out more money and lending it out at interest as well as other things “I won’t get into this is so deeply.” Constantly driving the value of the dollar down and raising commodity prices in the long run 100%. This is way our money system works, it’s normal, healthy and vital to its exsistence. Despite what short term corrections we may have. Gold has also been considered a safe have to curb against inflation. And is heavily affected by the price of oil. It’s used in computers and sought after by all countries.

              The Donkey Killer Has spoken

            • “Less dep”, too funny.

        • sharpen your p. your correct. picchu sounds like a moron. just another rude Humboldt expressing there half witted option. i find them very funny.

    • The Green Rush will turn into the Green Flee and property values will plummet. Mom and Pop will be history and a few big growers and all the cartels will survive. That’s what the government does it picks the winners and the losers. I’m really surprised all these growers that promoted legalization couldn’t see this and cut their own throats. There is no soul left in growing weed just a balance sheet.

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    Sorry to see another story glorifying the “industry”. As we all know, cannabis supports many folks in Humboldt, while directly causing the destruction of a massive area of environment and chronically poisoning the population with a culture of drug addiction.

    The drug dealers of Humboldt continue to hide behind the name “farmer”, when they should be called “assassins of sensibility”, “the degraders of sobriety and society” or just straight up “pirates”.

    Your largely dirty weed crop, grown so far from market, is an insult to actual farmers everywhere. The influx of party people, homeless and hanger-on addicts, and the expansion of drug-dealer craziness in our county, will destroy the lifestyle you claim to love. It is already one of the most dangerous, addicted, and deadly places in this country, and more pot will only make it worse.

    Enjoy the party, live in the shit. I hope you pathetic pot-business-people realize that you could do this cheaper and cleaner, somewhere a little more farm-like, somewhere where the social cost is lower and the degradation less, and where someone working for you could have a bit more dignity.

    All the money you make will not buy you respect, legitimacy, or peace for your family. It is sad that legalization came only when the law abiding population was completely overrun with your stinky culture of intoxication and your outlaw mentality.

    • in the Ohio River Valley, locals blame the fall of the coal industry for their massive hard drug and home invasion problem. if weed leaves this area the main problem will still exist and compound dramatically as it is the locals that we mostly read about in the papers and its meth and heroin that molds them into criminals and agencies will have about half the budget to combat it.

      • Since we already have high overdose death rates, it will be a sad, smooth transition.

        • most local addicts live into their late 50s to early 60s if you do the research. our OD rate is not that high, all of our data is skewed due to our population (lack of it), its meaningless. look at Lowell, Mass or Cape Cod. There is a new show on Starz about the OD rate on the Cape.

    • Please find an idyllic place to move and head there soon. You’ll be much happier than living in a place you despise. Whether one supports or hates the extraction industries – timber and mining, or the exploitative ones like pot growing and fishing, you should locate to a community you care about.

    • This sounds like CHUMP!

    • Sharpen your pencil

      Thump that bible some more!

    • YAY!!! . .. I will be glad when the pot market here is dead . . . Fed up with the HIGH lifestyle being glamorized by Emerald Magazine… I’d like to see the (Soros funded “The Open Society Foundation”) good jobs “Harm Reduction” people out of Humboldt, too…. they can take their “normalized” victims with them . .. .

      • It will be like Detroit or Flint, but with no chance of industry. I’m so excited for your ghost town future! The zombies aren’t going anywhere, they’ll multiply with plenty of empty homes to squat in and a few stragglers still clinging to life here, that they can steal from. If anything, it will be migrant agricultural workers here to work the season for Phillip Morris and Monsanto farms. Look forward to scraping in the big minimum wage bucks if you can find a job.

    • Groba dude, you are right on the money!! This green rush has absolutely ruined this county!

    • War on Pot Failed We Won

      Your anti-pot crusade and war on cannabis failed, the truth prevailed and Cannabis is now as American as Ale and Apple Pie. Too bad you anti-pot crusaders just sound like a bunch of religious anti-pot crusaders, swallow your ego and pride. Cannabis community won and the antipot crusader’s lost their ill sighted war on pot, laughing as I blaze a Legal Hash cartridge I legally bought at a local Cannabis Store! Hahaha

  • If you told most anyone involved in the industry (Humboldt) prior to legalization that they should think of the future and another occupation they would’ve look at you sideways. It’s unbelievable how their egoistic grower mentality was so shortsighted. But now it seems they’ve sure changed their tune, I should of invested my money in Kleenex, I would be killing it right now as all these growers needing their tears mopped up.

