Early Morning SWAT Operation Nabs Wanted Felon

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

A Bear River man is in custody following an early-morning SWAT team operation.

Around 6:15 a.m. the Humboldt County SWAT Team served a parole warrant for wanted felon Derek Bowman, 36, at a residence on the 200 block of Bowie Drive in Loleta. Upon arrival, deputies announced themselves and requested Bowman come out of the residence. Bowman refused to open the door. Deputies then entered the residence and located Bowman. During a search of the residence deputies located a loaded sawed-off shotgun, a fake firearm, ammunition, a methamphetamine pipe and other drug paraphernalia.

Bowman was arrested for the following charges: felon in possession of a firearm, felon in possession of ammunition, possession of drug paraphernalia, obstructing or delaying a peace officer and violation of parole.Firearms



  • By “Bear River” man do you mean the tribe or the town down south? Cause I live in the Bear River Valley, the river between the Eel and the Mattole and we don’t let people with rat tracks tattoo’d on their faces live here.

  • Cool alley sprayer! You could sure spoil someone`s day with that!

  • nothing “cool” about any of that shit,,,nothing at all

  • Ah, the neck tatoo, nature’s warning sign to cross the street when you see it coming.

  • Nothing like face tats!

    Hey, face tats WORK!

    Face tats tell the world: “Hey world, I’m a druggie fuck up, a lifelong criminal, a fucking felon, and I don’t give a fuck!!

    Nice going asshole! Now I hope you get a terrific and long stay in our best JAIL CELL!!


    • People make bad choices and aren’t perfect believe he wouldn’t sit here running his mouth about you if the roles were reversed.

      • Mismanaged empathy. This guy is a thug, and saying programs or outreach is a solution is absurd. You can’t fix adult dysfunction, you throw it out with the rest of the trash.

  • If he doesn’t go to prison, there’s no hope at all for Humboldt. Start doing your job, DA, judges and courts.

  • Man the bear river sign has really gone down hill

  • Derek is, unfortunately, a driven sociopath.

    His dad, Leonard, really put the Bear River Rancheria and Casino together, from conception to reality. Derek could have had it all. He had a great supervisory job there and a share of the tribe’s profits under his father, until his criminally oriented behavior sucked him backwards yet again like a broken record going ’round and ’round.

    No, it wasn’t a bad upbringing or drugs or addiction. He had a good childhood, good parents. He’s just been this way since the age of 13, since the sunny days of Florida. It was all Derek, always out for himself, and his obsessive compulsion for taking advantage of others while blaming everyone but himself for his actions.

    Unfortunately again, he’ll never have an ounce of insight or remorse for making things well or right. There is no rehabilitation that works, all you can do is stay away. Far, far away. He will keep on ticking like the energizer bunny, doing what he does. That’s what makes for a sociopath. Sad.

    • Double speak outside of cheek

      You are absolutely correct. He and his brother were spoiled rotten their entire lives. Did you mention brother is in prison for murder? Derek has been in and out of prison so many times. Have known him since he was a teenager. You called it like it is.

      • To me, spoiled means not spending the time of your life w/ your kids.They cant figure out why they are not wanted.Leave a rotting apple in the center of a barrel of apples…. the whole barrel can rot… $$$$$$ dont cover the base of LOVE and QUALITY TIME. Do ++++++FUN stuff w/ your creations…. And take the neighbor kids too!

    • Do you know him? He is a caring individual with family that cares for him. He isn’t perfect this is what happens when people aren’t offered programs and alternatives and dumped on the street with nothing and no guidance.

      • Not sure what he cares about, but sawed off shotguns and fake guns (LOL!) aren’t good signs of a caring individual. I left out the fact he does speed and heroin and has face tats, because that doesn’t necessarily make someone a bad person.

