‘He Got Murdered in His Own Driveway,’ Says Family of Victim

Matthew Dix

Matthew Dix

About 2 a.m. today, Mathew Dix’s girlfriend found him sitting in his idling truck on Victor Boulevard in Manila with a gunshot wound to the right side of his head towards the back, according to family members. He was dead.

“He got murdered in his own driveway,” said his brother who wishes to remain anonymous to add a layer of protection between him and the person who killed Mathew.

Lt. Kenny Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department said the manner of death is undetermined and they are waiting for an autopsy before releasing any more information.*

The victim, Mathew Dix, who was originally from New York, had started working for FedEx about two weeks ago and lived in the 1700 block of Victor Boulevard in Manilla.

According to Dix’s brother, Mathew’s girlfriend told him that last night about 10 p.m., the victim told her that he would be gone about 10 minutes. He left the house wearing flipflops, sweatpants, and a hoodie. He did not take his phone.

The girlfriend told Dix’s brother that she fell asleep almost immediately after he left. About 2 a.m. she got up looking for him. She called and discovered he left his phone at the house. According to Dix’s brother, she “found his truck idling in the driveway. She goes out and finds him shot in the head with no murder weapon.”

Dix’s brother told us that the truck, 2015-2016 silver, heavy-duty, double cab, diesel 2500 Chevy Silverado GMC, must have been idling for multiple hours. He believes that his brother was shot after he left and returned to his home.

The girlfriend told Dix’s brother that he went to meet a man named Chris from Hoopa. According to Dix’s brother, the man his brother went to meet is believed to be in his mid to late 30’s and works on Three Creeks Mountain.

If you have any information, Dix’s family pleads with you to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. Their number is (707) 445-7251 ex. 8.

The Lost Coast Outpost has photos of the truck here.

*Note: This article was updated with information from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office about 12 p.m.

**Note: An earlier version misspelled the victim’s name.

UPDATEHumboldt County Sheriff’s Department Releases Statement on Death in Manilla

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  • Lundbar Hillbilly

    “left right side”
    Which is it?

  • This makes me so sad. His lady and family I hurt to think how they are feeling. Seems like these tragedies are never going to stop. Prayers for his loved ones.

  • Drug deal gone bad.

    • Do you even think about what your saying? This man did not have a mean bone in his body, he was one of the kindest people i’ve ever met, and most likely a better person than you will ever be. This family is grieving right now, no time for you to be joking about “drug deals going bad”. Think about what you say before you say it, [edit]

    • If he was shot in the left side it could be more of a random shooting possibly a robbery gone bad, a sign of being shot thru his window, if he was shot on right side could mean he knew the person possibly allowing someone in his vehicle. Pray for the family and capture this evil person. How sad

  • tired of all this

    Cause of death “undetermined”? The bullet wound to the head should be a clue.

    • That’s too obvious for the HCSO!!! So sorry to hear of yet another, seemingly at least, innocent life gone for NO GOOD REASON!!!! :-C

    • Yet it is possible that he had been killed prior to the shot. Hence the investigation. Don’t assume. Everyone here assumes all the time. Thank goodness there’s less assuming going on where it really counts. If these cases were determined in these comments, it would be a complete clusterfrink.

  • Thats it hell billy worked at fed ex meeting up with a hoopa native that works 3 creeks. Gee i wonder

  • Have some compassion. They are tax paying citizens. Worked for there money.

  • Weed = death

    • Ya because no one dies from heroin, bath salts or meth.
      Get a clue.
      People with guns sometimes kill othr people. There was just a gun show locally and black friday saw the highest gun sales in a single day ever. Theres a lot if them around.

      A lot of murders are over money, not just drug deals gone wrong.
      I dont know anyone who goes to a deal without having their phone in the car, dont just assume it was a pot deal. Even if it was its not the victims fault.
      Wait for the official cause of death.
      How awful to find your partner dead outside!

      Condolences to all involved. RIP

    • Oh bullshit. Weed has never killed anyone. The idiotic laws against it have killed plenty though.

      • http://denver.cbslocal.com/2015/05/18/marijuana-intoxication-blamed-in-more-deaths-injuries/

        I think what you mean is that pot generally is much less likely to cause death by toxic overdose. Which is true. But the same can be said for cigarettes. And pot is just one aspect in the search so many do for some combination of highs to block out reality. It makes every fool choice seem ok.

