After Net Neutrality Rules Repealed, California Attorney General Issues Statement

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Press release by the California Attorney General:

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra issued the following statement in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) decision to repeal net neutrality rules instituted in 2015. These rules protect consumers’ access to online content without interference or manipulation by an internet service provider:

“Today, the FCC failed to do what is right,” declared Attorney General Becerra. “The FCC decided that consumers do not deserve free, open, and equal access to the internet. It decided to ignore the millions of Americans who voiced their strong support for our existing net neutrality rules.

“Here in California – a state that is home to countless start-ups and technology giants alike – we know that a handful of powerful companies should not dictate the sources for the information we seek or the speed at which our websites load,” added General Becerra. “We remain committed to ensuring that our internet can continue to represent freedom and opportunity, innovation and fairness.”



  • It helps if you think of the net as one giant university controlling who is allowed is allowed to say what. Where there are lists of who it is ok to shut down and who gets to say whatever they want without contradiction. No harm in that philosohy, is there… or so we’ve been schooled to believe.

  • Well, we all just shot ourselves in the head. No one cared, so the National Nightmare continues for the 99%.
    Say goodbye to actual news and information.

  • Within 10 minutes of the decision Verizon was running a new ad on CNBC for investors telling them to buy the stock because they will rule the world. Nice. BTW the Chair of the FCC was an attorney for Verizon.

  • If I want to scare myself, I recall that the first action in a coup attempt is akways to take control of the media. This coup is just coming from inside the White House. Okay, I’m scared, how about you?

    • VERY much so!!! :-C

    • Pay attention. The net neutrality law that was rescinded GAVE control of the internet to the government. Why are left leaning people always for giving up their own freedoms so easily? The net neutrality law was only two years old and I don’t remember any problems with the internet before Obama sought to control and regulate it with this power grab. For fucks sake wake up.

      • it was actually created in 2005. the changes made in 2015 are 2 years old. todays changes reverses everything back to 2005. Obama was not a power tripper and did good things for the poeple, quite the opposite of this admin.

        • Agreeing with what he did unilaterally when he was constitutionally require to leave the matter with our admittedly ineffective Congress doesn’t mean it wasn’t a huge power grab. His Presidential Orders were notorious for this and some were overturned by the Supreme Court during his time in office and ignored. His attempt to push through his appointments by fiat was almost laughable.

    • God yes. We have a nutjob playing reality tv. Omarosa, sell out to the black people, will also sell out rump. Can’t wait.

    • You should have been scared in 2008. You are are either too young to have known what was going on before that or have dementia now.

  • We can only hope!!! & VOTE!!!

    • Vote? Trump lost by over 4 million votes. That’s how much good voting does us.

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        Constitution says US Presidents are voted in by the electoral college. It’s always been that way. Want to control who sits in the Oval Office? Then vote in senators, representatives and assembly persons who will cast electoral votes for your man or woman. THAT is how you win elections. The popular votes don’t mean squat on the national level other than to mark the political leanings and opinions of the people. Or count in states where popular votes say how many electoral votes go to this person or that.

        • Yes and if that wasn’t the case only votes from california, new york and the left washington dc, washington state, etc would be needed to pick our leaders.

  • Paperwork and Laptops

    Invest in guns and learn to make your own ammunition. It is almost here.

  • another crash in the stock market is what is almost here.

    • That’s how “buy low, sell high” works. Tis ever been. Periodic “crashes” allow bottom-feeders (like me) to buy into stocks I could otherwise not afford. Once I got the hang of it, it worked for me.
      It’s the system we are NOT taught, like so many others. But you can teach yourself and make it work for you.

      Rule 1: Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.
      Rule 2: Only invest in companies (and their products) that you use, know, like and want.
      Rule 3: Think in 5 year increments, at least. This is a long game. Be patient.
      And remember: You’ll only “lose” if you sell short. And even then, it’s probably a tax write-off.

      When choosing an investment, think long term. Our world has limited resources, and yet we are off on an unlimited population increase. What will be needed? More land. It’s a ruthless fact, but a fact nonetheless.
      Wheels within wheels.

  • “The bad news for consumers and business owner like me is that either way, there will be higher costs in the future. If the FCC imposes more “neutrality” then expect greater government oversight which will ultimately lead to government control…and more taxes. If the larger companies are allowed to charge for faster access, even with some type of quasi public/private oversight, that will also result in higher fees. The costs will be higher either way. But the results, if left to the private sector, will be better.”

