Accident off Hwy 101 Near Fernbridge

pickup accident

[Photo provided by a reader]

At approximately 10:42 a.m., a vehicle struck a bank and flipped over the edge of southbound Hwy 101 just north of the Fernbridge offramp. The vehicle itself is not impacting traffic. However, emergency vehicles will be responding to the area. Please drive extra carefully in the area.



  • People got to learn to keep it under a hundred miles per hour

  • Perfect spot to be caught unaware of the road curving to the left -when texting you low life!!! A good guess to begin with. This spot is becoming common for the same accidents. Caltrans needs to put up CAPS and a barrier.

    • That would require something constructive of them & NOT involve (possibly?) damaging thousand year old trees!!! WAY TOO Much to hope for!!!!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Also, put aside your devices and DRIVE so you are aware of ambient conditions and road characteristics. Doh, who knew?

    • Before you judge you should know he went off the highway from a spot above this… this picture was taken after the tow truck pulled the truck down the hillside.

  • Common vehicle crash spot.

  • I don’t text or talk in the car. So if it comes down to that, throw the book at them. If it is because of bad driving, they don’t need to be driving. Driving is a privilege and not a right.

  • Wow. There is a lot of judgementalism in here! I wonder about the psychology of that. I suspect it’s a fear response coupled with faulty logic and bad ethics. (i.e. If it only happens to lowlives and losers then it shouldn’t happen to me.) Except that crap and death both happen to everyone eventually. And except that by being judgemental, one drops to the bottom rung of the lowlife ladder perchance. At least that’s what Christ said.

    • It’s probably just guilt, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…,there how does it feel to “guess judged”

  • You’ll have these things.

  • Ok I know the person that was in this crash and there is no way he was texting or speeding, he usualy drives 5 miles under the limit and is one of the most safety conscious people I know. You should all stop jumping to conclusions

    • The person you are all bashing is a Great guy and a hard worker, I have known him for many years ,he is kind and caring not a tweeker. So all you haters out there quite hating on a person you don’t even Know .

  • The comment section is ALWAYS filled with judgement and speculation.

  • Thank you to the two voices of reason. . I know this guy. He would not be texting, or be stupid. . Sometimes, shit happens. And Ernestine has the right of it…major psych is being demonstrated.

  • *See’s The bandwagon and merrily jumps on. Begins randomly making asnine accusations and judgemental suppositions. *

    “Not texting and driving eh? Must have been high. On ALL the drugs. Not just one. But ALL”

  • I know this guy and he is one of the most professional people I know. He never drives under the influence and is quite a safety nut when it comes to heavy equipment and even his own personal rig.

  • I was driving northbound when my dad yelled that a truck had just lost control I saw it just as it flipped down the embankment. I ran across the highway(yes I made sure it was clear) and could have sworn whoever was inside was gone. He had accidentally drifted to the left then it looked as if he had over corrected which cause him to hit the embankment. He barely missed 2 big trees head on but then he rolled a few times and it landed in the roof. It took him a couple of minutes to get out. Another witness was there as well. The location of the truck made it difficult to try to get down there but he made it out luckily with only a couple of scratches. He was definitely not on his phone as it was in his pocket, which he would have definitely lost in the truck with that kind of wreck.

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