[UPDATE 2:05 p.m.] DEA Bust in Kimtu

Edit: video provided by a reader.

A convoy of DEA and Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies headed into the Kimtu area east west of Garberville about noon today. One of the vehicles appeared to be pulling a wood chipper. Lt. Mike Fridley of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was only able to say that his department was assisting the DEA in the 1300 block of Kimtu Road.

UPDATE 2:05 p.m.: We have two reports of the Sheriff’s Office leaving the area. We’re not sure about the DEA.



  • DEA huh? There are WAY more than one day worth of Pot farms in that area!

    Good luck, happy hunting!

  • Remember when it ended in October. “In” in June “out” in October. Wth with a woodchipper this time of year

  • Are they headed to that farm in the background or not even a cannabis related visit/raid? The next five years or so are going to be very interesting…buckle up kids cuz we’re going to hell in a bucket!

  • Is that Kimtu road West of Garberville? Looks like the Community park in the video and gravel from the concrete plant.

    • Yes, its south/west of Garberville and it looks like the video was taken from Randall Sand & Gravel’s shale pit or Bulk Soil operation; which is funny because they advertise on Kym’s webpage. There are allot of grows between where the video stops and Kimtu. The 1300 Block of Kimtu Road is just past the Park’s & Dazey’s property near Wellborn’s place, know wonder they got out of dodge. It’s like when they call that river the Eel and not the South Fork Eel, go figure. BTW, It’s not Kimtu Road down at the Kimtu subdivision…

      • The raid was past my parent’s house, and that isn’t why they moved. You really do need to give it a rest and find something new to harp about.

        It sounds like the raid was about halfway between their house and the circle. Near, or just past the low spot in the road where it floods.

        If you look at a map, 1300 Kimtu puts it before the subdivision, which does in fact make it Kimtu Road.

        • I guess “Lori”, you need to re-read what I said.

          The actual name is Camp Kmitu Road and just before the Mitchell ‘s old driveway (redwood tree middle of road), it’s a private road and loop, not county. The loop is Alice Ave on the east side and Kimtu Ct on the west side. Been that way since it was created in the late 60’s, about a year after Tooby Park was created in 1967. I know because I grew up out there before they existed. You know, there were people living out there long before your family came to town, right?

          • Nobody who lives out there calls it “Camp” Kimtu, “Ed.”

            My name actually is Lori.

            And you’re a sad human who finds fault everywhere you look

            Merry Freaking Christmas to you.

            • That’s because you don’t care about the history of where you live or why and where its name originates from. However, you are awesome at name calling.

              You do know, back in the day, where the Kimtu subdivision is now, was a girls summer camp called Camp Kimtu and under the old single lane Moody Bridge, on the north end, they had diving boards bolted to cement footings in the rocks, at different heights next to the river, all installed by Camp Kimtu and used by the public. Some of the cement footing and bolts are still there in the rock formation for diving boards. The boys camp was down stream at Ravencliff, which is now owned and operated by the East Bay YMCA. Now there is your little slice of history Lori…

          • Dear Ed Voice .Unless you Wilaki/ Whyiote r someother kinda breed/ mix there were lots of people living on Kimtu Rd before your folks come over the horizon.And, im sure the N/A only called the whole areas Kimtu.

            • Its Wailaki and Wiyot native people and don’t forget Lassik, Nongatl, and Sinkyone native people. In fact, it was the Sinkyone native people that claim that area as their ancestral home, and “Kimtu” was not a word they had in their native language. However you are right, our family did not arrive until 1961 and we are not native people…

      • Why does it matter that Randall Sand and Gravel advertises on Kym’s site? What’s your point Ed?

        • “Allot” of local companies advertise in local blogs, logical yes…. humorous not so much.

        • I guess it was just sheer luck or happenstance that someone had their cell phone or video camera rolling in the 12 seconds it took for that caravan of vehicles to roll by on Camp Kimtu Rd? The view of the video is from Randall Sand & Gravel’s shale pit. Kym posted the video on YouTube, did she take it?

