Though Attendance Is Slightly Down, Eureka City Schools Stay Open

Eureka City Schools

Eureka City Schools [Photo by Oliver Cory]

With norovirus closing some schools, parents are understandably concerned about what is happening in the school their children attend. Eureka City Schools is not closing at this point, according to Fred Van Vleck, Ed.D. school Superintendent. “We have only two reported cases of norovirus,” he said. Their attendance rates are down a little, however. He doesn’t know if this is because of students actually being ill or from parents keeping their kids out as a precaution.

“Some of our schools’ [attendance rates] are in the upper 80’s to 94%,” he said. “We normally run around 95%.”

Van Vleck said the schools are closely monitoring the situation. “We’ve been in contact with the Health Department in case they get reported cases.” He said that the schools would consider closing if the numbers dipped below 80%. He said that canceling school would put a lot of stress on working families. “Parents are relying on us to provide a place for their kids to learn.” Also, he said, working parents would not have a place for their kids to be safe if the schools closed.

“Fiscally it would be easier for us to [close the schools,] he explained. The state would reimburse them ADA (Average Daily Attendance) money based on their 95% attendance rate. But at this point, he doesn’t feel the situation warrants closing and the stress that would put on some families.



  • That would be Eureka City schools attempting to cover their butts, just like they do with all the bullying going on there. Way to NOT protect the kids loosers.

  • My little brother witnessed kids tossing chunks-barfing everyshere in one of the bathrooms while crapping their drawers out at Eureka High. Gross

  • Wow what a compassionate statement Vfleck “Parents are relying on us to provide a place for their kids to learn”. Use the correct words you woose-we provide excellent babysitting service AND GET PAID BY THE STATE TO DO IT!” The money comes first.
    By the way-we the public HAVE NOT been provided the results of the noro epidemic investigation. Why is that woose? We aren’t to be ignored so cater to us and give us an HONEST answer. Who caused it and are they still employed?

    • What gives you the idea that this was started by an Employee & NOT a Student???? Just curious if you know something that has not been reported or just guessing???!!!

      • Who cares who started it, it is obviously there now, and covering the fact up isn’t going to change the fact it is running rapid in the halls. If ECS had any class (yah- NOT) they would shut down and do a deep cleaning, and let the kids get well. Instead they stay open, make their $, and expose countless people to a illness that can be deadly to some.

        • When has norovirus killed anyone?
          And how does someone “start” this? That’s like saying someone started the flu and should be fired for it.
          How is the school to blame for staying open? If you’re worried about your kids being exposed then keep them home. That’s your decision. Of course the school needs money to stay open, take it up with the state if you don’t like their rules about how schools get funding.

          If this is how you all go about communicating with the principal then I can see why the admin wouldn’t want to talk to you! Why even send your kids to school if you think its just a babysitting spot? Do you know that the state determines what’s taught?

  • Imagine the streets when those kids bring home the norovirus, gives it to the family, and dad and mom lose work due to being sick… such a great idea. Nothing says keep bringing them in to school, so we get the $ more then Fred. Is he on campus? bet your butt he won’t be- he will be as far away as possible. Hey, at least the city schools is giving teachers a present this year- they will all get sick too !

  • My daughter attends washington and there have been many many children out sick. She was diagnosed yesturday with Norovirus. Only two cases is just not accurate.

  • We have decided to keep our child home the rest of the week as a precaution. There have been kids with Norovirus in his school. The 2 reported cases number is not accurate at all.

  • Their attendance is down because their schools suck. They have entitled teachers, bad staff, and shitty administration. It’s only a matter of time before the state/feds take over the schools.

  • Cases in Rio Dell today too evidently. They sent this out on facebook. There is also a thread on Rio Dell Neighborhood Watch.

    Rio Dell Elementary School District
    3 hrs ·
    The NoroVirus is a highly contagious virus. Here at school we are encouraging kids to wash their hands more often and disinfecting tables. If your child has any of the symptoms please keep them home, and we will do our part to make sure things are disinfected, and that kids get to have a healthy holiday

  • I think it’s spreading in the wider community too. Only they don’t feed into absentee records for people to see.

    • My child started projectile barfing after school
      Norovirus is extremely contagious
      Proper hand washing and lots of Lysol is necessary

  • YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! you’re all lower peons with us the health department and schools above you spewing out the false news we CHOOSE to tell you. Bow down!
    Well, I for one want the truth. One child doesn’t infect 130 kids-come on use some brain cells. “No news is bad news” as the saying goes so the infection problem is WORSE than acknowledged. One sick kid sent to school because mommie wants her private/school babysitting service to watch her sick coughing/sneezing/drooling kid so she can lounge/slob out(?) the day will efficiently exasperate the infection rate and exposure. School day care has to be the blessed Mary of today’s miracle!

    • Ur nuts,most families both parents have to work to make ends meet.
      Ask for true living wage for workers instead of blaming parents.

  • Nobrainnoheadache

    We will continue to keep our school open for funding purposes is what he really means. Prob the biggest dick head I’ve ever met….

  • Kids sick of school. Surprise !

  • Must be those damn anti-vaxxers

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