Yesterday, Over 8 Tons of Food Gathered for Food for People

Food Drive Eureka

Senator Mike McGuire with some of the many helpers. [Photos provided by the Senator]

News from Senator Mike McGuire:

Just. Wow.

Last year, we hosted our first annual Humboldt Holiday Food Drive and we gathered 3,000 pounds of food (that’s 1.5 tons). Our goal this year was to double last year’s total and collect 6,000 pounds of food (3 tons).

Humboldt County continues to amaze: Yesterday, we gathered over 16,000 pounds of food (over 8 tons) – 10,000 pounds over our original goal!Food Drive Eureka

This would not have happened without the hard work and generosity of the amazing students at #Ferndale, St. Bernard’s, #Eureka, #Arcata, #McKinleyville and #Fortuna High Schools (more is still coming in) who all hosted their own campus food drives.

Dozens of generous neighbors also stopped by Safeway yesterday to drop off canned food and they donated over $4,000 to Food for People as well.

If you missed yesterday’s event, please consider making a holiday donation to Food for People by clicking here.

And check out the pics below – it was a great day!

Thank you for your incredible support and have a safe and wonderful holiday season –

Mike McGuireFood Drive Eureka



  • SO AMAZING,YOU ALL ROCK!!! HUMBOLDT rocks as well,such many folks without. This will definitely help.God Bless you

  • I luv humboldt!!!!
    Way to instill some volunteer efforts for the teens!
    A friends daughter just went to college elsewhere and started volunteering at a shelter serving food once a week. Her new dorm mates had never volunteered but felt comfortable going with her and are now volunteering on their own.
    Awesome ripple effect!
    There are so many amazing young people in our communities, its heartwarming to see them carry on the good work!!

    Thx to McGuire for being on the ground for so many events and utilizing grass roots efforts. Teaming credit unions with local non-profits for fire victim donations is fantastic! Keeps the donations going directly to those who need it! Let’s celebrate the positive in these dark times

  • I called FFP and they said they were NOT distributing turkeys. Maybe I wasn’t the right persuasion for them (take your pick: age, ethnicity, gender – all the usual problems in discriminating HumCo).

  • Good job Humboldt! Way to go for the all the local high schools!!!!

    Spread the cheer far and wide.

  • This is a remarkable achievement, and I am glad McGuire finally has something he is qualified to do:

    stack canned goods!

    Great job all!

  • So which school brought in the most food?

  • Nice work!

    I volunteered at FFP for a several years. From my perspective, I saw they are a pretty upright, solid, and honest organization overall. Director Anne Holcomb and crew run a good ship.

    We didn’t give out a lot of food– about a week’s worth to folks and families once a month– but they sure did appreciate that little bit stretching their food dollars a bit further. There are also those outlying volunteers who work with FFP by bringing in their pickup trucks, loading up, and distributing food to their humble pantries via churches and community halls throughout our far-flung County. It’s a more efficient and cost-effective way of food distribution in the rural areas for those who need it.

    Anne Holcomb improved the organization with standards and higher accountability over the past decade or two. I saw those who receive food do truly need it, and they have to provide some measure of proof and residency for need. It was much different many years ago. If there are any naysayers out there who say this isn’t deserved, I would ask you to please take a closer look. These are our Humboldt families and people we’re looking after and serving. To note, I am somewhat socially liberal but fiscally conservative. I was pleased by what I observed. There’s not a lot of nonsense and waste going on.

    So if you gave food, supported their mission, or helped in some way– your efforts are in good hands.

    Thank for the food drive and kudos to you, everyone!

  • Year round healthy food is a better goal than these pat on the back drives that are usually giving out unhealthy food, canned fruits and veggies without nutrients and crackers etc. which is driving up our health care costs. How about the high school students help with community gardens and building greenhouses ? A chicken coup and local garden for every neighborhood.

    “Eureka is so generous” and “Proud” …on and on, no Eureka is not generous – there are elderly in the streets and homeless being beaten and killed, set on fire without much coverage in the media.

  • Hey Kym,

    The donation link is not in the article. Missing hyperlink.

    Thanks for all you do! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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