      • Double speak outside of cheek

        Seriously Cassandra? Yes I know him. Have known him for years. Quit making excuses. If he cared so much for family he wouldn’t be doing what he is doing over and over again. Geesh. And since he has been getting incarcerated since he was a teen I know for a fact he has been offered and has been given many opportunities to get his shit together. Rehab, counseling, you name it.

      • Cassandra, you’re out to lunch and I call enabling bullshit on your part.

        Yeah, I know him. He’s got a long and lengthy record of obsessive criminal behavior. Everyone who knows him, knows that.

        Previously he had been charged with check fraud, burglary, domestic battery, drug possession and unlawful intercourse with a 14-year-old girl, among other things. All of the charges were either dropped, or Bowman plead guilty to them in exchange for a suspended sentence. Then he was given 180 days in prison for violation of probation.

        No, he’s not a family man with a caring family behind him. All he cares about is himself. Locking him up for a long time will go far protecting him, the community, and his ‘loving’ family, Cassandra.

  • We need to stop accepting bad behaviour as the new normal

    Well, at least he’ll be easy to recognize when they let him out on parole… again. Seems like this guy is the poster boy for bad life decisions.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the community are his next potential victims, since apparently in this county and state you can commit pretty much any crime short of murder without serious consequences.

    • No, murder too!

    • Parole? More like probation. Parole means he would actually have to do time.

      • 2006 “In July, Bowman was sentenced to 180 days, less time served, in the Humboldt County jail for a probation violation. However, according to jail personnel, he was released Sept. 11 to serve the rest of his time in the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program.” from WatchPaul.
        it seems like Paul did his job, but another department changed it.
        I am willing to bet he gets the same local friends and family treatment as he did in 2006.

  • This POS is the guy passing bad checks at rays food place here in Fortuna. He and his trashy girlfriend. Karmas a…..

  • A Humboldt County “hanging judge” is going to throw the book at this guy. He’s looking at some serious double probation. I wonder if he’s out yet?

  • Good god are you kidding me. Felon in possession, felon in possession, when are we going to stop this revolving door of law enforcement!!!!

    Get a grip people, we need to put these POS away and away for good. Don’t let the libtards tell you that it is more expensive to jail/prison them tell that to the ones that get murdered, raped, robbed, etc. by these poor waste of oxygen!!

    Change the attitude Humboldt, look and see what is going on around us, use your eyes and common sense.

  • Another felon arrested for drugs or weapons at Tish Non housing. There seems to be a pattern of criminals hiding out at Bear River. There are some very good people with children at Tish Non. It’s sad that this dangerous element is present. It’s time for the Tribe to provide additional security and consider banishment of all offenders.

    • Nice to sit on the outside and glance over and be able to se so many simple solutions to our problems. Not your problems ours. So if you don’t live here and don’t contribute to anything positive in your neighborhood or community start there. We will worry about ourselves.

  • I wonder when Humboldt will be on Live PD. Think we have become a candidate for TV fame

    • Really like that show. It’s not a staged situation for TV. Unbelievable how many people drive with no license, no insurance and are carrying drugs, in a car with a tail light out. Yet they stand there and wonder why they are going to jail. Most common response…..”I swear to God, I didn’t know those drugs were in my car”. Like the guy who had white powder on his nose and swore to God it was because he just ate a donut! Gotta love it…………

  • Leonard would be so proud .

    • Are you saying shitty things about my Grandfather? Do you think he wanted this for his children? He also has four other children who are working members of society and have raised families of non criminals.

      • I hope he gets help, for your sake, and his kids! Took More years than I’ll admit to quit. And DON’T READ THE COMMENTS, Cassandra…all us arm chair detectives, don’t let the comments get to you.

  • We would never run out of stories or stupid criminals. Lol

  • ive seen worse turn it around. not without help though. Give Jesus a try

  • That guy stole my idea! I’ve always wanted five paw prints on my face!

  • Looks like a prime candidate for Teddy and his band of knee go-ers. Bring knee pads. Toodles.

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