Over 3000 Pounds of Marijuana Seized and Destroyed in Bust Out Hwy 36

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

budsOn Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office’s Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) assisted the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, State Water Board and County Code Enforcement with two search warrants between the 26000 and 28000 block range of Highway 36. Both sites did not possess permits from the County of Humboldt to operate commercial marijuana operations. Neither location had a commercial cannabis application on file. One location was in the application process, but had their commercial marijuana application revoked due to non-compliance. CDFW investigated the environmental violations associated with unpermitted commercial marijuana operations, while DEU investigated violations associated with illegal marijuana cultivation.

CDFW Environmental Scientists located the following violations from both sites combined: six Stream Alteration violations pertaining to water diversions from waters of the state, two Stream Alteration Violations for unpermitted stream crossings, six Water Pollution Violations pertaining to deposition of sediment into waters of the state, and one Water Pollution Violation pertaining to placement of trash into waters of the state.

Code Enforcement located the following violations during their investigation: Unapproved Sewage Disposal System, Improper Storage and Disposal of Solid Waste, four Junk Vehicle violations, four Building Code violations, three Grading without a Permit violations, Use of Mobile Homes/Trailers as a Residence, two Development within a Streamside Management Area violations and Violation of Commercial Medical Marijuana Ordinance.
From both sites, DEU located, seized and destroyed over 3,000 pounds of processed marijuana bud and trim. All subjects located on scene were detained and questioned. No arrests were made; however, the investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

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  • Can we get a HIP, HIP, HOORAY?

  • I’d this the McClellen bust mentioned in another story. Seems like it would be close to the location given if it went down between mm 26-28.

  • mayorofmyrtletown

    no permits no $$$$

  • You say “destroyed”? When and where and who were the validated witnesses to sign and vouch?

  • pretty sure I just seen the whole lot for sale on E bay at a buck-a-pound

  • Wow, does anyone know how it was destroyed. If it was burnt these folks aren’t going to work for a week. High, High, High, and a little bit Higher. (hee hee)

  • Wow so now what ?

  • Glad to see the environmental law and code enforcement.

  • Neighborhood watch

    Ugh , dirt weed ……

  • I cant wait till some one take the state to court

  • Breaking rocks in the hot sun…..

    Marijuana Caliphate fought the LAW and the LAW won!

    Less dope on the streets being sold to preschools is ALWAYS a positive move towards taking back our community.

    Marijuana growers and ISIS are one and the same.

    Great story!

  • Go big! And go Home! MF!

  • Pay taxes like the rest of us….dang-it.

    • By the People for the People

      Uhhhhh… What about all the greedy politicians who don’t? CEO’s? Athletes? Actors? Uhh the NFL doesn’t even pay taxes because it’s a “Non – Profit”
      BUT the Players in the NFL do. The tax code is broken. Federally and State. You know it, I know it.
      The Government was unable to account for 6 trillion dollars. Maybe your tax money would go farther if you didn’t preach big government that has an agenda to keep it’s budget high and conflated.

  • How much cheese was seized?

  • Dear trim crew, Don't fuk up my herb

    Post harvest FAIL : trimmed product loose in a tote.


    Air, among other things (heat and light ) is the ENEMY!

    Please retain oils and canibinoids and proper moisture balance and
    seal from air /heat /light exposure as soon as it’s cured !! Then again immed after cleaning..

    • It is what separates the greed from those that love the plant 🙂 Plus, I need another hill truck and I bet they will be selling some vehicles and equipment at a reduced price. Capitalism at its finest!


    Fish and Wildlife and Marijuana for dinner. There is nothing else left to eat!

  • Didn’t know the sheriff had the right to destroy evidence!!

    • No one was arrested. The biggest racket in the world. Waters of the state. Welcome to 1984. Oh that’s where we’ve been

  • Larry R. Shiveley

    Is anybody picking up on the language in this article: Three times it says “WATERS OF THE STATE” I didn’t know that my streams were state property, funny I always thought because of my Deed of Trust that says I have water rights and I don’t have to ask for permission (BEG) from some un-elected,not accountable to the people “WATER BOARD” And if you want to read between the lines, ask this question? Does rainwater constitute “WATERS OF THE STATE”? And look at what Code Enforcement is doing! Half the people who live up here in the mountains are guilty many times over for just these same things. Just my opinion BUT it looks like Agenda 21/2030 is coming!

    • I so agree with Larry R. !! Should be suing the crap out of the county over this huge cash grab !
      Is there not one lawyer that would file suit ?

    • Sorry man, that water actually isn’t yours, it just happens to flow through your property. Rainwater is classified as waters of the state as soon as it hits the ground.

