[UPDATE 12:14 p.m.] Missing Man May Be Suffering From Mental Health Crisis

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Ivan Linan

Ivan Linan

On 11/28/17 at about 8:00 pm the Sheriff’s Office received a call of a disturbance near mile post marker 12 on Highway 36 (Carlotta area). It was reported that Spanish National Ivan Linan was suffering from some type of mental health crisis. Linan was riding in a vehicle with another person who stopped in the Carlotta area when Linan demanded to leave the vehicle. Linan assaulted the driver and ran into the near by woods. Deputies responded and checked the area, but were unable to locate Linan. Early this morning the Humboldt County Search and Recuse Posse arrived in the area and began a search for Linan. Linan is reported to only speak broken English.

Ivan Linan is described as a light complected male, in his 40’s, approximately 5′ 08″ tall, 165 pounds, thin build, brown hair, brown eyes, “reddish” colored mustache/beard. He was last seen wearing a black, “mountain jacket”, dark colored waterproof “mountain pants”

Anyone with information regarding Linan’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251UPDATE 12:14 p.m:

The Sheriff’s Office continues to search for missing person Ivan Linan. We are unable to confirm his date of birth, but it is now believed he is 30-31 years old. Attached is a recent photo of Linan.

Anyone with information regarding Linan’s whereabout is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (707)-445-7251

[Photo added]



  • A human in trouble, could happen to anyone.

  • its strange, we can spend millions on bringing undocumented people into our country, but cant even give somebody with a mental disease a helping hand, or an evening out of the cold.

  • This is a fellow human in trouble in our county. I have serious issues with our industrial weed production and mega-greed growers but this is a human in need. Many USA citizens who are mentally challenged also come here to trim weed each year. Yes- I have seen them sent here as their parents hoped our weird scene and beautiful country would be a better fit for them. So people w/ issues come here to work and maybe scratch out a little income. They are not the problem. Many good people started out here like that! Hope this turns out well.

  • This article simply lists info about a person possibly in trouble/needing help. It’s good to live in a community where we can look out for each other.

  • Is that what we call doing to much dope now, mental health crisis ? Love all this p.c.

  • He is returning to the wild, good luck, may want to pick a warmer climate next time

    • Me parece mentira que exista gente como tú.es una persona con problemas y tú haces chistes mal dolor te de

  • Sounds like he’s a lot of trouble. It’s getting cold at night and he’s going to show up at someones house.

  • The ability of people here to leap to conclusions based on virtually no usable information is both astounding and amusing.

  • The family and friends of Ivan are very worried about that issue.. if anyone have something useless or nonsense to say please get away of this foro.. I hope you guys never have to suffer for the same thing we are suffering…
    we really apreciatte any help you can provide us.
    thank you so much!

  • maybe he is very ansious to come back home..and he is very scary there alone…so please if anyone see him you have to tell him in a really calm way that you just want to help him to come back home with Che an Hari

  • Please, if anyone sees him, approach him (don’t worry, he is not dangerous) and tell him calmly: “don’t worry, we’ll take you to Che and Ari”. These are the names of those he loves, so it should calm him down. Thank you very much. We’d appreciate any help.

  • Just to clarify and bring some more light into the issue. The guy, Ivan is my friend. Not a dangerous nutcase, not a junkie, not a wasted kid, not an illegal alien and not carrying a gun. Has been in the USA for two months with a tourist visa, just traveling for the season.

    He was on the way to catch a plane to Spain cause he got homesick and stressed for days and it developed into his first paranoid episode ever. He thinks his friends, who really just want to help him, are after him to abduct him. If anybody sees him, please contact the authorities as stated and keep him with you until they arrive. Lots of family and friends worried over here in Spain for two days now.

    Also, the sheriff department is organising a search party for today, so if any volunteers in the area want to join, get in touch, we would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you all, peace.

