Sheriff’s Department Confirms Gunshot Wound Cause of Death in Manila Homicide

Mathew DixPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department:

On Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017, at approximately 3:16 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the 1700 block of Victor Blvd, Manila for a report of a subject needing medical aid. Upon arrival, deputies located Mathew Thomas Dix, 27, deceased inside a vehicle in the driveway of a residence. Dix’s cause of death is determined to be from a gunshot wound. Dix’s death is being investigated as a homicide.

Anyone with information regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call Investigator Jen Turner at (707) 268-3642 or Investigator Scott Hicks at (707) 268-3645.

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  • HCSO, ya think?? In some ways these cops impress me, in others…. not so much. I’m pretty sure a child could’ve told us that. To the family, my condolences for your loss. I hope these doofus cops dont botch this up like most cases.

    • If there’s one thing they’re good at it’s cranking up a chipper.

    • Jayded, I absolutely agree with the part of a child could have told us this much!!! All of this “New Info” was covered in the articles posted yesterday!!! The HCSO just burped it back up & spewed it to the Media!!! Such aggressive detective work…. NOT!!!!! Both hands & a map & they still can’t find their collective asses!!!! Just my $.02 worth YMMV!!!

    • I’m sure the Sheriff’s office knew it too. But, unlike commenters on an internet sites, they are required to have more than opinion before they make pronouncements because what they determine is evidence.

    • Do you guys really think you know as much as the investigators know?

      I don’t.

      Do you really think they spill everything they’ve got to you before they’re done?

      I don’t.

      So why do you guys assume so much? As if you know. When you don’t. You’re just assuming. Tons of assumptions. Assumption here, assumption there, everywhere assumptions! And you don’t actually know anything.

      Also, er, Dan, a sentence really only needs one punctuation mark at the end. Certainly not every sentence requires 3 or more. I mean, if you really want to shout every sentence, that’s one thing, for sure. But if you want to emphasize something in particular, why, then it is totally lost because every sentence has 3 exclamation marks or question marks.

  • They have to investigate evidence to be totally sure so things line up legally for a case. If they said of course its a homicide then find out it was a suicide, they lose credibility with the public abd potentially with a jury.
    Im not one to usually come to their defense, but we do need to let them do their procedures. At least theyre investigating it instead of not showing up!
    Its not mych different than law&order, there are laws that seem ridiculous but to successfully prosecute caaes the procedures have to be followed. This doesnt seem to “fit” other homicide scenarios.

    Condolences to his family and friends!! You should consider hiring a PI, it can help a lot here.
    This may have nothing to do with who he went to meet and more to do with gang initiation. Its pretty odd they didnt steal the truck.
    Tho we will prob never know the real story, i hope all involved find peace and feel the luv being sent to them ♡

  • In 4 more days it’ll be 1 year since the death of Jennika. Still no word! I have no Faith in EPD! Our Family is still waiting for answers!

  • Damn someone award the sheriff a medal for figuring out it was a homicide
    id actually call it MURDER!

  • How many does this make?

    Sure seems like a lot of murders this year. Anyone know the official count?

    And then you have to add in the missing people who were more than likely murdered, but they just haven’t found the body yet.

  • I knew everybody would be yucking it up. Free laugh with a side order of whistling past the graveyard. But I’m glad the sherrif’s dept. doesn’t jump to conclusions, or accept the obvious and not look deeper. Sometimes there are big motivations for people to hide evidence and make things seem like something they are not.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Esme, you are so right. Lots of motivation for people to lie in cases like this (and in a infamous death in Arcata) One premature prosecution is enough for the county, we don’t need any more “Justice For” demonstrations. As for “Dan Fuller”, you have a problem with authority figures, try to deal with your issues outside of posts on RHBB.

  • Dan fuller ROCKS I enjoy his comments.

  • Did the Mendocino Co. sheriff ever catch whoever killed the young Mexican and dumped him by the side of the Covelo road 2 or 3 months ago? Also someone, I think another Mexican, was shot several times in broad daylight in Ukiah; somewhere near Orchard Ave. a few months ago. Did the Ukiah PD ever figure out who did this and catch him? I`m pretty sure this man survived. It`s good to be tough.

  • I also enjoy Mr guest s comments too !!!!!

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