[UPDATE 5:44 p.m.] A Man Has Barricaded Himself in His Home With a Shotgun and Pistol

Breaking news graphicA man is reportedly barricaded in his home in the Willow Creek area and armed with a double-barrelled shotgun and a pistol.

According to Samantha Karges of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, a 911 call came in today around 2:54 p.m. from a home in the 100 block of Mountain View Lane. A woman and a man were in a dispute. Deputies responded to the area.

“I believe the female has it made out [of the home,] Karges said.

Medical personnel have been asked to respond Code 3 (with lights and sirens) and to stage nearby but out of harm’s way.

UPDATE 4:24 p.m.: The Sheriff’s Office tweeted at 4:24 p.m., “We have an active law enforcement investigation happening in the Willow Creek area. Residents are asked to stay inside.”

UPDATE 5:44 p.m.: Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Seeks Possibly Armed Willow Creek Man Who Fled After Domestic Dispute and Firing a Gunshot



  • Lots of trouble in that neck of the woods lately.praying for a good outcome.


    • Oh come on now that makes to much sense , i mean, people that are fed up and upset need to be forced into compliance or killed. We cant allow someone to just let their rage and anger out in a empty house and then when it is over take them in amd fet them help. No we need to use military might and all the fancy toys to ensure that people like this are delt with swiftly . I mean we wouldnt want anyone else to think they could get away with rampaging their own home …… what would this world come to.
      No seriously. You are right secure the area to ensure he doesnt leave and when he gets it out of his system, arrrest him and take him to the head shrinkers get him the help he needs. Anything else would be placing others in harms way for no good reason.


        • Yep, you’re right. She’s totally suspicious–fleeing from a house while a gunshot comes from behind her. She probably McGuivered some sort of thing that pulled the trigger while she was fleeing in the other direction. Man, those women are smart and tricky. It is amazing how in spite of how evil and tricky most women are that men still make more money for the same jobs and get arrested for domestic violence in vastly larger numbers. You’d think women would be doing better with all their evil cleverness. It sure “aint a mans world” though in spite of the fact that the vast majority of CEO’s, politicians, and religious leaders are male.

          • Well in all fairness female on male dv is the number 1 unreported crime today. Many males are ashamed or feel like they will not be taken seriously for reporting it. As for the pay gap , if one truely looks at the data it isnt so much as people would leave folks to believe for the same jobs. Most figures are for same degrees but not same fields. So say a masters in early childhood learning compared to a masters in engineering, the pay gap is huge but hardly the same job. When comparing apples to apples there is still a pay gap but normally only around 6 to 10 percent and there are other factors that do explain many of the reasons , but not all. However in todays world females tend to have more workplace protections than males , and socially as well. Which you can see clearly if you are aware enough. Like when a female slaps male in public there is little to none outrage, infact many times it is laughed about , and the general thoughts are that the male must have said something to deserve it, while if a male slaps a female in public , there is outrage people calling 911 and others coming to the females aid and a general opionon that the female is a victim . There have been studies about this double standard but they havent gotten air time. As for other things, look at the cat calling and general sexually charged attiudes on morning talk shows when a male sex object walks on the stage from females, yet if a female were to be cat called today in the same manor the males would be condemed for their reactions. None of this applies to this story, however. My comment above is a oponion i have about LEOS often times reacting in such a manor that with force that often times ends up badly or worse then it would if they had given the person a chance to cool down. It takes alot of engery to rage like that and it wears a person out, so by ensuring that the ssuspect is unable to leave, yet without pushing them it can often times end peacefully just by waiting them out and allowing them to wear themselves out , similar to a child theowing a fit

            • Thank you for your very informative and thought provoking post. There is so much favoritism towards women in many aspects of life that is just accepted, but never talked much about while the slightest thing that could be misconstrued as misogyny is blasted all over the media like the world is coming to an end. Fact is that men and women are just different. This rush to try and make them exactly equal is a waste of time and energy in my opinion. Some jobs will favor men and some will favor women. I don’t hear too many guys complain about women dominated industries.

              • You’re right. It is really odd that more men don’t want to belong to the women-dominated fields especially since those jobs tend to be paid less and have less social status….https://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/20/upshot/as-women-take-over-a-male-dominated-field-the-pay-drops.html?_r=0 I’m surprised there isn’t a huge rush of men eager to get less money and respect.

                • I never said there wasn’t pay disparities in the work place. I am simply saying that men and women are different creatures and they each have their advantages and disadvantages in different aspects of life. I don’t view life as being fair, fairness is does not exist in nature and I think the attempt to overly spread artificial equality is a very futile effort. I also see the media being very biased against men, so what do I do? I don’t start a big shit storm against it, I simply choose not the consume their product. Where if the roles were reversed I don’t see quite as much acceptance from the other side. Way too much victim mentality in this world for me. Life is not this cushy feather bed where everybody is cast from the same mold and programmed to have no advantages or disadvantages over any one and will refrain from very doing anything that could possibly offend one other snowflake. Some drones might want to live in some contrived artificial reality, but not me. I personally enjoy the beauty of nature and all the randomness that is what makes up life. I think if more people worried less about that “social status” you mentioned they would be a lot more at peace with their life and a lot less like a rat in a maze.