        But reasoning with those who use pot is just like reasoning with smokers forty years ago. The evidence is there for the damaging effects of pot. For the evironment, for the user and for its effects on society. Each and every concern to be dismissed because the so called ‘not addicted’ user can’t bear to even hear the thought of having to live without it. Nothing except a face to face interview with a doctor saying ‘You have 6 months before your COPD kills you’ will get some of them to stop. Then only some.

        • Charles Engebretson

          Hey what do you mean less likely?There has never been one single overdose of marijuana in the history of mankind…not one..ever

          • I’have on shatter that shot is too strong for me it was an awful experience and I’ll never do that again lol really thou

        • “Not addicted” user? I accidentally quit smoking MJ. One day I just didn’t smoke anymore, before I knew it that one day is a few years later. Like I say, “accidentally,” I had no intention to stop, no reason to do so, it just happened. I still love the smell of different kinds of herb but if I do ingest it I now get anxious and paranoid even, something that never happened in my 25+ years of smoking. I’ll tell you what though, I still smoke cigarettes.

        • You make it sound like weed is as chemically addicting as heroin. Its not addictive chemically, you dont have withdrawl. Of course there are the weed rats who get far more into marijuana in a stupidity fueled manner. Most “marijuana” related deaths are actually murders committed by tweekers(meth users) in the process of a robbery… so whats really to blame? The meth, the money, the weed, the victim who gets killed for their weed, or is it actually the criminal who commits the crime who is responsible? Im pretty sure its the criminal responsible. I dont know about you guys but its been a while since i saw a pound of bud get off its ass and murder somebody…

    • Things are geting bad

  • A definite possibility on the CHUMP’s Hit Man!!!

  • Your comment is awaiting moderation. WTF Over???!!! What did I do that several others have as well but I don’t see anyone else possibly blocked or even “under review”!!!

    • You don’t see those whose comments are under moderation until they aren’t anymore. There are no indications that a comment is being held. There are no insults allowed but you frequently break that rule. So, I’ve decided to hold your comments until I can make sure you aren’t insulting another commenter.

      • It ok for Motx to dis the chump though, your double standard is a bunch of bs. You edit or delete me regularly!!! But blah, blah, blah!!! Such a bunch of crap!!!

      • More times than not I was insulted first which led to me returning fire!!! So WHY are their their comments not being held or WTH ever????

        • If someone has insulted you, let me know by putting Kym in the comment responding and don’t comment back. I’ll read the comment more carefully. But remember criticizing isn’t the same as insulting.

          • ohgodgetalifeplease

            Golly ! Poor Dan! Just wait till dad gets home and then you’re really in for it!
            (Meanwhile poor Kym has to listen to 4 year olds on top of everything else…)

        • Yes , because one must “return fire” in a comment section of a local news blog. As much as people seem to think their on line persona is something that matters or is so important, it truely isnt. And certainly not worth such emotional responce as returning fire.

  • With all due respect, before going down the stereotyping route, I live in Hoopa, and of the 16 people around me, 10 are not tribal members, and 6 are non-Indian. Non-tribals and non-natives live here, so they get called “Hoopa man or woman/Hoopa resident” but they did not grow up here, nor have any affiliation with the tribe, except that they live within the tribe’s boundaries.

    Three Creeks Summit is as close to Hoopa as it is Willow Creek. I do agree this seems marijuana related, or at least shady as hell, like there was some brow-raising activity that took place before the tragic shooting. I hope if the description seems even vaguely familiar to anyone, or if they saw anything, they will come forward. Losing someone to homicide is one of the most harrowing experiences a person has to face.

    Regardless of any of that, condolences to his loved ones.

    • With all due respect??! Excuse me while I pull my jaw up off the floor. So, let me get this straight, you and your neighbors are ok cuz you’re not Indian?

      In the meantime, with your economic superiority, you can afford to out-buy the people the land was put into reservation for and push them out and into further poverty?

      I do not respect that whatsoever.

      Re:”With all due respect, before going down the stereotyping route, I live in Hoopa, and of the 16 people around me, 10 are not tribal members, and 6 are non-Indian. Non-tribals and non-natives live here, so they get called “Hoopa man or woman/Hoopa resident” but they did not grow up here, nor have any affiliation with the tribe, except that they live within the tribe’s boundaries.”

