Three Arrested for Allegedly Pistol Whipping 62-Year-Old Woman in Robbery Attempt

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 11-20-2017 at about 4:39 PM, Deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a reported armed robbery that just occurred at a residence in the 700 block of Branscomb Road in Laytonville, California.

The Sheriff’s Office dispatch center broadcast to responding Deputies that two black male adults armed with firearms fled the scene in an olive green colored Ford Expedition.

While Deputies were responding to the scene, a Laytonville Cahto Tribal Police Officer advised they had passed a vehicle matching the suspect vehicle description traveling south on Highway 101 in the area of the Shamrock Ranch in Laytonville.

..The officer subsequently lost sight of the suspect vehicle south of the Shamrock Ranch.

While Deputies were checking the area for the suspect vehicle, another Deputy responded to the robbery scene and contacted a 62 year-old female.

The Deputy noticed the female suffered injuries to the left side of her face and head.  The Deputy learned the female was inside her residence when she heard a knock at the front door.  Upon opening the door the suspects pointed a gun at her and forced her back into her residence, where they demanded money and drugs.

When she told them she had neither of these things they pistol whipped her several times.  They held her against her will until a family member soon thereafter arrived causing the suspects to flee on foot to Branscomb Road where they were picked up by the Olive green colored Ford Expedition.

The Deputy learned the female had a medical marijuana recommendation and grew a few plants for medical purposes, but the plants had been previously harvested.

During the initial scene investigation the Sheriff’s Office dispatch center advised someone called reporting a possible DUI driver or reckless driver traveling south on Highway 101 near Oil Well Hill and described the vehicle as an olive colored Ford Expedition.

Deputies in the area of Highway 101 and Reynolds Highway in Willits spotted the vehicle traveling southbound.  With the assistance of the Willits Police Department and Cal-Fire Law Enforcement Prevention, a high risk felony car stop was preformed in the area of MPM 49 on Highway 101 just north of the Willits city limits.

There were three subjects in the olive colored Ford Expedition who were detained.  They were subsequently identified as being D’wan Porter-Walker,

D’wan Porter-Walker

D’wan Porter-Walker

James Richardson

James Richardson

James Richardson

and Johnny Walker III.

Johnny Walker III

Johnny Walker III

The female identified the three subjects during an in-field viewing as being the suspects who had been at her residence.

Upon further investigation Deputies discovered Walker was on CDC Parole and Federal Probation for bank Robbery.  Richardson was on PRCS (Post Release Community Supervision) out of San Joaquin County and had outstanding warrants for his arrest.  Porter-Walker was on Formal Probation for possession of stolen property out of Alameda County.

All three individuals were transported and booked into the Mendocino County Jail on the…listed charges.

209(a) PC (Kidnapping for ransom or to commit Robbery)

245(a)(2) PC (Assault with a deadly weapon firearm)

459 /460 PC (Burglary)

12022(A)(1) PC (Armed in the commission of a felony)

182 PC (Conspiracy)

32 PC (Aids a principal in a felony)

Johnny Walker was to be held without bail, Richardson was to be held in lieu of $256,000.00 bail and Porter-Walker was to be held on $275,000.00 bail.



  • Look how well probation works!

  • Must be a racist conspiracy, no way an African American would do that, let alone 3!

  • I never dealt with canadians ever! Theyll rob you blind!

  • What would these fine upstanding gentlemen be doing around Laytonville? Besides robbing an beating an elderly woman. Church services tomorrow? Where is justice?

  • Difficult to believe that perps were randomly knocking on doors demanding money and drugs Maybe more to story deal gone sour. Red flag warning

  • If she recently harvested her medical marijuana where was it? she smoked a year supply in a couple of weeks ?I am kinda lost on the story

    • Perhaps she wasn’t curing and storing it on site?

      • So she lied and got beat for it…i got nothin…

        • A) Storing one’s valuables in other places that aren’t accessible is a time-honored means of preventing theft. So we aren’t sure she did lie.

          B) I’m sure if a robber broke down your door, you would immediately tell them where your valuables are, too. After all, a lie is never justified.

          That was sarcasm just in case anyone is in any doubt.

          • Do you ever get tired of bickering online? Or do you think its a nice way to spend your life?

