Good Samaritans Rescue Driver From Overturned Truck

Photo provided by a reader

A Ford Focus and a pickup truck collided near the Guintoli Lane/Highway 101 on-ramp around 2:45 p.m., according to the California Highway Patrol incident page.

A reader tells us the truck flipped on its side and the driver was trapped inside. People nearby rushed over to flip the truck back onto its wheels and get the driver out.

According to the CHP page, no one was injured in the crash. Avoid the area if possible.



  • Hey kym you should run this story! I think it pertains to the triangle and i think people should join this lawsuit everywhere,..just saying

  • Good Job!

  • Wow! ! That’s a lot of wt to flip! !

  • If your a civilian you can do that and be applauded ,however if your a trained first response you’d be chastised and let go over it.Was on an accident similar to this as a responder,had to wait over 1/2 hour to get rig secured with straps an use inflatable bags to move it 6 inches at a time, any two of us could have pushed the small car back onto its wheels in seconds but once your trained you can’t do things the easy way

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