HSU Releases More Information About Sexual Battery That Occurred Last Night


Humboldt State University [Photo by Oliver Cory]

Press release from Humboldt State University:

University Police are alerting the campus community about a sexual battery that took place at about 8:55 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 29.

A female was grabbed by a suspect she did not know near Science A. She screamed, pushed him away, and he ran off.

The suspect is described as a thin male over 6 feet tall, clean shaven, and approximately 25-30 years of age. He was wearing plaid pajama bottoms, a brown zip-up hoodie, and a light t-shirt.

Anyone with information or needing to report a similar incident may contact University Police at 826-5555, or in an emergency call 911.

Earlier Chapter: Humboldt State University Warns Students and Staff That a Sexual Battery Occurred on Campus



  • Race? He’s not white or that would have been disclosed immediately.

  • What happened to all the other comments on here?

  • I find it disturbing on several levels that this happened. Yet i am also baffeled that this is battery yet, females tend to think nothing of grabing men and it is supposed to be ok. Safety and respect is what everyone should be able to expect, reguardless of gender. There should not be double standards in these manors. If it is exceptable for one gender to act in certain ways, it should not unacceptable for anothet gender to act in the same manor

    • Yeah, but, come on. A guy at night, wearing a hoodie, and then running off when she screamed? Is this really the proper venue for going all men’s lib. I mean, I hear ya. But, still…

    • tired of all this

      No one has grabbed YOU any recent time, eh? Missing it🤣🤣🤣?

      • The problem, is that i do get grabbed and it is upsetting and ackward, as i am normally with someone and i do not wish to make a huge ordeal about it.

        • You may have to speak up. It’s awkward, but the gropers created the problem, not you.

        • You sure that that you did not ask for it? Maybe you dress provocatively? It must have been consensual. Maybe you simply should not be there? Are you sure you are not over reacting? What can you expect when you run around hugging people yourself? You invited it.

        • When you grab me ,or touch me it makes me feel uncomfortable. Yes speaking out is important .yes speaking up is hard to do. Notice how many decades it took some women and only after one or two were brave enough to speak out. Now if current people both women and men can let their voices be heard change may happen. Sorry people have made you uncomfortable

    • Men are typically much larger and stronger than women. In twins, the males will typically be 5″ taller and 30 pounds heavier, at maturity. Even at exactly the same weight, and body composition, males are around 30% stronger than females. This is why the two situations are a bit differant.

      Also, this is about biological sex, not gender. Who thinks in terms of gender anyway?

  • Grabbed? Perhaps more details? Like grabbed by the arm or grabbed around the torso? Mental harm perhaps but, no physical harm and called a sexual assault? An assault yes but, what about this was sexual in nature? Seems something is missing here to me.

  • Was she carrying anything which the suspect might have wanted to (grab and) steal?

  • What about this is considered sexual? When I first saw the headline I was horrified now I don’t know what to think, without more details it doesn’t even sound like regular battery.

    • For whatever reason (to save stress on the victim maybe?) they are not giving details about where/how she was grabbed, but if they say it was sexual I’m willing to believe them.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Geez,afraid to list skintone?
    Not very helpful

    • At night, skin tone is a bit difficult to discern in someone who grabbed you unexpectedly. If the Victim is able to give more information, I’ll add it as it comes out.

      • Maybe if you are in the middle of a dark woods, or have impaired vision. Since this was near Sci A building, it would have to be the latter.

        Wait a min. it says he was clean shaven?!

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