          • Frequently readers send me video or photos of convoys. The same thing happened here. As far as I know, the reader who provided this or any other convoy image has never provided me with money for advertising or any other services.

      • Ironic that you bad mouth the Wellborns. Some years back Shon Wellborn came to your defense when I told her I thought you were jerk …turns out I was right.

        • Guess we will have to take your word on that one Dave…

          • Actually Ed, I did defend you then. Kirby, much as I dislike being wrong, I admit on a public forum that you were right. I apologize for defending Ed Voice. I was wrong.

            Ed, you have no idea why we chose to relocate. Our business is NOT your business.

            • Please tell me what you were defending about me?

              Since you want to talk in a public forum, you are wrong; since Gary Wellborn was appointed to the GSD Board of Directors (public agency) by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors and requested new water service while a sitting Board member at GSD, that would be considered a conflict of interest, but yet he did just that and requested not only a fire hydrant, but a new water service connection for his property as well. So it is the public’s business, not just “your” business.

              Thank heaven there are major restrictions, agreements and mitigations on the Kimtu Waterline. Is that why Gary got on the GSD Board? Funny, soon after he found out how hard it would be to tap into the Kimtu Waterline, he resigned…

  • Isn’t the season over? Should be trimmed and stored by now. I say stored because no one can move their pounds! Lol
    Humboldt keeps on arresting people. No problem in Denver. Why in humboldt? Weed capital of the world!? Lol
    How about control the opioids!
    Control the meth!
    Control the heroin!
    Oh it’s easy to bust a cannabis grow. That’s right. This is a 8-5 job for these guys.

  • Omg I hope it’s not my good buddy.

  • Not my "Bud" ....eeee

    Chipper? Prob huge indoor .Or what?

  • tired of all this

    EAST of Garberville?

  • Oh boy,not a good day

  • Ramp up pressure, never let them sleep, bust anyone from The Marijuana Caliphate, and crush their Toyotas in a scrapyard after fake dreads are composted.

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      Please no one responded to this fool

    • Sorry Muddy but I got to respond.

      I love my Toyota! It’s the flat brimmers with their Rotweilers (and mean as crap Chihuahuas as well) driving the giant Ram, Cummins diesel, dualies that are like a plague of locusts.

      • Black Rifles Matter

        I’d have to agree since ram makes/assembles less vehicles in America then toyota. These guys that think their newer cummins paper weights are made and assembled in America crack me up. I’ve told several owners to check their door. Always says made in Mexico.

    • Hey Chump, careful , you might be sounding like a Nazi!

  • Why do you live here mr chump?.i am a native Humboldt son my family has been here ,for generations ,so the people you have such hate, for have been here, and always will be here long after you and I are gone my suggestion to you is moving far away away from the marijuana .Because your comments are very old ,and redundant please give US all a favor , and stop. My friend who I think was busted his family has also been here for generations also. Your comment above is not appreciated at all.

  • Born in Gerald Phillips Hospital by Gerald Phillips MD.

  • Harvest early to avoid the holiday rush of surprise visits by the ( pot patrol )

  • No update kym on who got raided? Nothing in the evening news last night . Is it going to be one of those no information busts that we usually get.

  • well well look here, its about time! tons of grows that way that have no business being there.
    pucker them sphincters boys here comes the long stinky D of the law!
    make no mistake i will report all activity! i warned you guys!

  • Hope they get to smoke some really good shit!!!!! :(:(

  • I will be calling in many more grows not just this one. This is just a start. Everyone that doesn’t clean up their shit is on my list. Non compliant grows over 6 plants as well! Patrolling again this afternoon from Garberville to Myers Flat. Already 8 more grows on the list and it keeps growing. Theres illegal activity all around the Vineyards.
    Monday we are coming up “the creek” taking pictures and video via drone. We have an armed guard with us.
    if you see the team don’t stop, as we will be on high alert.
    After that we are walking the creek at night with night cams , we are going to get the polluters. We have had enough!
    Get ready

    • Hey Steve Dobbs, any grows down in the Southern Humboldt Community Park? In those greenhouses, barn or shipping container? Or by that 10 acre vineyard? Have you walked the Park?

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