  • Hello from spain!
    My name is wichy and we are really worried about Ivan. He is a normal gay who was going to make a joung travel. He never had problems before and he is a lovely person. It was his first long travel and I,m sure he is scared. All the help we can get is very important. All his family and his friends are far away. We hope to find him sane and well. Any information is wellcome. he is a really good person, Please help him.

  • I google mapped where mile marker 12 it is right around van duzen park/swimmers delight

  • please we need your help. Ivan is an excellent person, who loves and cares for his friends and family, he es calm, locely and affectionate. He has never had an episode like that, he is only living a very stressful moment far away his family, friends and love. If you see him, please calm him down and talk to him from home, and if you do not dare, nothing happens, but please call the Shérif.
    We need all kind of help.
    Thank you all.

  • Juan Manuel Alcaraz

    The guy is my friend. Not a dangerous nutcase, not a junkie, not a wasted kid, not an illegal alien and not carrying a gun. If anybody sees him, please contact the authorities as stated and keep him with you until they arrive. Lots of family and friends worried over here. HELP !!!!

  • This guy is my friend since we have 6. He just wants to go home back. Please be kind to him and make him feel as home. Many people are waiting anxiously for him. Hope you come back soon my homie.

  • Helicopters have been flying all around riverside park .Yesterday it was the Coast Guard flying very low . Today it was white colored one flying around also flying very low .It wasn’t PG&E because they didn’t follow the power lines it mostly searching the river ,and surrounding areas around us.fyi kym. To the grammar ,and spelling police hopefully I’ve got it better.

  • cristian miguel vaquero rodriguez

    hello, my name is Cristian and I´m from spain. I know Ivan since we was child, he´s one of my best friend, he´s a really good person. Please try to help him. I can say the same that the other messages of my friends in spain, we are really worried about him, and we want see him sane and well. thanks.

  • Hello people from Carlotta or surrounding areas.My name is Raúl and I’m from Spain. I really know Ivan from many years ago, he is a really lovely person who has suffering a health problem, everyone can suffer this type of problem in his family. But the most important thing is that we all need your help. We live so far away from California and it’s completely impossible to look for him there. He has family, many friends who are suffering because we know NOTHING. Please share his photo in the social media, any clue is welcome.
    Please, if you know anything…contact with the sheriff’s office.

  • If I see him I will do what i can to help him .

  • Three hours ago, someone saw ivan close to NORTH BANK ROAD, sit near to the road. If you ser him, please contacto to the sheriff.
    Thanks very much

  • Norberto Ibanez Linan

    He was seen last time on this area (look at the photo) Between McKinleyville/Calville & Alliance/Arcata

  • My heart goes out to you Ivan. My brother Mitchell has been missing since November 20, 2016. He too was visiting. Also suffered a mental health crisis. I HOPE AND PRAY FOR YOUR SAFE RETURN Ivan. ;Mitchell’s Sister

  • I Live in the Humboldt Bay region (Eureka, Arcata). As I travel around on the 101, and 255 highways (and also, north to Mckinleyville), I will look for Ivan, and contact him if I see him.

    I will tell him that his loved ones in Granada are looking for him… that especially, Che and Avi, are longing to speak with him. I will also discreetly contact the authorities. I will offer Ivan the use of my cell phone in order to call Che and Avi.

    Let’s get Ivan home to Southern Spain safe and sound!

    • I am Ivan Linan’s nephew. We are very grateful for your collaboration and help. Last person who has said he has seen him was a Garberville’s citizen two days ago. He explained this: “Could have sworn I just saw him yesterday morning in Garberville. He was dressed in brown pants, a black waterproof type jacket and he had a backpack. He was crossing the street and seemed totally fine. He was by himself and last o saw he was sitting on the bench in that veterans park thing by Dazeys. He certainly didn’t seem in danger or trouble, just a dude getting ready for the day…”

      All the best

      P.D.: this is my phone number +34660038216 you can contact with me by WhatsApp

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