      • Larry R. Shiveley

        If it flows through my property why can’t I use that water responsibly like I have been doing. After all that is one reason I bought my property. Honestly I want to be informed, please show me the classification that says the state owns and controls all waters in Calif. The LAW says under Article 1 of the Calif constitution that I have the right to what I purchased and enjoy using! Here is a question for you. Does the state own or control my soil that I plant seeds in? LARS

        • You can…if you have the right to. Which is actually surprisingly easy to obtain for domestic use. Agricultural use, however, is regulated more heavily as it should be. Domestic use is an incredibly simple thing to do. The problem is not that you will draw the river dry, but that you and all your neighbors put together may impact an entire watershed in a way that is detrimental to the environment as a whole.


          • If the state really cared about water they Would look into the BIG money being made by commercial farmers all over this state. Water is a huge money maker for our valley farmers. The year many valley counties banned cannabis do to the drought many water districts sold their “ag water / ditch”) to SoCal and farmers pumped water from their “ag Wells” dropping the ground water levels significantly. Domestic wells dried up the counties and water districts blamed it on the cannabis farmers. Yuba County sold $4 million in water during a meeting right before they held a BOS meeting to ban medical marijuana activists because of the drought. The real problem is the locals farmers didn’t want cannabis. They fear it threatens their water rights. The water waste in commercial farming is environmentally responsible. But those farmers are protected in the state by the “fair farm act” so this will never change. Legalization of cannabis is going to bring up a lot of double standards across our state. The water wars have only just begun!!! Just wait til those valley counties with bans start growing hemp 🤑 than all will be ok. Follow the money you find the truth.

            • Polluting water is not the same issue as using it. Selling water is not the same issue as using it. Having water rights is not the same as illegal grows.

              And yes it will be worked out with those seeking what advantages them lobbying legislatures and suing. Money talks loudest. Too bad illegal growers have spent decades avoiding paying taxes and, by the comments here, plan to kept not paying taxes. Because they might have lobbied too. Right now they are only a big drain on government however self righteous they talk about paying sales tax.

      • move back to the USSR with the “waters of the state” BS

    • Don’t go all Clive Bundy on us….It’s just another way of stating that the water flowing in streams is a public resource. People downstream of you have just as much right to the water in your creek as you do… it’s their water too.

  • Water and air are not static, like a tree. The “State” is also we the people. The stream waters belong to we the people. While you might have the right to take water from a stream flowing through your land, you don’t have the right to pollute our water flowing downstream from your land or take unlimited amounts and dry up the stream for the folks downstream. If folks could be self monitoring and responsible, and take only what is a legitimate amount without individual or corporate greed there wouldn’t be the need for regulations. Unbridled consumption of anything is pure ignorance and selfish.

  • Why not wait a few days till its legal, sell it, and give proceeds to charity?

    • Good point! When cash or stolen items are confiscated during an arrest they are not burned. So why not take the confiscated marijuana and sell it to a legal dispensary? The money could be used to solve many problems in this county. Lets get going on our hard drug problems with some of the money. Maybe it could make life a bit more bearable behind the Humboldt drug curtain! It’s gotten out of control! The fine line between the good guys and the bad guys is getting harder and harder to differentiate! Money changes everything, some good, some bad!

      Do you really believe that all of the 3,000 pounds of MJ was destroyed?

      • To use it as medicine it would have to be tested for molds and chemicals, in that amount and form it was probably too late, and there is no system in place current to decide which dispensary would get to sell it..Remember most dispensaries are for profit and not volunteers..

    • Direct to cancer/siezure patients, Hospice, Cancer Hospitals, etc… the dispensary in general is too much like a used car “steal-ership” for me… They are just thieves

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    I am enjoying the stories about pot being seized by the ton. Thanks DFW!

  • Weren’t they aware you cant deposit settlements in the creek if you don’t pay the man?
    Everythings totally cool, but only if you pay the man!
    So don’t forget to pay the man!
    Its pretty simple! Pay the man!

  • You have to own the mineral rights to your land to own the water.

  • I know idiots making millions from trashed poisoned boof grows is annoying and not cool but look in the mirror. Half the comments are from trolls/snitches/shills..

    Work for a better society as a group, relying on government overreach is back firing. Politicians and the wealthy are not going to save anyone, neither will further enabling corporate capitalistic entities. Time to find a new path.

  • Hard to tell on Google satellite which place it is! there are SO MANY greenhouses on every parcel right along that Rt. 36!! Why don’t the feds come here and just easily knock them all down? C’mon Jeff Sessions!! This is ridiculous and extremely dangerous to allow criminals to operate and make profits so openly. It is not cool by any measure. Disclaimer- I know a couple dozen people out there and they are of criminal mind. Sure- nice to your face they know how to play the game. It is not outlaw country it is a huge criminal enterprise zone, breeding and enriching violent criminals….Rex Bohn’s idea of a community!

  • Waters of the state… that’s phenomenal.

