How Super Diamond Gained a New Fan

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Nicole Dahl, a Humboldt County resident, was in Fortuna yesterday when she had a heartwarming experience. She tells what happens in her own words below.

[Yesterday], while sitting at Hot Brew Bistro getting some writing done, I looked up for a moment and locked eyes with a sweet looking older gentleman, maybe in his seventies. He came over to me, nodded at my computer and said, “You should look up the band Super Diamond.”

So, I did. He pointed to a nearby table, at a man with his back to us and said, “That guy right there is the lead singer.” He then shared with me how great Super Diamond is in concert and how they get to travel all over the world, even to Japan.

“Are you the fan club president?” I asked.

He smiled, shook his head and said softly, “I’m his dad.”

And this sweet moment just sort of melted my heart. I live for these authentic displays of pure love and human kindness. So, Super Diamond, you gained a fan today, thanks to that proud papa. 

Note: Super Diamond is a Neil Diamond tribute band which is known nationally. Randy Cordero, formerly from Fortuna, is the lead singer and his dad’s pride in him melted our hearts. Listen to the band here.



  • Locked gazes, not eyes. That would hurt. I already read this on another website today. The English language is going to Hel (yes, Norse version).

  • Cabin in the woods

    Keyboardist James Terris is also a local from Fortuna. He’s an amazing musician & a great person also.

  • I am related to this family. I haven’t seen Randy in years but I was able to visit with his parents this past June at my dad’s celebration of life. I have a picture on my wall of his father, Eddie, and myself. Just a wonderful family!

  • Randy is one of nicest, most caring and genuine people you will ever meet. I am very happy for his success. But more importantly the man he is. My brother went to Fortuna High with him and have continued to be friends. What impressed me the most is when my brother was in a SF hospital (again), Randy took time out of his busy musical schedule and came and sat with my brother for hours before he had to go get ready for a gig in Marin Country. He is a treasure for all who know him or see him perform.

  • Some venue in Humboldt should book Super Diamond so they can do a gig locally. They haven’t played up here in years. Saw them at the Fortuna Rodeo many years ago. They put on a great tribute show.

    I’ve known Randy since he was a kid in Scotia. Good guy who remembers his friends.

    • They were here last year and performed at the Ferndale fair. And all the kind, loving and positive stories are true. He is indeed a gift.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Well, to let you know, Randy is a “Scotia” boy. Raised there almost all of his school years. His Family was my next door neighbors for many years during the time Randy had his High School group and they would get out on their front porch in the evening and beat on drums, blow horns or whatever and keep me awake as my bedroom window was right across from their front porch. LOL Anyway, I always thought that Randy and his group would never get nowhere with that kind of noise. Do you know how many years of eating my words has come around and I’m still eating my words to this day. He is a Great and wonderful guy and his band as wonderful to. Knowing Randy since he was born has been an honor or me after all of these years. For those that may not know it, the facebook site “Last Company Town, Scotia, CA. is the site that he started and the one that I help out with. I got to visit with Randy two years ago when his group opened up the Humboldt County Fair and I was one of the Security Officers. Really proud of Randy and his Family, whom I worked with for many years with The Pacific Lumber Company in Scotia. Proud of you Randy, keep up the great music and singing. See you again one of these days.

  • They were at a gig at the Humboldt county fairgrounds couple years ago–,and YES::: believe somebody–Probably one of the Casino’s,should book him locally.he plays the Bay area pretty often –but hard for me to get there–Great musican and singer–well worth seeing–

  • Randy is one of the friendliest people I know. Truly a genuine person, whether you have known him years or just met him. I met him at Fortuna’s skating rink when I was in 8th grade, went to high school at FUHS with him(where he and friends played during lunch), and have seen both his Neil Diamond cover band and regular group. Just as friendly today as I met him back then.

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