Traffic Collision Temporarily Closed Lanes on 7th Street in Eureka This Morning

car accident

[Photos provided by Heidi Dawson-Graham]

At approximately 9:15 a.m., a Crown Victoria and a Prius were involved in a noninjury traffic accident near the intersection of 7th and H Streets in Eureka. Two lanes of 7th were temporarily closed.

car accident



  • Just another Eureka morning! Sorry to the drivers though, glad no injuries.

  • I have noticed over the years I have been driving to & in “YouTweeka” that driving conditions have worsened considerably over the years!!! It’s nearly to the point of taking your life in your hands when driving in this town!!! My $02 worth YMMV!!!


    Is that a real cop car? Or just another grower ironically cruising with floodlights…
    Expect unenforced DUI’s next year

  • The 2 photos do not show any damage to the Crown Vic. Was that black one shown in those 2 photos actually involved in the crash? Or does it belong to a first responder (EPD)?

  • It’s a Prius! Why would you expect damage to the Crown Vic?

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