            • I like to sharpen my brain and having discussions about different points of view can be helpful.

              • Kim don’t listen to that crap, I absolutely love being able to speak my mind, even when I’m way off, and hear any opinions another person has that would usually be censored, you have the patience of a saint, few would want to do what you do, and you do it well, thank you happy holidays to you and your family.

          • Storing your valuables doesn’t mean anything to a savage violent criminal who will order you to show him where your stash is or suffer.didnt you read the story kim,the thugs pistol whipped her.she lucky she is not dead.” [edit]

          • No they would drop one step into the house, promise,not a threat…

  • Since they all have records and have each likely been in ‘the joint’, am guessing that met in prison.
    Just mayyyyyyybbeee???

  • So, Walker was on CDC parole, Calif probation and Federal probation. Guaranteed the other two have arm length rap sheets also. Thank you to everyone who voted for early release for these types of criminals. You all should be the ones being robbed and violated.

    • I dont remember a vote on early release for violent criminals.

      • No info if his previous charges were ‘violent’. Even the bank robbery charge may not have involved violence or a weapon; but he is obviously a career criminal and should not be out on the streets. Our lenient laws allowed him out in public to commit yet another crime. More jails and prisons or this will continue to get worse.

    • Mika Porter-Walker


  • Red, green, blue, or black label?

  • No good . Rotten sons of bitches to beat on an older woman

    • Always a good idea to look before you open the door.

    • Spot on rotten. And 3 grown “men” ( using the word lightly, as they are not men, but cowards);
      gawd! Horrific. Even a grown man in his prime with weapons would have been bad enough to terrorize.
      In hindsight, what cold she have done besides not opening the door? Started shooting ( if she’d had a gun)
      while dialing 911?

      Criminals should have been held with no bail. Need a judge harsher on crime.

      • But the State’s politicians have decided that reducing the number of people incarerated, not spending more money on prisons, was the solution to the court ordered prison crowding levels requirements.

        And apparently the public agreed with that idea, having passed two propositions to the effect, even though they were overly complicated nonsense written by politicians wanting it but unwilling to accept responsibility.

        So 59.6 % of you are getting exactly what you voted for. That’s the percentage that voted for Prop 47. But don’t worry- it included funding to pay for yoga classes for inmates. Or the the new Prisoner Release Services.

      • Mika Porter-Walker

        MY HUSBAND IS NOT A COWARD!!!! He had NOTHING to do with this.

  • How did the three learn of her possibly having pot and cash on hand?

    She is more than lucky that they only pistol shipped her.

    Pretty pathetic that the the thug life folks are migrating north looking for rural folks to assault and rob.


    “This is the business we’ve chosen”
    -from The Godfather

  • Two words come to mind: Concealed Carry. And Self Protection of one’s home. As bullets sprayed into their bodies, they would have reconsidered their actions as the dim light that illuminated their lives would have flickered off, forever. God Bless.

  • It would be good to know how such criminals target their victims. It was suggested that Calfire inmate work programs are the source but how likely is that really? Then someone suggested a deal gone wrong. That seems much more likely that this woman, violating the law herself by selling without permit despite her denials, put herself at risk. But anyway it’s looked at, it seems to be a trend where it would be helpful to know how it happens. Unless just about everyone is growing and therefore picking a target at random is going to be a hit, there has to be reason to chose the people getting targeted.

    It’s too scary for the non using, non growing public to find they must rely on the accuracy of criminals for their safety. That having a grower for a neighbor puts them at risk too if the criminal gets the address wrong. Heck, the UPS guy gets the address wrong sometimes. Is the public to rely on the crinimals doing a better job?

    • You're like the 30th of people to live here

      I agree. Same with the glowing lights in spring and summer. Attracting a holes. Black white whatever they will come. My neighbor got robbed four times this year..

    • “Is the public to rely on the crinimals doing a better job?” Hilarious, but scary.

  • Three grown men attack a 62 yr.old WOMEN, seriously.[edit] GET A JOB LOSERS,LOSERS,LOSERS!also the 3 strikes law,stupidest law gives them the chance to do it again,again,Again STUPID

  • Trillium Hummingbird


    Mendocino County class rears it’s ugly head…

    AND: As usual, with the news items in circulation around here, my feeling is that there was more going on here than three guys attacking an innocent woman…

  • Proud Deplorable Grandma

    I have a window at my front door and I use it to see if I know person knocking. I do not open my door to strangers ever! I also have a CCW and 62 is not elderly! I am a 60 year old woman!

