[UPDATE 3:11 p.m.] Shed on Fire in Fortuna

At approximately 2:25 p.m., scanner reports indicate that a shed in the 1100 block of Stewart Street in Fortuna is on fire. It is near the Stewart Street reservoir. Firefighters are on the scene as of 2:32 p.m.

UPDATE 3:11 p.m.: A chicken coop burned down, according to scanner traffic.



  • Hot wings for the football games!!

  • Lots of chic coops are grow containers in disguise. We need more info!!!!

  • It may or may not be a “Grow in disguise” but the droppings sure will help ANYTHING growing!!!!

  • Just chickens, not everybody in Humboldt approves of or partakes in the drug trade.

  • Hello. It was my chicken coop. [edit] You dont know anything about this!

  • Kym kemp. Your a shit bag. You let people make comments about grow containers and meth labs but edit my comment. Youve got shit for brains.jud freitas

    • Play stupid games…win stupid prizes.
      Either play by her rules or get edited, you can not insult someone directly, saying a chicken coup is a meth lab is an opinion.
      Hope your fire didn’t do much damage and I sure hope no chickens were harmed.
      And you owe miss Kym an apology.

      • I think the same way. She wont get that till those comments are removed.

        • Judd,

          Speculating in (I hope) a humorous way that a chicken coop MIGHT be a meth lab is not an accusation of illegal behavior. I’m assuming that the two commenters are riffing off the way that other commenters seem to assume that every fire is in some way related to drugs. That you might not find this humorous is understandable and I hope your chickens are okay. Nonetheless, a little black humor helps folks cope with life.

          On my website, however, I don’t allow direct insults to other commenters and that is why you were edited.

          Also, not that this affected how I decided to respond but calling someone a shitbag isn’t likely to make most folks jump to help you. Perhaps it has worked for you in the past but I don’t recommend it as a strategy likely to help you in the long run at least not with me.

          I hope the week gets better and your family and animals are fine.

          • I was going to leap to defense of- well- whoever, as it is in my nature to do so, but that boy’s got no sense of propriety at all. Zero.

  • Must’ve been busy with Teddy when the fire started.

  • Let’s try this again since I got cutoff. Coops don’t burn unless “stupid” comes into play. Did a warming light get bumped off a fastener and drop onto the hay and catch fire? Did mischievous “children” sneak into the coop to smoke a few? Can’t ask the chickens who or what the culprit/cause was?

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