    Anyone know how much air I’m allowed to take in?

    • Not much, if you leave it up to your meth cooking neighbors!!! You picked up your bottled water and forgot you cylinder of air?

    • That’s why the Feds leave these folks alone… The state laws on the environment are too onerous and retarded…. maybe they should let them grow wine grapes without a permit… then you would see some economic activity besides pot.

      They want to starve folks out… not cool

  • Looks like russet mites had their way with that product. Greed and stupidity don’t mix.

  • Now that was some ugly weed.

  • Conservative Stupidity

    “This is no longer people in the hills farming and making flowers; these are master product makers, edibles makers, CBD-rich tincture producers,” said Tim Blake, founder of the Emerald Cup and Healing Harvest Farms dispensary in Laytonville. “You will see national brands coming out of the Emerald Cup. We’re in the legal market now.”

  • “You say “destroyed”? When and where and who were the validated witnesses to sign and vouch?”
    All talk and false promises. The longer it stays in storage, the faster it’s contents”could disappear” so unsuspectingly.
    My same request stands-show me the video of the tub’s 3000lbs being dumped in a hole, gasolined and set a blaze. Otherwise, the credibility of the authorities is questionable (?). Trust no one.

  • Every time I go to the dump I see tire tracks crossing the river.
    What’s up with that?

  • I did a little research and this is what I found. First I’ll start with trivia: California and Oklahoma are the only states with riparian water rights. The term “USUFRUCT” is commonly used to describe a “citizen’s right to use BUT not own”. Scrabble and crosswords people should like that! Riparian water rights come with owning a parcel of land that is adjacent to a source of water.riparian water rights to not require permits, licenses OR gov’t approval. Water rights are property rights, but their holders do not own the water itself; they posses the right to use it. All this comes from Article X Subsection 2 of the Calif constitution, I just took parts here and there from all that I read. It repeats itself again and again BUT it all comes down to the beneficial use without waste. Most areas of California, land owners may extract percolating ground water and put it into beneficial use without approval from the state water board or gov’t;,=WATER WELLS. WATER BOARDS MISSION STATEMENT: To preserve, enhance and restore the quality of California’s water resources and drinking water for the protection of the environment, public health and all beneficial uses, and to ensure proper water resource allocation and efficient use, for the benefit of present and future generations. The waters of California are owned in a Public Trust.====Under the public Trust Doctrine, certain resources are held to be the property of all citizens and subject to continuing supervision by the state. Originally the public trust was limited to commerce, navigation and fisheries, but over the years the courts have broadened the defination to include recreational and ecological values. An increasing emphasis is placed on protecting in-stream uses, fish, wildlife, recreation and scenic enjoyment. Well that’s it: it would seem to me that instead of worring about putting a little silt into a stream (which should be avoided but sometimes on un-avoidable)> If Water boards mission is to give me good drinking water they should concentrate on the elephant in the sky called “CHEMTRAILS” which sprays toxic metals all over said California’s Waters and is causing many health problems, changing PH of soils and making the wildfires in our lovely state burn hotter., I’m not going to hold my breath on that being even talked about! Hope this helps a little. LARS

    • Dear LARS, “a little silt” is relative. I annually dig out two feet of my neighbor’s “little silt” that washes onto my place each year to avoid the blockage in the stream flooding my house in the winter rains.

    • Your research is interesting, LARS. It’s amazing what one can learn in a little bit of researching time.
      However, there are those who have studied and researched this for decades and who would strongly disagree with you.
      Angus McIntosh is one out of many. He knows the difference between the riparian (navigational) waters in the east, and the non riparian waters in the west. He knows the acts of congress as well as their fine print that clearly states that all preceding acts still remain intact and cannot be twisted away into regressive (aka progressive) agendas.
      A slide show presentation that all westerners really needs to learn from. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2a8noYZlQdc

  • Hello Thinking allowed; I’m not saying silting up stream courses is good. Two out of three of my neighbors also don’t care what they do to the surrounding properties, all newbie’s. I’m trying to look at the bigger picture in that the Water Board is charged with power, authority and jurisdiction, they should use that power to do the biggest, most expansive use of tax payers money to do what their “Mission Statement” says; making sure we have good, clean drinking which “CHEMTRAILS” is jeopardizing big time! Breathing toxic metals, growing produce in land poisoned by these “CHEMTRAILS” and drinking water that has these toxic metals in them to me is criminal. LARS

  • 3,000 pounds and no arrest. What a joke.

  • So it wasn’t a bust – not even an f-ing ticket. (So it was stolen confiscated). In many many counties in Cali they law has to protect the seized ganja and hold it until trial. Many times money or weed is returned.

  • Its the worst having the dummies from the waterboard step on your dick and tell you all about your fuckin up.
    If you have been pulling 3000 units you should have had some spare change for the permits,…fucking idiots

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