  • You get the community you deserve. You allow dope, you get dopes committing crimes.

    • Good argument for prohibition of alcohol, not so much for cannabis.

    • You deserve,you allow?WTF. Listen when you vote does it always go your way? I don’t want any of that shit. I don’t deserve gas going up,I don’t deserve having no food,I don’t deserve some asshole beating the crap out of me for what little I have. Come on

      • No , they should read a dozen. That many at least to get past the author’s opinion and have a chance of getting expised to facts in context.

  • At least Mendocino went through the efffort of catching them and keeping them. Humboldt would of gave them 25k bail.

    • Exactly true. I wonder what the reason for the difference is?

      • Mendocino cares more about it’s citizens and is a little less concerned with being politically correct. The Sheriff down there is doing what Sheriffs in the old west did, you come into my town and you better behave, or else there’s consequences. In Humboldt, under the old Sheriff anyway, it was, do whatever you want boys, just don’t make me look bad. It looks like the new Sheriff might be better, but then again, he might just be trying to look good until after his first election.

    • Haha bail is only 10% of that so it is basically 25k well 25.600 and 27.500

      • That is just the part the bondsman will make as his commission. I doubt these clowns have that kind of disposable funds laying around or the property to put down as collateral. If they did they wouldn’t need to be out there committing these acts in the first place. Still sitting in our local jail as I type this and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  • Death penalty. We have a major overpopulation problem. When will we start putting to death people like this? By housing them in prison we use up resources that should be used for the innocent children and elderly.

    • The sterilization of: 1. Anyone convicted of a serious crime of violence 2. As a prerequisite for any kind of public assistance if the one seeking assistance has more than one child. 3. Anyone who enters this country illegally.

      A strong, progressive eugenics program would over time greatly reduce the numbers of undesirable, criminal types and would be a reasonable, common sense first step.

      Putting these types in jail clearly doesn`t do anything to mitigate this behavior. They`ve already been in jail.

      • Woah really?!

        I think that the state should sterilize all of the intolerant [edit]

        Take your “progressive eugenics” back to nazi Germany.

        • I had myself sterilized years ago. It cost $350 and I watched the procedure in a mirror. Not all the ideas that came from Germany in the 1930s were bad. Did you ever have a Volkswagen? Not a bad car in its day. Ever drive on a freeway?

          So….. [edit]and social justice warriors don`t like my ideas…… How have your [edit] programs been working? All resounding failures that limp along at great expense of blood and treasure and the only thing I hear is more of the same. Good approach — more of something that doesn`t work. It`s time to try something different.

        • If not wanting violent criminals or deadbeat parents who can’t care for their offspring is intolerant then I guess I am guilty of such. I actually think John brings up some valuable points worth discussing rather than being labeled and attacked.

          • I’m not labeling or attacking anyone. I think EVERYONE should read a book, preferably about history…

            Freeways are awesome,VW had the largest recall ever last year, and a lot of people grow …

  • This makes me wonder if the paperwork needed for everything mmj i& now rmj s outsourced to the prisons like other companies do. After all, the candidates always promise to bring more jobs and the only jobs they can make are government jobs. Are the local governments paying $1.00 an hour to prisoners to process local, county, state & Federal government paperwork?
    This is a case for real investigative journalists. Underdog where are you?

  • I would get banded if i said what i wanted to .

  • I love the Dope blame and shame game, It’s all the weeds fault, if we had no weed, we would all be happy and crime free, just like the Whitehouse is crime free. I also very much enjoy this site’s thin skinned (almost proud to get butthurt) common commenters, you folks make me want to troll along with the chump. Then there are the conspiracy lovers who can only believe that these criminals have to have had a relationship of some sort in order to rob an older lady in the Emerald Triangle who lives on her own. It’s like you’ve never driven Hwy 36, 101, 299 or stopped in Fortuna on a warm October day to smell the freshly ripened “apples”. Odds are, if you live up here in the woods, you grow cannabis. Just as trolls troll this site and get a couple of nice hits, robbers drive around and play their lottery too. Is this the only place in the world where old ladies get robbed? You could say that this industry has brought some attention to this area, and that crime follows money,…and drugs hahaha. Stay butthurt Humboldt.

