Semi Drags Car Under Trailer Then Leaves the Scene

Hit and run

Background photo by Oliver Cory

Just before 5 p.m., a white semi struck a car near Samoa and then drug it under its trailer for a distance before leaving the scene, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. Then the truck headed into the Foxfarm parking lot, according to a witness.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol are responding as of 5:12 p.m. We’ll update as we get more information.



  • Wow,that doesn’t sound good.hoping for the best

  • Driving along dragging a automobile . That could be lyrics to a country western song.

  • The truck was making a left and the car was squeezed beside it. The truck kept going even though he clearly knew the car was there (trucker honked and contact was already made) and this forced the car up on the divide. Don’t try to make a turn beside a semi truck who has their blinker on. They turn wide and cannot always see a small vehicle beside them.


    I know it’s Humboldt,but can we use “dragged” instead of “drug”…

    • “Drug” is good, altho a bit obsolete English. Here’s what the Grammarist had to say

      “In all main varieties of English, dragged is the standard past tense and past participle of the verb drag. Drug is a dialectal variant that appears in many areas of the U.S. Though drug is common in these areas and cannot be considered wrong, it might be seen as out of place in more formal writing, where the traditional dragged is always the safer choice.


      These writers don’t mind breaking the rules:

      As the trailer was drug along the tracks, it damaged a chain link fence. [Post-Searchlight]

      The delegates cast their ballots and time drug on and on. [Colorado Statesman]

      Wakulla County deputies say at least two suspects tied a cable from their truck to the ATM, drug it out of the store and more than a mile away into Leon County. []”

      English has strong and weak verbs. Strong verbs show the tense by varying the vowel: drink, drank, drunk. Weak verbs do it with endings and helper words: work, worked, had worked. Generally speaking strong verbs are dying out in the language, sometimes some of the tenses get a specialized meaning “fraught” was a past tense of “freight” meaning to load. Something fraught with danger, which is almost the only use the strong past tense survives in, is laden (would you say “loaded”) with danger.

      • I should not encourage you, however I like what you are doing here. …probably bugs the you know what out of Kym, though.

      • Nothing worse than ruining English except dissecting it. Non-writing grammarians love to do this, because they cannot write poetry (which takes instinct more than English expertise). We need more poets, for the world has a surfeit of English teachers.


        Yeah,I was commenting on the overuse of DRUGS in Humboldt….

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Ed, I like “dragged.” That’s my vote. Of course, I prefer the High (northern) Ohio dialect where “drug” would be considered “downstate” or provincial. At one time, we had a fully-funded public ed system. Growing up, every vowel was cherished and anunciated, unlike the British and other butchers, “a”, “i” and sometimes “y” seldom sound the same. Basically never sounds like “bicycley”.

      • I like “drug” rather than “dragged.” I should change it but at the moment, I’m too tired to get a dang.


        Good job Ed Denson,you made my anti-drug joke look like I give a shit about slangy usage.
        Stick to playing songs on Saturday morning about trimming drugs.

    • Drug is past tense!

    • OH NO!! Another Grammar NAZI!!!

  • Samoa dragstrip

  • Hard to think that a driver would do this as it has serious effects on keeping job. Driver if knowingly left most likely never be able to drive truck again. Theae type of accidents happen all the time. Careless drivers see big rigs as a hinderance to their travels and do not give them the space or caution they should. I remember a driver i knew that ended up taking his own life a week after returning to the yard to find state troopers waiting for him. He had no idea that a family of 5 in a smaller car had turned behind his truck and he pulled his pup trailer over them, killing 3 young kids. That is alot to live with and i guess he couldnt. Another driver for a differant company had a similar thing happen to him, but it was a biccyclist this time. Video from a dash cam showed him driving along and the person on the bike didnt even stop just went right at the cornor not noticing that the truck was pulling a trailer. The bike stayed in the road but the rider was dragged several hundred feet before the tires finished him off and spat him out.

  • Hope the driver of the truck had a camera set up.
    If the driver honked and proceeded with the turn knowing a vehicle was in the turn lane, he or she should of stopped.
    Hope the driver is o.k. In the car.
    What a horrific thing to experience.

  • Was anyone hurt?

  • tired of all this

    I watched a loaded lumber truck take out a bus stop on Broadway a couple of weeks ago. The last set of wheels went up over the curb as the truck turned right from W 14th. Never even slowed down.

  • Breaking news on the Grimmer Nazi front.Leonards 3legged dog, Lucky washit and drug and dragged under one of the rigs that was dragging on 4th and Craig while on drugs, the driver was as they say laden or loaded, he was driving a fraught -liner or as they say all in all,a fruitliner or wagon.whitch ever Juan prefers.

  • The article is misleading. It makes it sound like the accident occurred on hwy 255, near Fox Farm. By the photo, it occurred on Myrtle, in Eureka, before the Samoa bridge (255).

  • droppin loads and sqashin toads

    it was his own fault, messing with a big rig dumby, that load needed to get dropped off so you know how it is.

  • Canadian 💩 turdles

    Inside job or russian collusion

  • That guy just effectively sealed his own fate of very likely losing his job and not driving truck in the future. EVERYONE is sooo impatient these days

  • These hills have eyes

    Oh Ed, stick to being a mediocre lawyer please.

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