    • True dat. The system has designed it so you can make only 15% max profit. Do the math….your basically a glorified corn farmer. BLACKMARKETSMATTER. All I can say is good luck out there. Would rather put my money on black at a roulette table.

      • Like EVERY legitimate business

      • Ha good one that’s very true. Black market is the only thing that will keep Hum economy alive, even if it’s just for a few more years. I feel bad for these guys going after their permits. They are all getting really nervous when they look at the numbers. Might as well grow radishes.

        • The very small percentage of them who can actully run a lean legitimate business may be alright. 999% of them are fucked. They better hire good book keepers, accountants, financial advisors, and attorneys, because most can balance a home budget.

        • Most can only use black market, since they get a handout for back pain or headaches , limp wrist from stroking the system, these system suckers need their monthly benefits posted along with age and grow dozer they drive lol

      • Lol. 15% is great if you’re using that as your baseline average.
        Welcome to Earth lol.

      • Sharpen your pencil

        Lol, cool story bro!

  • Rows and rows and rows of herb

    Omg. Make it stop.

  • 😤 so funny, but true.

  • Growers aren’t farmers.

  • I predict that there will be a whole bunch of posts telling us to move if we don’t like it. And, accusing people of being conservative, anti pot Trump supporters. It has become the only dialogue.

  • Dope growers grow dope because they like to get stoned and make easy money. They have no freakin’ idea how hard real farmers work and how little they really make.

    Just wait until RJ Reynolds starts up their first 1,000 acre pot farm. The stoners up here will lose their shirts.

    • Most “real farmer” hire others to do the work and make a lot of money. Do food farmers not eat their crops?

    • RJ Reynolds already has…

    • Sharpen your pencil

      You obviously have no idea what a marijuana cultivator goes through. The exact same thing any farmer does. Will i have a successful harvest, will I have a loss to disease or pests. However there is one thing a corn farmer doesn’t have to worry about, some junky stealing their product to sell on the BLACK MARKET!

      • Avocados, cattle rustlers, equipment thieves, etc. Yes they do. With pot is just more common because of propinquity with criminals seeking big bucks.


    Yeah,that would be great if The Profit guy gave all the city managers a little info on making money from all of this weed stuff,since gov’t is so invested already.

  • ya big ag is great. real farmers growing almonds for food?

  • 70%of entries were tossed out of Emerald Cup due to “contaminants” Legal weed will be tested and must be organic, so small farmers might be ok. Big ag monocrops are prone to disease, requiring pesticides, fungicides and (RIP ROD) “all kinda cides”. Here’s to Humboldt🌬💨🌈

    • The testing requirements aren’t going to last, trust me. The truth is consumers don’t really care what’s in their weed. Does anyone care what’s in their wine? (It’s full of chemicals btw)
      Organic requirements are just a feel good measure that will be gone as soon as big ag gets going in the business. I would bet the farm on it.

      • what about the NCJ article detailing the bad testing results.

        That seems a big problem for ‘The Humboldt Brand’.

        Or can it be dismissed as last gasp prohibitionist bullshit?

      • You right ,,but there will be a market for organic just like food,..and you ass that thinks cannabis farmers don’t work..your a idiot..I’ll beat and work harder than you at anything…anything…I’ll take your job from you if this doesn’t pan out trust me…. Humboldt will survive

        • I completely support organic farming and I never said it wasn’t a lot of work. I am an organic farmer. I’m just saying, well… read my last post. Jeez

        • Classic Humboldt dope grower ego shining through. Ego/ignorance will be the death of Humboldt. Nothing else.

        • Sure thing tough guy, I’ve been waiting years for someone hang with me, all I get is alot of talk ,after about 10 days of 18 hours they all tend to fold and disappear, and 10 straight days is nothing, try 6 months of 18 hour days, big talkers when it comes to work

        • If you fold to big corporations , then you are weak, I send them packing, you have one advantage on them , and that requires busting your ass and a tiny bit of intellect, you may not have a life , but that’s the price

          • Totally agree with lone ranger. Some people made a lot of money while it was easy, some of us have been doing this the hard way for longer than these kids have been alive.

