Don’t Place Crab Gear Where Boats Go, Says Sheriff’s Marine Unit

Crabbing noticePress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit would like to remind recreational crabbers that placing crabbing gear in a navigable channel within Humboldt Bay and its entrance is a misdemeanor under Harbors and Navigation Code Section 131(a). The Marine Unit patrols Humboldt Bay frequently and removes obstructions in the navigable channels for the safety of the general boating public.

If crab gear is located in a navigable channel, it is moved out of the channel and a pink card is placed on the gear as a warning. If the same crab gear is found back in the channel after a warning card is issued, the gear is removed and taken to the Fish and Wildlife Office located at 619 Second Street, Eureka.

The Marine Unit would also like to remind recreational crabbers that each buoy must be legibly marked to identify the operator’s GO ID number as stated on their fishing license. The Marine Unit also suggests placing a current telephone number on each buoy so that owners can be notified of its change of location if found in the navigable channel.

Recreational crabbers who have lost crab gear this season should contact the Eureka Fish and Game Office to inquire if their gear has been placed at the office. For information regarding navigable channels of Humboldt Bay, contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit at (707) 268-2537.



  • there was one I saw in the channel and within the turning radius of the fuel barge right in front of the bulk plant that would upset the tug operation.

  • Some times a strong ebb tide will move light-weight recreational crab gear. If it moves into deeper water the buoys may not be visible during a high tide.

    Also, to those of you who don’t have the courtesy or common sense to use sinking line…may you foul your own prop in that K-Mart garbage plastic line that so many of you seem to favor.

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