      • Ernestine, no.
        Someone commented above along the lines that meeting a native was not a good idea, because it was indicated that the person was from Hoopa. I am interjecting that not everyone “from Hoopa” is a drug pushing native. Some people here are not even native and happen to be caught up in illegal activity. I know this because of the people who live around me. Should it be discovered that anyone involved in this case lists Hoopa as their place of residence, I ask people not to stereotype when they see “from Hoopa” and to consider the fact that there are non-tribal and non-native people here as well.

        And I do remember the case regarding Joseph. This is a very rural landscape. It has one main road in and out, with a few back dirt roads, namely Bair Road.
        I know a man named Chris who lives in Hoopa, but I dont think he has anything to do with Three Creeks.

        I can tell you the mountain areas are being occupied more and more, by non-Californians to boot. One time, it was a treat to be able to load into the truck and take a drive in our mountains. Now, we have to keep our eyes peeled for squatters with guns, ready to fire at anyone they think is a threat to their “operation.”
        It’s sad, scary, and sickening to put up with on our own lands.

    • Can you tell me about the area? It seems you know the area well. i don’t know the area and I know jeff joseph went missing in the same area and all people knew was he was going to meet someone. Do you remember a guy named Jeff Joseph with Louisiana plates going missing there about 3 1/2 years ago/ never found… Do you have any idea who “chris” is? Just wondering if you ever heard about his case or saw his missing fliers.. wondering if anyone ever heard theories about what happened to him? Many thanks.

  • if his brother wants to remain anonymous for his own safety, wouldn’t it be best to take out that it is his brother? doesn’t make that not anonymous? because it’s easy to figure out who that it?

    • This is his brother my name is Chris Dix I don’t care if I’m blasted all over. This was a great kid with a future ahead of him he wasn’t in the game. How about everyone stops blaming weed, and looks or try’s to find this cold blooded killer. My brother did not work in the hills. Don’t sit behind your computers and talk shit. Be active and help me find this killer. I will be on my way to California tomorrow, and I’ll do what ev r it takes to get this pos.

      • Chris-stay strong. We are all behind you and your family. Justice will be found and his killer needs to pay the true price. Your brother was a great kid and don’t let anyone comment otherwise. God bless you and your family. We are all here for you. Always love kate s and family

      • Chris I am a family friend from manlius. We are here for you. Just say the word!

      • I’m so very sorry for your loss…. I hope you and your family get much deserved closure and Justice for your brother.
        You’re in my prayers

      • My deepest condolences Chris. Mattey was such a sweet and caring person and will be truly missed. I’m so sorry for you and your family and I’m here to help in any way that I can.
        For those of you blaming crap on your assumptions, just stop. You don’t know him or the kind hearted person he always was. He lived his life loving his family and friends and would do anything for them. Back off and let’s help find this killer.

      • I am so sorry for your tragic loss.I hope the killer or killers are found.It has been crazy out here as of recently .Yeah and try to ignore the evil people on here that always assume they know what is going on.Prayers out to you your family and all his friends.

      • perhaps Kym can get us in contact ? I️ have a similar story ..

      • Hi Chris & family, I am so so so sorry for your loss. My heart actually hurts for your loss and Lizzie .
        I asked Nikki to let me know if I can do anything for you all.
        Marshall, Kathy, and all your family, you are in my prayers -Asking God to somehow get you all thru this loss. 🙁 and to comfort your hearts and mind as you go thru this . Footprints in the sand.. The time where you do not see him but God carries you thru the difficult times that you just do not think you can get thru. But you will. You have a lovely family and you all will help each other thru this.

      • Yes! You tell ’em. People a man has died. Family and friends read your comments hoping for information that may help them. You don’t know what happened! If you do go to the police. Speculating and/or using this tragedy for that is unforgivable. Shame on you!

  • If his brother wanted to remain anonymous for his own safety, shouldn’t you take out the fact that it is his brother? Because that is easy to discover who that is via the internet. So by saying it’s his brother it’s not really honoring his wish of anonymity?

