Man Sentenced to 7+ Years For Threatening Girlfriend Trying to Dissuade Her From Testifying in Court

Press release from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office:

Joshua Brandon Marcum

Joshua Brandon Marcum

This week, Joshua Brandon Marcum, 34, of Livermore, entered no contest pleas to felony counts of forcible false imprisonment and witness dissuasion. Mr. Marcum also admitted a prior conviction under California’s “three strikes” law, stemming from his 2012 conviction for second-degree robbery in Alameda County. Mr. Marcum waived all pre-plea credits for jail time served and was immediately sentenced to 7 years, 8 months in prison.
Marcum committed the first of his recent documented crimes on September 2, 2017 inside a motel room in Garberville. Mr. Marcum became upset with his then-girlfriend, struck her in the head with a shoe, forced her into the bathroom, poured food and laundry detergent on her, and threatened to hurt her if she reported him to law enforcement. Despite these threats, the victim called the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department; Deputy Mendes responded and arrested Marcum. Humboldt County District Attorney Investigators Soderberg and Kirkpatrick later uncovered evidence that Mr. Marcum and several of his friends and family members were attempting to dissuade the victim from testifying in court.

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  • 7 years for that? But the guy that kills two people driving drunk gets 1 year in jail?

    • tired of all this

      The threat of violence & actual violence are worlds away from an isolated incident in which all involved were drunk & high and had an ACCIDENT. I know, I know, it should have been foreseen, blah blah blah. But that is what it was. No one set out to do harm. Unlike this guy.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Ummm, awwww, not quite. The concept behind DUI laws is that if you drive at a level of intoxication that makes an accident much more likely, then you are intentionally threatening people. If you behave maniacally on any drug, you are responsible for consequences.

        Many folks in the DUI subculture cling to the idea that that they don’t MEAN to be bad; they are NICE people and sometimes run over people or roll the rig. It’s so sad, but they don’t WANNA, so it’s not like stalking someone. They’re just boozed up !! See?

        No, I don’t see. But the laws are written by folks who see otherwise and some judge(s), as we have recently seen, have a special soft spot for road killers. Want the thrill of killing with the least consequences? Run ’em over.

        I am glad that the victim had the courage to call it in and the perp got a stiff sentence. We’ll see how much of it he serves.

      • I like your “logic”, tired of all this.
        So by your gauge, I can come and beat you to a pulp, and as long as you don’t die, it’s okay.
        Because, you know, I intended to kill you, and didn’t intend for you to live, it was an ACCIDENT.

    • Liberal hypocrisy

      And the illegal Mexican that was deported 6 times but not the 7th because of San Francisco’s Sanctuary City, kills a woman in front of her father on the Embarcadero and he goes free People cheered because he got off, yeah California sucks!

    • Exactly. Bullshit.

  • And Marci kitchen is out partying somewhere

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    I just do not understand how the alleged Justice system works. What I am finding is if ya want to get street cred as a felon get drunk and kill people. You only get probation.

  • That dude looks like Julian straight up. Put a drink in one hand and a candy cane crowbar in the other. Freedom 35!

  • This Guy is a monster! 7 years is a gift!
    Marci K. and Kade C. I do KNOW personally. Both are not the Monsters that they are made out to be. Now to be clear BOTH should spend time behind bars FOR THEIR CRIMES. But neither one of them set out to hurt or kidnap someone. Josh did, He is a monster! Not just a person who made a mistake and got behind the wheel when they shouldn’t have.

  • When someone operates a vehicle they are responsible for the well being of the passengers. If they are intoxicated, they should be held accountable. By itself a gun is not dangerous it’s only dangerous when it’s LOADED.

  • Kim I’,m wondering why my comment is being moderated ?
    Are you changing your principles and format ?

    • I’m not really sure. You aren’t on my moderate list but I moved a comment of yours from the 21st to the trash (Advocated violence). Sometimes though not always that seems to cue the software into moderating that person’s comments for awhile. After I approve some then it goes away.

  • Don’t do the crime,if you can’t do the time. My step brother stalked,harassed,threatening her all the time,she was a nurse. He stabbed her and he sits in RIKERS! we’re he should be. At least he’s off the streets.

  • Sorry Kym I misspelled your name, I was in a hurry.

  • Hope your feeling well today MISS KYM🌼

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