      • Agreed. Big Ag will capture regulation.

        • and maybe that is already happening with the testing labs, who owns them.
          really, who owns them, and what else do those people own?
          We need to know, this bad testing is a big problem.

          sure, blow it off, however…

      • Sharpen your pencil

        Man, the people commenting about the legal side that have no idea WTF they are talkingg about are bountiful today Kym!

      • You would loose yr farm. … Some of these\those “chemicals” (herafter referred to as “poo”) are deadly, to some, most, or ALL people. (Besides, they taste aweful).

      • Yep. There’s a butt load of chemicals n tobacco,so when big ag takes over,they will make there own rules

      • Well, pot smokers were very concerned with buying Mexican pot laced with paraquat back in the seventies. What makes you think todays smokers are any different?

        • Welllll, smoking paraquat and smoking weed that’s not grown organically are two very different things. We all know that right? The organic testing requirements are going to go away when big ag interests get their day, that’s all I’m saying. What other product is REQUIRED to be grown organically? That’s ridiculous… there will be an organic market, sure. But the requirements will be gone now that big ag is licking its lips ready to jump in, once it’s legal federally. If you don’t see that coming you’re a dummy. Sorry to kill your unicorns and rainbows

  • Ill bet the county doesn’t mind all of these taxable improvements made to the rural properties in the mean time.

    • I was just in the tax assessor office couple weeks ago and, a lot of people handing over A LOT of cash. I assume the high property prices these last few years for rural properties are really helping the counties bottom line as well.

      • Paperwork and Laptops

        One serious story not getting told is what happens to that money. The county has made a huge amount on property taxes since the greenrush began in earnest 15 years ago…yet they still have no money (they say) for the sheriff, mental health, infrastructure, etc etc. Where has all the money gone?!!

        • I wonder too. But I suppose the property tax on one million dollar property would not cover the pay and benefits of one employee.

          • Paperwork and Laptops

            What is it-1.5% per year. Every single year. Forever. Or after 5 years non-pay they seize and sell your place. The property values blew up after 2001 in some cases doubling. Many subdivisions were carved out of old timber holdings that were paying virtually nothing in property taxes. So the income to the county went through the roof. At the same time they were cutting the sheriff’s dept, mental health, libraries and always complaining about not having enough money! So…where did it all go? It’s a worthy question for a worthy journalist but it seems to be the elephant in the room that everybody agrees to ignore.

            • It’s only been the last two years or so that property values have really gone crazy, with the Bulgarians buying things up for 750k plus. Before that, between one and three thousand/acre was the norm for mostly unimproved rural land (ie grow properties)

              But many big dollar sales have gone through in this more recent time. Many people were cashed out for high dollars.

  • The government is going to tack on a 7% to 8% tax, or maybe higher, People will still be able supplement their income, selling black market pot.

    • Another story not told is how much is going to be spent on collecting tax money. Think of the old revenuers versus moonshiners scenario on steroids. Moonshine is cheap and portable. Pot is rooted in place and is an easier, much more lucrative target.

      There will be lots of ugliness for decades as this money war is fought. Government may have been ambivalent about pot hunting when it was just considered a social ill but when tax money is involved? Government is always focussed and hungry for more taxes.

      • Trump Is A Traitor

        Schools cost money.

        Roads cost money.

        Health care costs money.

        Armies cost money.

        Now you may not necessarily support paying for such things, but regardless they need to be paid for. 🇺🇸

        And paying a relatively small percentage of your income in taxes for the general good is not a hell of a lot to ask.
        Grow up & pay your taxes!

        It’s better than jail, you pampered overpaid dealers!

        • Inner voices Trumpy Hater, inner voices. Remember there’s medication for that.

        • Health care is not a necessity, not unless you are looking for drugs ,then you need a doctor , just say it, or are you a nervous nelly , worried you might get sick, or do you just need to see a doctor every month

          • Trump Is A Traitor

            “Health care is not a necessity…”

            You’ll find out that you are wrong one day. 🍟

            • Pretty close to the finish line , sorry not seeing it, your only as sick as you feel, ponder that one Mr know it all, is rump a tatter cause he used to be a democat

        • Paying the government with legal drug money. Lol. Gotta love the god ‘ol USA!

