‘Multiple Northbound Lanes Blocked’ After Trucks Collide Near Eureka Natural Foods in McKinleyville

Photo and video by Nena Huitt

A white Toyota Tundra and a Nissan pickup truck collided near the intersection of Central Avenue and Pickett Road in McKinleyville around 5:15 p.m.

According to our reporter Nena Huitt, there is an ambulance at the scene, and the impact from the collision knocked the camper shell off the back of the Toyota.

The California Highway Patrol Incident Information Page says multiple northbound lanes are blocked.

Update 6 p.m.: Contrary to what was reported on the CHP log, Huitt tells us there were three vehicles involved in the crash. The ambulance left the scene, but it is unclear if the ambulance left with a patient onboard.




  • I’m looking at the accident I see no ambulance but fire & law are on scene so are 2 of Buddy’s towing

  • The County had proposed putting center medians on Central Ave, with openings (left & U turns) only at intersections to reduce collisions, but the business owners objected. The County came back with the solution we have now.

  • This happened less than an hour after a smash at Bartow and Central ( Northbound lane ). Terrible intersection. With Grocery Outlet opening 1 block north, backups, congestion, and potential for more accidents will only increase.

  • Everyone in McKinleyville drives way to fast.

  • The first 9-1-1 call at 5:16 reported that there were two vehicles involved which was how the call was dispatched. Another caller two minutes later reported it as three vehicles (Line 7 of CHP’s HMCC&LogNumber=0105D1129). CHP ended up requesting tow service for two pickups.

    The Fire Dept reported two “kids” with minor injuries. After initial treatment the Arcata-Mad River ambulance radioed in at about 5:34 that they were taking the two patients and a parent to Mad River Hospital “Code 2,” which is no red light or siren.

  • I’d appreciate a follow-up. I heard a child was flown to an out-of-the-area hospital. If true, I’m surprised there’s been so little reporting about this.

  • Tis the season, please be more careful out there..

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