                • I should add that while I don’t always agree with your opinions in the comment sections I still respect the way your report your news compared to your more mainstream counterparts and that is why you are one of the few media outlets that interest me.


              • Supply and demand of the labor market. Careerist women have brought down wages in fields there was previously limited female competition. There is so much hard data to refute your bogus claims kym. In other news, men are bringing down nurse wages(female dominated) because they are going back to school for an RN after the cheap labor flood ruined construction. So that’s our fault too, like everything else. When can we makes this about black people though?

                • Damn those careerist women wanting jobs that pay well. They better stop interfering with a man’s god given right to have good paying jobs.

              • While nationaly males work on average 8.2 hours per week more then their female counterparts. Hrmm 8.2 at what 1.5 times pay ? Thats roughly 12 hours extra pay per week or 48 hours monthly ……. seems to me that there is a partial answer to this pay gap. Also nationally females tend to use most or all of their sick days while their male counterparts tend to use 50 percent or less on average . Possibly another reason ? And while this is not the case for paid vacation as males tend to use most if not all of their vacation days while females tend to use 50 percent or less. However that doesnt balance out as vacation days tend to be schuelded while sick days are not, leaving employers short handed on days when people call in sick verses schuelding coverage for planned vaccation time. Also nationally females tend to accept less pay in exchange for better bennifits wher as their male counterparts are more likely to ignore the bennifits in exchamge for higher pay. The reasons for the increases in sick days used seems to be for children issuses, however that in itself is no excuess as in this day amd age it has been made very clear it is up to the female alone to decide to have children, there by their own decissions should not be used as an excuess for the extra sick day use . If it were to be claimed that children take time and need their mothers so females are entittled to not have their sick day useage concisered in how much they get raises , then it would also be ssying that females should not be offered the same rate of pay because they are not going to be as dependable on average as a male counterpart. Females on average nationally also turn down overtime and on average are less likely to work late or start early to complete a task as male counterparts. All vaild reason as to why a female would recive less pay. As for the nyt. Articial it is a proven fact that once more workers qualified in a larbor market the labor prices drop. If there are less qualified workers in themarket the labor prices raise . So i conclude that it isnt a gender based drop but a increase in workforce that is the largest factor, then to include the above facts and you have your pay gap

                • You bring up some excellent points there AC. One thing that is rarely mentioned is the fact that men are better and more aggressive at asking for and or demanding raises. A lot of employers won’t just hand them out unless prompted or pressured by their employees, and while there are always exceptions and I am not trying to pigeon hole any one specific person, in general men procure raises for themselves at a higher rate than women who as a whole tend to be more passive in that department. That is why they make better nurturers and men make better soldiers. Different biological skillsets lead to different areas of success. Rather than force this false narrative of equality across the board I think people should embrace their differences.

                • I’m definitely down with embracing difference that leave me worse off than my male counterparts. I sure hope you guys are, too.

                • You either embrace it and survive or fight it and likely perish. What if all short people wanted the NBA to make an adjustable hoop that moved up and down to a height in proportion to the person with the ball. It’s not fair that the tall people have such a great advantage they were just born that way and did nothing to earn or work towards their height. See how the logic goes. Not all people are born equal. Some creatures in nature aren’t as fast and strong so they need to be more clever to survive. They can’t bitch and whine that the lion needs to give them a head start before chasing them.

                • I hope you aren’t trying to say men are better than women…? Women, as a whole, are not asking for a head start but rather an equal start. To use your analogy, it’s as if the lions are trying to keep the tigers hobbled so that they get first chance at the prey.

                  Also, I agree that women should embrace their difference. I am. My difference is that I don’t think it is great that men make more than women in the same job so I embrace my difference and start my own business. It is working out pretty darn well for me. I’m not rich but I am happy.

                • Why do you hope I’m not saying that men are better than women? You wouldn’t want someone to have an opinion that differs from your agenda? You want a truly equal start kym? So next time we have a military draft we should take equal number of men and women and send them off to war? Maybe bartenders should only let a guy buy a woman a drink if an equal number of women have already bought guys drinks? Get together with your gender and let me know if they are willing to concede all their advantages and then we can truly talk equality, which I personally find impossible to legislate.

                • Ah, I see. You’re reading completely free news on a website that I provide but I’m not as good as you. And, somehow it is okay to imply that I am a bad person because I don’t like that opinion. [Note: I don’t delete opinions just because I don’t like them] … Your statement is roughly headed towards the same level of rudeness that is found by camping out in a stranger’s house and wondering why they haven’t provided you breakfast in bed at the time you specified.

                  Let’s take your assumptions about your opinions one by one:

                • Next time we have a military draft…we shouldn’t. We should make men equal to women in not being forced to support a war they don’t believe in.–note: I’m not saying no military just no forced military service.
                • No one is forcing men to buy women drinks. Don’t do it if you don’t want to.
                • Though it’s pretty hard to get over half the population to agree on anything, I’m pretty sure that at least all my friends would vastly prefer equal pay and respect to getting the car door opened for us.
                • Your courage in expressing that you are better than me while hiding behind an anonymous sobriquet is truly impressive. And the term Freedom Club is very accurate—you want freedom for those in your club but not for those outside it.