Garberville Residents Told to Boil Water

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Press release from Garberville Sanitary District:

On the evening of November 24th, Garberville Sanitary District Operator found that water was coming through the ground above our underground chlorine contact chamber. Staff worked on a plan to diagnose what happened, plan for repairs and continue providing water to GSD Customers. Our water tanks are full and we are using our backup well to meet water demands while working on the water treatment plant. Wahlund Construction installed the Contact Chamber and are on site with staff to make repairs or modifications while local contractors have volunteered to help where needed. We appreciate RCSD for volunteering to provide water if needed to be trucked into our water tanks.

The State Water Board has requested that we issue a “BOIL WATER” order until Monday afternoon or until we lift that order through testing water and verifying safe human consumption. We are optimistic that we have Safe drinking water along with adequate chlorine contact time because of the distance mixing in the distribution pipe but must follow State Requirements.

Please call our emergency phone number if you have any questions and we will keep you updated 923-9569.



  • Trillium Hummingbird

    Not necessary to boil water used on pot plants, which will account for 97.3357% of all water used in Garberville. Or on plants grown in vehicles.

  • Boil that water Garbageville! Now the water matches the appearance , this is just great! The water concurrs! Boy am i glad to have a well that doesnt run out!
    Hows that increase in water price justified now? The hole town going down the crapper. Is there solids in your tap? Of fecal matter? Just boil it hahahahahaaaaa

  • Beyond incompetent. The GSD needs an overhaul, they haven’t notified their customers by mail, by phone and nothing on their website! They charge astronomical, highway robbery prices (more than twice the amount of the most expensive water in California) and fail to serve their customers on every level!Unacceptable,$150.00 a month for sewer water passing as drinking water.
    Enough is enough.
    Time for everyone to report the GSD to the State Water Board!

    • Or simply apply to run for the empty seat left by Gary Welborn. Hysteria will not be as useful in that endeavor as attention and reasoned thinking however.

  • Why wasn’t the complete “Boil Water Order” made public? Or posted on the GSD website? Did they call or contact all their customers? This is a major health and safety concern, notices should be posted at all connections!

    That is a relatively new $5 Million Dollar water treatment plant with no secondary backup system? I thought the whole point to this new water treatment plant, was for “redundancy”? GSD can spend money faster than the Mateel and blame everything on someone or something else without any accountability and still sleep great.

    Maybe the earth is still shifting and moving with all this rain. After all GSD did build their new $5 Million Dollar water treatment plant smack dab in a natural wetland, seismic and unstable hillside/landslide area! Funny thing, they knew all this and still kept building it anyway, even though they were told many times not to build it there and why. The Hillside has already slide into this new water treatment plant once before…

    Makes you wonder how long this has been going on?

    • Trillium Hummingbird

      Thanks Ed,

      Incompetent and corrupt is pretty much the way things are in Garberville. Just look at the Hospital, which is trying to sell another tax already. Wait for the sleepy times of the year, residents good and stoned? [edit]

  • Most of the time when things fail it’s extreme conditions ,it is good they located the problem and are fixing it,now it’s highly likely this perticular problem won’t occur again.Be glad they have a quick solution and others are willing to help if needed

    • I guess this is wishful thinking? The “press release” does not say any of that, you must be assuming! I have seen nothing in writing from the contractor, RCSD, Water Board or GSD that documents any of your claims “Father nature”?

      • Give him some credit

        Sure it did, and like I said now it’s fixed.I don’t know what garberville did to you ed but these problems all stem from decisions made before the new gm was hired,he’s good,if you jhold your criticism you will witness these things being corrected

        • I know, the new GSD GM came with his own set of baggage, troubles and history from his old job.

          There was a GSD Board meeting last night, and at the meeting it was revealed by GSD staff and stated in public; the chlorine contact chamber pipe that “exploded” and caused all these problems and money was only installed for the benefit of the Southern Humboldt Community Park (Park) and the “potential growth at the Park” to use GSD water service. And the new GM claimed the 30 inch pipe “exploded”? But yet has no clue how it happened or what caused it to “explode”. He also agreed that the first thing he thought about was its location, since it was built in a natural wetland with high seismic activity and landslide probability (and they have already had one big landslide since the new GM was hired).

          Here’s the articles:

          No one twisted the new GSD GM’s arm to work there. And he is being paid very well. But you are correct, some of these issues did come before he got the job, but he has done nothing to fix it. Where does the buck stop at GSD?

          For example, why would he still want to repair the broken pipe, since the Park does not want GSD water? Given the fact, that pipe was only for the Park?

          BTW, it wasn’t “Garberville” that did anything to me, it was people that do not respect the river and its wildlife habitat…

  • Y’all should filter and boil your water anyways, that chlorine is no better than shit in the water.

  • I just found out today!…Nov 27…??? No notice from the water district…no phone call…no letter I could be sick or dead …

  • Maybe more people in Garberville should go to the GSD Board meeting tonight and ask questions?

    Here is what was stated by GSD in 2014 when they had the landslide into the Surface Water Treatment Plant:

    During the design review process in December 2011, GSD and its consulting engineers, SHN Engineering, decided to lower construction costs by decreasing the footprint of the plant and eliminating the retaining wall that was part of the original design, Short reported.

    “The design was a good one on paper, but the amount of water that comes out of the hillside was much higher than estimated, and the competency of the soils was not as good as the boring pits indicated,” Short said in her written report to the GSD board.

    Maybe all the weight of that earth, mud, debris and equipment caused the pipe to crack? After all, it was build on a natural wetland…

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