Spray Painted Vehicle Found to Be Stolen

green spray painted car

The spray painted car was later found to have been stolen. [Photo by Lloyd Snyder]

This is information provided by Samantha Karges, public information officer at the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 12/1/17 around 8 a.m. a deputy with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was patrolling the McKinleyville area, when he noticed a suspicious vehicle parked on Gassaway Rd. [The vehicle had been spray painted] He identified two subjects in the car to have probation with a search clause. Upon a search of the subjects, the deputy found burglary tools.

The male, 30-year-old Jessiman Botello, was arrested for violation of probation and being in possession of burglary tools.

A female [Leslie Warren Carlson] was also arrested, for violation of probation, possession of burglary tools and for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant.

Both the female and Botello were booked and released.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received another call later in the day that the vehicle originally investigated had false plates. Upon investigation, deputies found that the vehicle was stolen.

A warrant has been issued for both Botello and the female’s arrest.




  • “A warrant has been issued for both Botello and the female’s arrest.” So they can book and release them a second time?

  • On probation with a search clause and a warrant, plus in possession of burglary tools; and they are booked and released without thoroughly checking a ‘spray painted’ vehicle vin??? Guess what these two upstanding citizens are probably doing as I write this??? Really starting to remind me of ‘Mayberry” around here.

  • Did they steal the plates from the same make and model. Can cops tell the difference? Just saying, not even going with same year. Back in the day you could tell all three things by the type of headlights.

    • The old switcheroo

      It takes maybe 60 seconds to check the VIN over the radio and see if it matches the plates and/or if the car is stolen.

      Unless he’s just stealing a car for a quick joyride from point A to point B, any car thief with half a brain will put cold plates on a hot car of similar make, model and year and hope the cops don’t bother checking that closely. On the other hand, it could be that the deputies did run the VIN and it hadn’t been reported stolen overnight, but still the plates apparently didn’t match the VIN. Oops.

      • According to the neighbor who sent me the photo, apparently, the VIN number was removed and another put in its spot. I’m not sure exactly how that works though.

  • A new use for the old K-Mart…hold these fools until the police can efficiently clear them then house them accordingly. This county needs some outside consultation on how to do better because the best here is very questionable.

  • time for a state Executive and Legislature with a Law and Order agenda

  • I’m still wondering about that guy from nevada they let go with a ton of weed in his trailer.

  • What exactly are burglary tools? Obviously it would probably depend on the situation, if you are on probation in a stolen car the definition is probably more strict than if you get pulled over for a seat belt violation. Is it like TV, a ski mask and a crow bar?

    • It’s whatever the cops want to define them to be, pretty much. I remember someone in garberville was arrested for possessing burglary tools for having a screwdriver and vise grips, common tools owned by probably >25% of humboldt residents. However, an actual conviction on it requires intent to use them to commit a burglary. Having committed a burglary is generally good evidence of intent…

      A much better question is why you’d book and release someone with burglary tools, since they’ll probably continue committing burglaries with other tools. At what point do we start holding the police liable for releasing people who are obviously intending to commit a crime?

    • You are going to think I am joking, but pieces of a spark plug insulator are known burglary tools.

  • What are “burglary tools”? I have just about every tool known to man and a few that aren`t; going to make a couple more today. Can someone get thrown in jail just for having a certain kind of tool? Seems weird.

  • These people are the ones who broke into cars in Trinidad and around mckinleyville and other places I seen the person who came and got the car it was a girl the car inside was bad they had needles and other stuff in the trunk of the car

  • That is such a great idea for the old Kmart make it into a jail

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    “arrested, for violation of probation, possession of burglary tools and for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant.”

    “booked and released”

  • cops are on the ball. ha ha.

  • Law enforcement around here is a joke They refuse to do their job.lazy cops unless you are a good citizen then they trow the book at you.

  • Botelo. That son of bitch. He ripped me off years ago. Booked n released…now has a warrant out for him. lol. I hate fukn thieves. The lowest of scum

  • unbridled phillistine

    Poor owner getting back a basket case of problems with that car! Bet the tweakers have it all messed up, Not to mention the green paint.

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