  • Blame the judges for the leniency of our courts. Too many liberals.

    • Liberal would make prisons a place for rehabilitation, as opposed to human storage facilities for profit.

      • Too bad that is a fantasy. It would require the iron hand of Disneyland management over everyone to achieve even the illusion of success.

      • Hmm. You can’t fix being stupid. They must want to fix themselves.

      • I am all for second chances and rehabilitating those that actually desire to change and improve themselves. There must be a certain point thought where it is just not feasible to pour resources into a losing cause.

  • Another drug deal gone wrong. No sympathy here.

  • Yeah legal weed is much safer. So stupid. I remember a time when non locals were scared to try to steal some weed. Now piece of shits get online and get a color map right to your backyard full of weed. Try to rob me. The cops can pick up the bodies just inside my doorway!

  • I have seen D”wan and recognize the other two. They have been hanging out in SoHum and go to the Bars in Arcata. They just did not drive up here.

    • Mika Porter-Walker

      Woooow you’re so desperate for attention that you’d make up a lie? Get a life D’wan had never been Outside of Alameda County before this. You sad pathetic person.

  • Kym, isn’t this over the top?

  • Maybe they just googled map:700 Branscomb rd. ??

  • >”They have been hanging out in SoHum and go to the Bars in Arcata. They just did not drive up here.”

    Hmmm… were they involved at the bar shooting in Arcata ?
    Seems if they had warrants they would be picked up there… dunno.

    • Mika Porter-Walker

      D’wan haf never been up there before. I should know the only time we’ve been apart is when he went to jail for stealing a speaker.

  • These men’s lives started to go south long ago when they took that first drag from a marijuana cigarette. Totally preventable.

  • Some of my best work, here. Chaotic Evil minions like these are worth their weight in nuns tears.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    Accountability is a beautiful thing. Give them at least 10 years each in prison. No early release.

    • Mika Porter-Walker

      Really??? You think D’wan should go to jail for 10 years because he fell asleep in the wrong car??? He didn’t even know where they were going or what they were going to do.

  • Sterilize them! A strong eugenics program to get rid of the undesirables!

    By the way, how does this website work? Someone referred to me as a “douchebag” which is a direct personal attack and insult. Yet my use of the term “libtard” was edited out, as well as my use of “lame-brained” in reference to ill conceived programs. Seems more than a little biased when a direct insult is allowed, yet a general slang and perhaps mildly pejorative term is edited out.

    Ah, yes, liberals score more points every time they put pen to paper — or pixel to screen……

    • I have been known to miss insults so I looked back to October 15 and could find no instance of you being called a “douchebag”. Perhaps you are mistaken?

      • so much for free speech you liberals always delete our posts you cant handle truth.put mine back up or Im leaving this stupid site.its just mindless gossip anyway for people who have too much trimming time on their hands..try hard work

        • Goodbye?

          I thought conservatives believed in private property rights. I have rules on my site. You broke them. You got deleted. You are allowed to speak whatever poison you want but I am not obliged to host you on my site while you do it. Currently, the internet is still free. Go start your own site and say whatever you want.

      • It’s up this thread a bit. They spelled it ‘douche-bag’ with a hyphen so if you were text searching you may have missed it. Personally, I think it’s just plain facts for someone espousing sterilization of the ‘unfit’ but that’s just me.

  • moral of the story, don’t [piss off the person who has the ability to delete your comments–Love and kisses, the editor.]

  • This is the 4th home invasion in Laytonville that Ive heard of where the intruders were a group of black men. Are these the same guys does anyone know?I seriously doubt they are choosing their victims from Google Earth. If they were, EVERYONE in Laytonville would have been hit by now. (almost) Another man was pistol whipped and SHOT earlier this year. Thankfully he is ok. Its not like there are alot of black guys in Laytonville. This is too weird to be coincidence

  • BLM. LoL

  • unbridled phillistine

    You would have to be an idiot to open the door for those three! One look before I open with enough time to arm oneself. Yeah I need colored friends. More diversity is needed? I am at a loss. If it quaks like a duck its likely a duck.

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