Deputy Captures Wanted Felon

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

A wanted felon is in custody after leading a sheriff’s deputy on a foot chase yesterday afterpainternoon.

Around 2:04 p.m. on Dec. 25, 2017 a Humboldt County sheriff’s deputy was patrolling California St. near Hodgson St. in Eureka when he observed wanted felon, 39-year-old Matthew Robert Painter, walking down the road. The deputy exited the vehicle and greeted Painter. Painter immediately turned and fled down the street. The deputy entered his vehicle and pursued Painter on Hodgson St.

Upon reaching Ingly St., Painter fled into a wooded area. The deputy exited the vehicle and pursued Painter on foot for approximately 100 yards. Painter eventually complied with the deputy’s requests to stop and was taken into custody without further incident.

While searching Painter, deputies located four grams of heroin in his pant pocket. Painter was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the following charges: outstanding felony warrant, possession of heroin, resisting/obstructing a peace officer and violation of probation.



  • One down,many,many,many to go.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    My goodness. I remember him as a teenager. Happy go lucky, albeit a criminal. Sure looks way different now.

  • Drugs are bad mmmmkay.

  • Oh cause prison is gonna rehabilitate drug problems, when are we gonna learn prison is a waste if money, let’s try giving them extensive rehab! Oh wait I forget helf you humans have no heart to actually help people, you’d rather belittle and say put them to death instead! I don’t agree with criminal activity but more then half of them have addiction problems… Oh I know there’s the ignorant who think addiction isn’t a disease, let me tell you maybe get better educated on a subject and grow a fucking heart before you open your mouth with opinions!
    Attack my comment all you want, I won’t care, you will be wasting energy angry typing!!!

    • Could you explain “extensive rehab”?
      Could you cite reliable success rates for “extensive rehab”?
      How long does “extensive rehab” last?
      I am not angry typing. I am just ignorant of the term “extensive rehab”.
      Thank you.


      • hey I’m not angry either 🙂 but I happen to know rehab don’t do much for the larger majority of what I have seen in and outside of my family and those in my neighborhood. I live pretty close to several of these live in rehab/meeting places and they don’t work. I have seen one of their ‘senior’ grads hang in for a couple of years ‘sponsoring’ others to only get out and hook right in to the same old crowd and lifestyle. I have seen drug deals happening right out front of the half way houses before their meetings! If the lack of responsibility is a disease then I’ll agree. I might even agree that addiction is a disease of the mind once you start the drugs. But you know, its like alcoholism (boy do I know this one from my family!) that people keep saying is a disease but it can be a learned behavior or just a plain stupid choices/ lack of self responsibility. If it was a disease, then why aren’t more people “catching it”? If its a disease, it would be contagious like a lot of germs …. maybe they have new definition for disease?! Obese… its a disease (has nothing to do with bad food choices / lack of responsibility). Smoking… is a disease. Being lazy… is a disease. Vandalism.. is a disease, thievery… is a disease…. it just seems like the whole human experience and the lack of control and lack of self responsibility is a disease!

    • I think it’s you angry typing.

    • People actually have to seek rehab. Its been proven that forced or punishment based rehab isnt really effective. Its a nice thought but its very unrealistic.

    • I’m ‘happy typing’ because this guy will be in prison and not out violating people. A waste of money is police spending time and risking lives chasing idiots like this. Most addicts don’t want rehab and would have to be locked/fenced in a facility to stay long enough to get clean; and a good percentage would get out and start all over again. That’s also a waste of money. Any addict who truly wants to stop know they can go to any hospital or even a sheriff/police station, and they would be helped. If they really want to.

  • Hahaha. Use your money to forever try to rehab p.o.s. dudes like this. And they’ll forever relapse and steal and maybe someday be addicted enough to kill for drugs. You seem to be the ignorant one. Addiction is not the problem, people like you are. Make more excuses for this guy it seems to be helping. In fact move him into your life and exhaust your every means of trying to help him. When you’re spent he’ll move on to the next idiot!!

    • Spot on——-you can’t fix dysfunctional adults.

      • which is why you need to educate your kids. Every year there are a 100 or more local HS graduates that list “Hustlin” as their occupation. this guy has “self employed” listed on his FB. maybe we should be focusing on that instead of blowing the budget on dysfunction. and you might want to pay your second property tax bill this week, if you own. as there is no write off next year and the years to come.

        • I believe the write off is $10,000 total, for local property and state and local income taxes. A little low by my way of thinking (the deduction). I believe that part was designed to penalize Democrat states like California and New York, which have higher property taxes, and/or state and local income taxes.

          • correct.

          • your edit says it all. This part of the GOP tax bill penalizes people who have made money and done well. it harms rich republicans the most. Bend, OR – is that where Democrats retire? Bend has the highest property tax in Oregon. California has prop 13 which keeps it low. The GOP penalized all of us so suck it up and face reality.

        • My husband has literally come across job applications at his work place where people listed “hustling” “working a triple beam” “weights and measurements” as special skills on a freaking job application. Needless to say he showed all his co-workers, had a good laugh and threw the applications out… this a real problem. Alot of todays kids are misguided drugged out idiots. Prevention is more effective than rehabilitation.

          • historically speaking, education is the only effective solution. rehabilitation only occurs if it is accepted and some form of acceptance only occurs with information to make that decision. and it is something to fall back on when you need it. I speak from education and first hand. I threw the better half and of an eightball in the trash and never dug it out and that was it, I made those decisions based on knowing how toxic meth is and what elders that used it told me. prevention via the war on drugs has been proven to be just plain stupid. when there is a demand there will always be a supply.

  • Deport so he can be back in a month

  • “PAINTER”!!!! A well known criminal name. So sad. NO ONE can get clean unless they want it with their whole being. I’m blessed to not have this addictive personality, but I watch many family members struggle daily. We need to be a ” NO TOLERANCE ” community to cut this problem down. Being fed up is much different than having no heart. We can coddle and help til we’re blue in the face and it’s not going to work.

  • Trump Is A Traitor

    “Painter a well known criminal name…”?

    You must be unfamiliar with RICHARD PAINTER. 🇺🇸

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