  • Brother says Chevy Silverado, but photos show a GMC. Girlfriend says he told her he’d be back in 10 minutes, but tells brother he went to meet someone in Hoopa…?
    Something doesn’t add up.

  • Condolences to the family. I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope and pray they find out quick who is responsible.God Bless

  • I’m not at all surprised there’s a connection to 3 Creeks. That is a nest of outrageous growers through there who have gangster tendencies. Sure- weed is mellow but large grow ops w/ cash and gangster attitudes are not. The effects are sure to leak into town when the sheriff lets the entire county become a breeding ground for criminals. and no- they still have no arrest for the shooting death on Titlow.

    • Is Willow Creek dangerous?

      • In the last few years, there have been home invasions turn into murders there, many many robberies, burglaries, drug dealers arrested, beatings, vehicles stolen, arson… What do you think of Willow Creeks safety??

  • Not finding a weapon at the scene rules out suicide.

  • My deepest condolences to the family.
    Our sherrifs dept has a track record of NOT being able to solve murder cases.
    Your on your own here. Hire a private investigator.

  • This is a sad day for family and friends of Matthew. A person died. All those who have no life and live to comment negatively on other families tragedies should rethink about their own values. Oh and Fuck you.

  • What is the homicide count in Humboldt Co now? I can remember a time not that long ago that a murder was unusual enough to be talked over for a month. Now it will fade out of public view in a few days as nothing out of the ordinary. The level of violence has become a burden on everyone.

  • My condolences to the family..

  • So very sorry to the family’s loss condolences it seem we commenters are saying this quote a lot.I also agree with mr local , better get a hold of Jim Rockford .Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office detectives .well there records speaks for them selves no need to insult here they do it all on there own lol.

  • Some people are. Also if awakened at 1:45, reporting it at 2 is very reasonable considering that it is unlikely anyone awakened from a deep sleep will spring out of bed with shoes and whatever clothing on and run straight out to the truck with their fingers on the phone buttons ready to call 911.

    What raises a question is why anyone would think this indicates she killed him. Based on nothing. Leave her alone until you have something other than inclination to accuse her of anything.

  • I don’t recall anyone reporting neighbors hearing the truck, commotion, or gonshot. Have some respect, stop watching so many who done its, & pipe down

  • Fransiua Mitrerion

    If it wasn’t weed related as the brother thinks it could be random park tweekers they’ve been thick around the park since they closed DP. So many drug deals and the trash that follows them.

  • So why did my comment deleted about a sexual battery could be the electrochemical thing that powers a vibrator? Can`t we have a little harmless humor here?

  • Kym-
    If you reply to a commentor who is on moderator, does that reply automatically get moderated as well?
    Thanks in advance.

    • If a comment is on moderation, you can’t see it. So you won’t reply to it.

      • I know but IF the comments you have replied to WERE moderated. And, say mine were just fresh and new, would my reply automatically get flagged for moderator? Because I unknowingly replied to someone else who had been?

        • No one gets flagged for moderation. A comment either gets held in moderation and never appears on the post or it is left alone, or it is edited, or rarely, I delete it. If I delete it, all the comments replying to it are also deleted.

  • Matt was a great person. Real, warmhearted and caring. This is such a shame, he did not deserve this. Our most sincere condolences to his girlfriend and family. RIP Matthew.

  • Manila has a reputation for being dangerous.

    • I hate to say that everywhere is dangerous now days. Home invasions, people getting mugged outside Safeway and Walmart, Costco, etc ect.

      You don’t have to be doing anything shady to have bad things happen.

      Be aware of your surroundings.

      I hope they find the killer fast .

  • This is like the second murder in manila this year .the y got a group of murder suspects in jail now .

  • One of the nicest, warm hearted human beings I ever knew. Haven’t spoken in years but I was a childhood best friend from Middle school. I send my deepest condolences to family and friends.. To the shit talkers a great man died tragically, wanna play detective go watch Law & Order. RIP old friend I will never forget you.

  • Proud Deplorable Grandma

    So sorry for the loss of this young man. Hopefully case will be solved and justice will be served.

  • Kym

    You need to take the entire comment section down. As a friend of this family it’s hard to read all the judgment assuming comments from a bunch of uneducated trash. Have some compassion and do the right thing.