        • Get rid of the libtards,,.Obama ,Clinton’s. Wrecked everything..they would have tried to legalize prostituteion next..sick freaks .. seriously,,it’s their fault..these big farm owners would be in jail. Prices go up,..the good days are gone..mabey Trump can change this libtard mess..

          • Trump Is A Traitor

            You do of course know that Donald John Trump’s German grandfather (whose last name was Dumpf) was a real life PIMP.

            How do you think Donnie Two Scoops got his middle name, “JOHN”?

            And, by the way, prostitution should be legalized? If pornography is legal, there is no legal justification for not legalizing prostitution.

      • The helicopters and raids by the sheriff will be back bigger than ever and they will ask the feds to help. It’s a dying business take what you have and get a sustainable occupation. All this for votes and tax money.

        • Totally agree. There might be a few more profitable years left but I’d suggest taking your whatever assets you have and moving on right now before prices drop lower and the real crackdown starts. There are worse things than working at a real job that provides the basics for you and your family.

  • Until it’s federally legal organic and the word marijuana cannot be used together.

    The term “organic” the feds control.

    Clean green yes…organic NO

    Medical/recreational = ever evolving…never resolving! SIGH…

  • Anxiety is right.

    Everyone I know who has gotten their interim permits, (which were issued in rush to allow folks to apply – Read: spend$$ – for state permit AND to retroactively TAX sqft on 2017) is riddled with nervousness and regrets . Not one was like “Yay!”.

    Nothing, or barely anything is moving, and then at a song. The bottom line is bleeding red ink .

    Were the CannaVision business plans created with 500/# as the base rate? People on both sides are reeling with shock at the impending slide below 1k . How does it crunch out for those facing huge set up costs and fees ? Tragically I’d imagine .

    I see friendships, families, community and our future all at risk. There is so much that’s been laid on the line . Like the dude said in the trailer he’s ” All in, ” and the risk of total loss is real. How uncertain is the future for the smaller-time guys and cooperatives that have gone “All in?” With families, relationships and friendships all on the line. Many, in their blind hope and enthusiasm, are even attempting to permit multiple parcels in hopes of cashing-in big time by selling one, but look! Real estate is sinking.

    Like hopes.

    P.S: The mono culture and it’s myriad assortment of problems inherent, is here!

    Remember when powdery mildew was never an issue? … It blew in seriously about
    15 years ago after a bad fire year… and the indoor scene had been blowing up hugely .

    And spider mites . .Rare. now common.

    Who ever knew about the microscopic and speedy devils the Broad mite ? Or their repulsive 4legged inbred maggot cousins the russet mite? Stuff of nightmares. And thanks to mono-culture they are here.

    They already ruined a lot of product for people last year. And will continue to do so.

    Preventing and fighting those assholes takes a lot of time and energy = money. It’s man-hours, and more risk that most likely were not put into original business plan equations.

    And it is a number that is hard to quantify as those fucktards, like lice, will become resistant to the methods . How much will it cost to produce herb that is not mite infected?

    P.P. S:
    -message of doom-

    (The closed greenhouse cannabis research facility where they were discovered has NEVER been able to eradicate them. Source:

    “”Carl Hillig, a known cannabis researcher who was involved in the only known greenhouse infestation of Indiana University in 2003, explained he was never able to completely eliminate A. Cannabicola from the gravel floor greenhouse, even after destroying all the plants and fumigating the structure.”

  • Excessive fertilizer is fodder for complications and problems. Never before in cannabis in the earliest years did anyone ever use fertilizer or any type of pesticides or sprays on their plants. They grew strong and naturally. Now with the advent of bagged soils, that that is one source of total contamination. The bags get infested while sitting in storage yards. Everyone that has a bug problem is tramping into the local Garden store in the shoes they wear in the garden. A lot of its common sense. But to many it makes no sense. You can’t throw money at something and expect it to start laying golden eggs sometimes it takes hard work not just papers, pesticides and potassium etc.

    To quote Luther Burbank
    “Nature’s laws affirm instead of prohibit. If you violate her laws you are your own prosecuting attorney, judge, jury and hangman.”

    • That’s why we don’t buy soil, we make our own. That’s why we don’t buy nutrients, we make our own. As far as battling those dredged microscopic mites, simple organic ipm maintenance and predatory insects as well as permaculture techniques will prevent those bastards from getting a chance to thrive.

