Major Injury Accident on Hwy 101 Last Night

Ford ranger rollover

The pickup involved in the accident after it was towed. [Photo by David Jeffreys]

Last night, a little after 8:30 p.m., a man driving a Ford Ranger pickup went off Hwy 101 near Bell Springs Road and received major injuries. According to Officer Jason Taylor of the California Highway Patrol in Garberville, the accident was “due to the driver driving at a speed too fast for the wet roadway conditions.”

The driver came around a curve, lost control, and his vehicle went off the road. It rolled over and ended up about 200 feet over the embankment.

“The driver sustained [an] injury to his arm and was transported to Howard Memorial for his injuries,” Taylor explained.

He added, “The CHP would like to remind everyone that the max speed is for ideal conditions (dry clear roadway). Winter is upon us…Leave early…drive at a speed safe for the roadway conditions and check your tires to make sure they have adequate tread.”



  • Good reminder. People were driving like ass clowns on that whole strech of road last night. I was so stressed out by the time I made it home.

    • Yes, rain and slick roadways cause some of the more intellectually challenged of our fine citizens to get all squirrely n shit

  • Its a know fact thats discussed often. Adjust your speed according to the weather..

  • unbridled phillistine

    Its a passing lane people not a fast lane, Move over you turds! I hate Oregon drivers! They are the worst drivers ever.

    • I personally have found Washington State Drivers, to be the worst!!! But, that’s just MY $.02 worth, YMMV!!!

    • OMG! You must have been behind the same Oregon asshat as I was today! And they weren’t going fast, that’s why they got passed on the right, by several people not just me. And he even made eye contact with me WTF is that?!?

    • The interstate highways are used for 2 lanes of traffic. It is a passing lane ONLY when marked as such. Read. Learn. Oh, you may want to Slow the Hell Down too, as folks like you are always the ones who end up causing accidents, such as this one.

    • 100% correct. Get back to Oregon and stay there!

    • The worst…they either drive way to slow or like a bat out of hell. Do the speed limit, plus or minus a few mph, and everything flows.


  • “Major” injury accident? To who the truck, or is “an” injury to his arm major or life threatening? Did his arm get pulled off?

  • Hydroplaning means losing contact with the road and riding out of control on a sheet of water. Seen people driving well over 65mph through downpouring rain and always wonder how they made it. Hope the victim will be ok.

  • Wow; passed there only 40 minutes earlier… The amount of terrible drivers coming up from the Bay was ridiculous. Slow down you dirtwads there are rock slides black ice and detours all over 101 from various shoulder work! And visibility sucks in the fog/mist when every jerk has their high beams on and wants to go 80 on hairpin turns. Thankfully I drive an old Volvo wagon and the speedsters don’t try to test my local driving skills. Shout-out to driver with novelty plates “QUEENIN”, we were behind you most of the way and you handled the conditions beautifully haha. Great “rabbit car” for the fox race home. Slow down or get flipped fools. These roads eat cars all winter! Doesn’t matter how big your truck is!

  • Sad. People drive way too fast around there; scary.

  • No matter what state you talk about, you’ll always find STUPID PEOPLE!!!!

  • Drive like hell everybody must die sometime. Sorry for the innocent who also pays the price.

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