Traffic Collision Near South Scotia on Hwy 101 After Pursuit

High speed pursuit

[Photo by Oliver Cory]

One person has been detained after a traffic accident on Hwy 101 about 10:40 p.m. on Hwy 101 south of Scotia during a pursuit by law enforcement of a suspect vehicle.

According to scanner traffic, previous to the accident, a passenger exited the vehicle at the Scotia exit. Law enforcement is now searching for a white male adult with a mustache and brown hair in his 40’s in the Scotia area. An ambulance, other emergency personnel, and more law enforcement are responding to the scene.



  • it makes you wonder, a hi speed chase in rainy weather, one of the vehicles operators is probably impaired. now there are 2 maybe 3 vehicles endangering everybodys life on the hwy or freeway. trees being the immovable object. maybe a tiny bit of common sense should be applied, and refrain from hi speed chases, the perp is outnumbered anyway. let moms get their babies off the hi way before you start the first heat of the race.

    • So people keep saying. What’s your solution to stopping them other than letting every criminal and/or drunk get away the minute they are willing to speed?

      Subsequently proving who the driver was, let alone if they were impaired at the time, or who was even in the car,even if it is not stolen, would need a huge investigation and court trial with accompanying cost and rate of failure to convict problem. If stolen, catching them’s going to rare. This is real life, not a scripted TV show with 10 police cars available for every traffic stop to intercept if they chose not to pull over. Besides the local police helicopters – which we don’t have anyway- can’t fly in bad weather- which we do have.

      Then of course, they may simply continue to drive and kill the purported innocent victims of high speed chases anyway. As have numbers of unseen drunk driver have done over the years.

  • Once the plate has been identified, the cop needs to back off if there is ANY danger to the public. The owner can be located, the vehicle impounded & an investigation launched.
    The risk of injury or death, and even property damage, are really not worth the drama.
    In my opinion

    • Agreed , but when the cops do finally catch up to them, no trial, guilty of driving impaired , fine em and jail em for 30 days , next

  • Just because the car/truck has a plate doesn’t mean you’ll find the driver/owner locally. There are thousands of cars from out of the area/state that still have their town/state of origin and AREN”T on the local grid. So if a driver does a hit and run, escapes but you got the plate, he’s possibly not going to have a convenient address for you to drive to. You can put out a “be on the lookout for” and hope and wait. However, in the meantime, the perp gets away.

  • Right. Blame the cops and not the driver. I have no special love for law enforcement, but far too many people drive way too fast for conditions. Rather than waste time and energy second-guessing how law enforcement should respond — does anyone actually know what really happened or is everyone just speculating? — we should think hard about what we can do, individually and as a community — to do about reckless drivers.
    BTW, I drove past the scene yesterday and wondered what was going on. Thanks, Kym, for the report.

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