      • Cool story! LOL!!! If you think because you are KNF and organic and all that shit, you will survive, you might be in for a real shock come 2018. Do you have a permit? Have you paid your sf tax to county? Do you already have distribution? What the spot price on sun grown?

      • 100% correct Kevin and Perspective!

        • IPM : simple to say but a costly full time chore to implement.

          And the pests adapt and resist …

          Notice his words: “prevent…getting chance to thrive”

          He did not say eliminate. Because u can’t; they are everywhere .

        • Re: Perspective its obvious you are the ‘all in’ guy on your permitting. Good luck with that buddy! I can tell you’re nervous. The numbers are tough. KNF haha yeah that’s a joke.

          • You most certainly do not have 20 years experience with Russet mites.

            I don’t need your smart ass “Good luck with that buddy” bullshit. You comment a lot about other people and their permitting, is that a nervous reaction? I know you are afraid of enforcement, so have fun with that this summer. Those letters will be going out soon enough.

      • And grow only from seed. Those diseases only come from clones, and potting soil probably. Mostly from clones though. And they don’t cause problems on Full Sun weed – only dep and greenhouse crap.

        • Emily please! You are so misinformed! Don’t spread lies!

          The microscopic mite eggs can and do live on the seed . That’s why u treat seed with peroxide.

          And they travel via wind and inscect legs. See pic. (Those are broad mites flying in on the legs of a whitefly)

          Do your research and feel the impending doom…

          Think about it folks. Those anemic outdoor plants that just didn’t stack the way they should have ; early yellowing etcetc? Obviously host to microscopic suckers . (Broad and russet mites=Satan incarnate)

          • Well you can study your pictures and textbooks all you want. I’m speaking from 20+ experience. What I’m saying is, growing from seed out doors you will not have problems with these pests. Whether they are there or not, they aren’t a problem. They don’t take over, like they do indoors or in greenhouse.

            • I agree with you, Emily. Been growing outdoor for 40 years and have never had the same level of problems that the deps and indoors do. Never had outdoor mites of any kind, and PM comes with the og/sour strains. When I grow those clones I pay close attention, and even those problems are mitigated by growing less.
              Last year, everyone was worried talking about Salinas opening up their green houses to pot. Well russet mites took them out. Them little buggers love those warm cozy nights. Everyone I know that had russet mites used clones or used green houses.

              • Been down that road

                I had them full sun and they caused plenty of damage and we are being proactive as Fuck. I don’t have green houses so who ever thinks they don’t harm full sun is misinformed. And on the flip side I have an indoor set up and they never came in the indoor ( sulfer burners ) that kept them out of the inside at least that’s the only thing I can think of why they were never inside.

                • Sleepy Alligator

                  Same here. In 20 years I never had a problem with mites outside. Even if I had spider mites while the plants were young being acclimated in a greenhouse I never saw one mite once they went outside. This year was different. My first encounter with broad mites was devastating. I watched my beautiful garden being destroyed rapidly until I finally figured out what was causing it. By the time I did the infestation was so bad that I had lost at least half of the garden. I had to spend a lot of money and work in overdrive to save the rest of it. Broad mites are the worst thing to happen to the weed industry by far. All of you people who think you will never have them because you know some secret that no one else knows are in for a big reality check. Broad and russet mites are in Humboldt county and they are relentless. Be prepared. Anyone who is able to prevent them from entering their garden will be okay but if two of them find their way and reproduce they will be there forever. At the hat point you might as well not waste thousands of dollars on the organic “solutions” because they will not eliminate them. They will only knock them back for a short time. So just bite the bullet and get some Forbid if you wanna pay the bills that year. All you experts can preach all that organic bullshit you want but I’m speaking the truth from experience. And another thing I can educate all you know it alls about is that concentrates are what will soon dominate the market and the intelligent people making them already have a method of separating the good stuff they desire from the contaminants, including Avid, Forbid, Eagle20 etc. Buds or Flower, as lames call it today, are soon to be a thing of the past. That’s a sad reality but it is reality.

            • Do some more research and you will see full sun plants getting wiped out by russet mites.

              • Research? I have experience.. I never use lights and I do my own breeding. I have *never* had any problem with any mites. The best out there is full sun humboldt seed grown, hands down. Quality wise and good ethics wise. Only one harvest a year. No chemicals, no lights, no potting soil needed. Low overhead, and if you do it right, it’s the best quality.. I’m not talking about wood stove- shack- dried – hippy weed either!