    • With all due respect to the family of the deceased…this is not a memorial page. Kym does her best to not censor and we do have some …unusual folks who post here. Myself, for instance- as soon as 3 Creeks got mentioned I posted what I know of the area. Not spurious rumor- I lived up there in 2 different parts for over 3 years and I know many people up there. A few of them are good. It is very much a weed growing region full of greedy greenrushers (amateurs). I’m sorry if that seems callous but I added what I know (not guessed) to the conversation. Hoopa+ 3 Creeks= probably criminal activity based on weed profits is involved. My concern has been that by allowing weed profits to run over our county we are breeding and normalizing criminal activities that sometimes turn violent. It’s a reasonable concern, albeit uncomfortable thought…It was never meant as a smudge on the character of the deceased. The industry permeates into town and affects everyone…. I’m truly sorry for your loss.

    • Chad, I’m not proud of the cavalier way that some of the commenters respond. The rush to judgment with little information and little sense of how hurtful they can be to people suffering makes me frustrated. I am trying to consider other ways of dealing but, as a whole, I don’t think you stop the way people think by removing their means of expressing themselves. I think the way you change minds is by talking and showing moderate responses yourself.

    • Sorry Kim, I agree 100%, how degrading of human life.

  • A man said he heard many gunshots in a part of the comments. This happened in his driveway? How do the neighbors or girlfriend or anyone sleep through multiple gunshots in your own or your neighbors drive way? Not throwing blame but im amazed nobody heard the shots aside from the one guy and didnt at least peak out a window and see the shooter. Maybe someone did and we just dont know. I cant sleep through a moth fart. Hope the evil killer is caught quickly.

    • See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Seems to be the culture in humboldt for many decades. Most folks dont want to see or know something they arent supposed to know. There are studies about things like this, where people decide to ignore things unless someone forces them to get involved. Most churches operate in this manor where child abuse and the like is overlooked because the members commiting the act are part of the church. Like i said many many studies , the results are very eye opening, in reguards as to what our brains accept and what they dont depending on enviroment.

  • If Matt was working for Fed-ex was he driving and did he drive to Three Creeks or Hoopa? If so maybe follow his route and see where he delivered to and possibly met this guy. I wish you condolences and best of luck to everyone looking for his killer.

  • WhereIsTheJustice

    To the Dix family, we are all very sorry for your loss and nothing will ever heal this, but I hope you find out who did this. Senseless violence and it is truly shocking. Many New Yorkers in mourning over this news and I hope the people who post negative comments or speculations know how painful they can be. Matthew was an amazing person, and shined light on everyone he met. A life taken way too soon and will be forever missed. RIP Matthew Dix Gone but never forgotten.

  • Why hasn’t anyone commented on the Motorcycle racing that was going on around the same time as his departure from his home? It could have easliy been a road rage incident where the motorcylce racers got heated and followed him to his home… they need to find these riders.

  • So sorry to hear this. My condolences to the family. May the killer be found, and may the family find peace and grace in this difficult time. Sending all the good vibes their way.

  • Just wondering, from reading the different stories:
    About 2 a.m. today, Matthew Dix’s girlfriend found him sitting in his idling truck ”
    AND YET SHE WAITED TO CALL IT IN? According to scanner chatter, a reported assault was initially called in around 3:22 a.m.”

    Is she hiding something? or are the stories wrong?

    this is sad for the family, and I hope whoever knows anything comes forward.

  • Prayers to the family and many friends of Matthew Dix. This is so Heartbreaking. I pray you do find the killer or killers and justice is served to the fullest extent, unlike my case when My 2 daughters were killed on the same day. Almost 14 years ago this coming December 13th.. PLEASE everyone keep your eyes and ears open and report anything no matter how little of information you may have to Law Enforcement. This is someone’s child, brother, uncle, cousin, grandson ect.. justice needs to be served.. It is so sad that people are getting killed all the time in this world. I wish we all lived in a peaceful World with no hate or crimes. No One Deserves This Kind Of Treatment Ever..

  • Is it just me or does a dude from NY, who lives in Humboldt, that works at FedEx… Sound fishy to begin with?

    Condolences for the family, no one deserves that. Im sorry for your loss.

  • His name is spelled incorrectly. It is Mathew with one single T. And really it is Matty. Everyone called him that.

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