Vehicle on Its Roof off State Route 36 Near Bridgeville

Wrecked car on roof

Photo provided by a commenter below.

At approximately 8:30 a.m., a vehicle went off State Route 36 near Swains Flat west of Bridgeville, reports the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. The Volkswagen sedan went about 120′ over the edge and landed near the river on its roof, according to scanner traffic. The occupant was able to escape and was walking but injured when emergency personnel arrived at the scene.



  • Someone bigger than us was watching over them so they weren’t another 36 statistic… 120 feet down is usually a death sentence. Hope they realize how fortunate it turned out. Make a difference in the world. You got a second chance !!!

  • A friend found this on his way to town and called 911. The guy is lucky to be alive.

  • I want a car i can drive 120 feet off a cliff and walk away from, Jesus, VW are built well.

  • Live and learn.

    • Let’s hope he learned something, like slow down on this narrow winding mountain road, if you want to remain alive & uninjured!!! Yet another Cracker Jack driver it seems!!!

  • Is there a Mile Marker (Post Mile) available for this incident??? Just curious as to how far it is away from me!!! I live i Swain’s Flat but didn’t hear the ambulance or the cops either one!!!

  • Theres definitely a lesson their!! God blessed you today

  • Can’t be mile marker 31….believe its 21 instead ?

  • The morning is the worst time to drive in icy weather. The road has iced up at night but then the sun has melted the ice where it hits. It is easy to get fooled into going too fast to hold the road when you suddenly come to a spot where the sun has not yet melted the ice.


    Watch out! It seems some fortunate grower was able to buy himself a $100,000 Tesla car out 36, I was coming home Thursday night through larabee valley about 55 the Tesla passed me going about 140 back into town.

    • I used to be judgmental until I had to run from vampires one time and 55 I went my whole life didn’t cut it…..Getting flash visions of what was behind me chasing….I had to blow my radiator and tranny…..Some people think the roads are for race tracks and competitive fun….those I don’t think should be speeding like that…..They won’t tend to eat the locals due to being found out…they tend to like those who pass through in junker cars and people that buy fast cars, real expensive….seem to know what a vampire is…..Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a true story that sort of explains some of it at the lower levels.

  • Good there is not a fatality !
    Does anyone else remember the end of What’s up Doc.
    There is a VS Beetle floating in SF Bay.

    • Um…owned many VW’s, driving my 68 bug through a car wash ONCE…thought we were gonna fill up with water before getting out the exit! Hahahaha, probably had to seal up the one in Movie! Newer models…much more water resistant!

  • Such bad memories of that spot. Please folks drive slower,more alert,be safer,please. Buckle up!

  • Scanner said mile marker 19 when asking for Humboldt rope rescue team here in Fortuna. The car isn’t the factor to keep someone alive.I contribute living to seatbelt and God. There’s a bigger purpose ahead for this person. He/she has to realize(as mentioned) the gift of life received. SLOW DOWN AND LIVE.

  • This is a very good friend of mine and i know he drives safe it must have been icy thats all i know and am so thankful he is alive ,second chances by the grace of God.. faat recovery is prayed for

    • Your friend has definitely been saved for a reason. The roads are wet and very snotty.Buckle have a better chance of survival

  • In 1982 my family (I was only 4 months in the making) was hit head on by another driver in their lane. They were in a vw bug. Both my parents were ejected and one of my bros had their skull fractured. EVEN ON THE ONE LANE PARTS OF 36 THERE IS STILL ONLY ONE SIDE YOU SHOULD BE ON. Taking your part out of the middle doesn’t mean you will get where you want to be before anyone else.

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