    I’m happy with better results, through the people by the people.
    Whenever a politician spats the word “our’s”, they are not referring to YOUR’s.
    Their “democracy” vs the people’s Constitutional Republic.
    This sums it up. Becerra. “We remain committed to ensuring that OUR internet can continue…”

    • this isn’t about politicians or people, this is about CEOs getting 10 million added to their annual bonus that is already 100 million. the experts claim this will result in tiered internet pricing just like cable and blocked content and/or selective content. their main goal is no more free anything. the majority of people in the US are not in favor of this, hence the protests from coast to coast. I am willing to bet that what we use the most will cost the most like access to google to get your email. and access to sites like Kym’s may get blocked if she can’t pay up to be in the circle. and then there are rich evil people that like to play world leader or puppeteer.

      • A free internet is better. Do you really believe that if the government regulates the internet those “CEO’s” won’t just buy the politicians to get their way? Don’t be so obtuse. Whenever the government regulates an industry the big guys always win and the little guys always struggle.

  • Just another way that companies will screw us. Get ready for price hikes with your isp and online services.

  • Once again…thank you California! Keeping the torch of liberty lit during these dark times.

  • Maybe it’s time to start our own version of the internet. Electronic Frontier Foundation pulled it off in Egypt when Mubarak attempted to blackout the net during the 2011 uprising.

    Speaking of uprisings… Can we have one? Please?

  • God yes. We have a nutjob playing reality tv. Omarosa, sell out to the black people, will also sell out rump. Can’t wait.

  • If you dont like what a company does, make your own company and do things differantly, if how you end up doing whatever is liked more by others, then you will make money, that is freedom, that is what america is about. Build a internet company and charge or bill how you think it shoulf be done, if you can provide better service at the same or lower costs, people will flock to you. And the other companies will either change their ways or end up busted. Just dont get greedy , and stay true to your princibles. Instead of compaining about how others run their companies, use your ideas to create something better. You are missing out on making money and life better for others. If you dont, well then i guess you are just someone who wants to complain and have everything handed to them.

  • This is only the start for plundering more money. Hang on to your seats. Let me look into my crystal ball:

    I thought the treasury was once being plundered when Dick Cheney gave out no-bid contracts for a 2-trillion dollar meaningless war. That’s peanuts for what’s to come.

    Tax cuts for the rich– and a trillion and a half to added to the deficit? Once the GOP (Greedy Old People) explains how high the debt has now become, they’ll lament their red ink and insist Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security be placed onto the fiscal chopping block for privatization. ‘We can’t afford it! ‘ they’ll cry. And so government services, public lands, resources and agencies will also follow and be given to private companies to ‘lower the national debt.’ How convenient.

    Congress doesn’t even care about the will of ‘People’ anymore. Do you think they– and Trump– gives one wit about you?

    They will ramrod these things through in lightening-fast bills for their donors and sponsors who pay for their elections, think tanks, and the plushy jobs they receive after their term expires. They don’t need your input as a citizen– they don’t care and it doesn’t matter. They will pander for your vote while sending the benefits and perks upward to others, without so much as discussion or debate to the American public.

    The loss of net neutrality is just of sign of future things to come– and how government and Congress can work hand-in-hand to host a grab bag of goodies for the wealthy in as fast of a time as possible. Just watch.

    Trump and his GOP cronies aren’t going to drain the swamp. Far from it. They’ll plunder it to its fullest potential.

    • The Democrats don’t care either. Do you think that if Obama hadn’t been the first big master of internet politicking he would have given a rat’s ass about net neutrality? If he felt it harmed him instead of helped him, he would have changed the argument to restricting the internet would get rid of the myrid of hate groups. You know, the people who did not approve of him.

      The mammoth arrogance of the Democrats in flicking off much of America as dying dinosaurs is what lead to having Trump as President. If people hadn’t had a crawful of the Democrat litany of hate politics, do you think that Trump could have had a credible run? It’s just there was no viable alternative for people sick and tired of being derided, dismissed and talked down to.

      So keep up the hate. It worked so well for Democrats last election, didn’t it. I fear what Trump might do but I have experienced the Democrats in full cry. I prefer chancing on Trump to the certain ugliness of the Democrats who still can’t believe they are not inevitable despite the clearest proof. Still they have no respect. How can they be trusted when they still just don’t understand.

  • Big Brother is sticking it’s hand in our pockets, once again. Bend over and enjoy the ride.

  • Am most interested in what STEPS the CA AG will take to help insure the spirit of Net Neutrality continues…. at least in CA, and/or in some companies.
    In fact. this is A GREAT OPPORTUNITY for a company or a start-up to offer ‘Net Neutrality Based Service’! Since the majority of Americans want that, and are aware of it’s value, it could make both consumers and the company happy! Come on ‘free market’ system. Work now, as is supposed to happen!!

  • In Arizona you cannot collect the rainwater from your roof. Arizona claims it owns all the rainwater and well, you just don’t.

    This is how I see the loss of net neutrality. The big companies controlling it now didn’t make it or invent it. They just muscled their way in– and took it.

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