                And I didn’t mean to insult you, I don’t think we should be sniping at each other in general. I honestly feel bad for people who went ‘all in’ for the permitting. The numbers, at least in my research, are terrifying for the legal market. Unless prices come up, when you factor in; processing, distribution, taxes on different levels, and labor, it’s in the red…. I have a spreadsheet that would scare anyone out of trying to get permitted!

                I’m worried for our community.

                • Spreadsheets related to your $1000/lb ag crop? Lol don’t ever glance at a farmer’s spreadsheet from any other crop or you’ll probably have a stroke.

              • Do some more research and you will see full sun plants getting wiped out by russet mites.

                True statement. /\

                Anyone whose outdoor hasn’t been visited by the 11th plague of russets, or their evil highly elusive/speedy equally microscopic kissing cousins the broad mite have extremely good karma, are extra lucky, or somehow chose strains resistant to them (which is the future. And guaranteed is not a true OG or SD both of which love to host those hoovers! …and blue dream just don’t even try.)

                Fact is, that many seasoned clean righteous growers have experienced this first hand since 2012 when they first blew in. (Up?) Your turn just might not have come up yet.

                • Maybe so. Maybe not. It’s clear to me that much of this pestilence has been brought on by the proliferation and over population of clones in their incubating hoop houses by greedy never-have-enough, multi harvest pot farmers. There was never this kind of scourge when there was one season of full term plants. The only only thing that could take them down were cops, deer, rip-offs, voles and your own stupidity.

              • Sleepy Alligator


          • Been down that road

            I’m not big on conspiracy theory’s but I believe there is no way those bugs just showed up here some did there research on them and knew what problems they would bring to the masses I’ve delt with them the last few years even going from seed all last year I know some came from clones before but I believe they are in the soil now or surrounding vegetation they show there face same time every year I looked with microscopes all spring and summer and nothing then sure enough mid July there they are. Yep someone who wanted to cause problems to growers maybe big pharmaceutical company’s maybe government I don’t know but someone brought them here and their not going anywhere.

            • Wistful for the past

              That’s what I’ve been saying over and over … the ipm needs just compound every season. Those costly 10k square foot grows are even costlier to manage for pests!! With the bottom line sinking into oblivian the fun has been literally ++sucked++ out of this industry.

            • Sleepy Alligator

              Cal trans brought them here is one theory I’ve heard more than once.

  • Never mind. I now think that smoking Indica is safer than drinking breast-milk.

    Get high, get higher, it won’t hurt anything…

    Life is too short to not smoke all the dope you can!

    There is obviously no down-side to the massive drug culture.

  • I just saw this documentary on Humboldt county and the renewed Cannabis gold rush. Fascinating indeed. I though that the East Coadt investor with his super clean jeans and polished white tennis shoes was smug but did give him credit on doing his research in finding and interviewing those featured in the hour long episode. Funny to see Niah who as a teen was photographed by fluke in the 80’s on a ‘hookie day’ from school and surfing and featured later on the cover of the book; A day in the life of CA. He got his 2nd 15 minutes of fame here once again as now part of his family Cannabis business, which I’m sure he has been doing for years now.

    I am glad that there was a focus on the mass damage that has been done and continues to happen to the rivers and eco systems of HUMBOLDT. ALL growers need to be held accountable for the damage and poisoning they are doing, just as in all other parts of the state and country.Also, taxation is well OVERDUE as Humboldt is one of the poorest counties in the state. Meanwhile you have all these ‘contractors’ with there $100K vehicles, recreational toys, massive hidden homes with their [edit] at home spending money and living ‘Off the fat of the land’.
    It will be very interesting to follow and see who will survive in this new ‘gold rush’ of the Wild West part of CA.

    I’m a Humboldt boi born and raised. But I left the tragic area at a young age, invested in myself with a formal education and now live a comfortable and content life in a place far away from Humboldt. What’s now a tragic place once known for its true beauty of nature, clean living and where people/ neighbors respected and looked out for each other..NOT the case any more..

    **Addendum- Read up on the latest decision in the works by Attorney State General Jeff Sessions. He is ready to re-start the War on drugs.. Take a wild guess where talks are happening and where efforts will be starting..? Get on your knees and pray.. Good luck HUMBOLDT county you’re gonna NEED it..!

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