Senator McGuire announces $4.8 million Opioid Addiction House Center

A full house of about 240 people came to the town hall meeting hosted by Senator Mike McGuire and 4th District Supervisor Virginia Bass at the Sequoia Conference Center in Eureka on Tuesday, November 14. Also in attendance were Humboldt County Sheriff Honsal, and Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson.

In his opening speech, McGuire spoke of the opioid crisis in America as the worst in America’s history and he said Humboldt County has been hit harder than many areas. He offered the following statistics. Humboldt County has

  • 5 times the mortality rate compared to the statewide average when it comes to opioid addiction
  • 2 times higher hospitalization rate for opioid overdoses than the rest of California
  • Between 80% and 90% higher prescription rate for opioids than the rest of California

Then he offered solutions. “We’re proud to be announcing a 4.8 million investment in the opening of a results-driven new opioid addiction health center here in Humboldt County in the coming months,” he said. This will be run by Aegis Treatment Centers, LLC. based out of Canoga Park, California. The Center is to open within 12 to 18 months from now, according to the Senator.

Below is a video of McGuire’s address in which he also spoke of needle disposal sites being set up.

Senator McGuire stated, “While there will be challenges ahead, together, we can do this.”

Later, 4th District Supervisor Virginia Bass spoke about needle disposal sites being set up in areas within the County that have yet to be determined.

Aegis Treatment CEO Alex Dodd was part of the panel and made a presentation about Aegis Treatment Center’s 31 Clinics in California, with 660 employees, 250 councilors, and 25 doctors along with 60 nurses. The company’s mission statement is to “help our patients gain the skills and confidence to lead drug free lives…” Dodd stated that using a combination of treatment and medication is best.

EPD Chief Watson spoke when the public in attendance brought up the issue of the influx of used needles being found in Eureka and in Humboldt county. He stated,

We have met twice so far with Harm reduction programs in the county, Department of Health and Human Services, City of Eureka, City manager and himself…We learned there was some practices that changed in the last couple years that may have contributed to the huge influx of needle use in our city including for a time…going to a needs based distribution of needles away from a one-for-one type model…We secured some promises or agreements for some changes in current practices…If followed up on, I would expect a result fairly dramatic reduction in the number of needles in town.

Below is Watson’s full response via video.

More meetings like this one will be scheduled after the beginning of the New Year.



  • Hope it helps, now can we PLEASE do something about the METH!

  • Thanks. Just do something about the people!

    Rehab is just the start…

  • Aren’t they a little bit behind the times? The entire northcoast, not just Humboldt, has turned to drugs and od’s.
    I wonder what the stats were before the timber, tourism and fishing industry collapsed.

    • Check out the recent documentaries on Tijuana, Pakistan, Nigeria (12 yr olds on heroin eating human flesh raping girls and carrying AK-47’s), Ohio, Mass, Rhode Island.. or one of the two from Russia/Ukraine.

    • Good point, shak. That caused many more problems than just lost jobs. That led to lost wages, depression, drug use, alcohol use, homes lost and taken over by people moving here, broken homes, homelessness and crime. Terrible what our communities have turned into.

      • Yes, OMG, very much so. To top it off, the state’s officials have discovered that there isn’t enough money in the budget to cover their fancy dinners, campaigns, pensions, raises, travel expenses, underground shelters, and whatnots, due to their increases in taxes while decreasing the jobs that provided them the luxuries they’ve become accustomed to. This is why they’ve turned to foreigners to bail them out for a day or two.

    • Shak, I know that when Big Timber was happening in Fort Bragg, it was considered a world-class (?) Speed Capitol. When Timber took off for bigger forests, the loggers were left holding the bag… of speed.

  • So they invited the public to a public meeting, only to announce the presence of a company opening something. That seems more than a little bait-and-switchy.

    I read the email invite, there was no mention the meeting would be hijacked for private gain.

  • It’s a start. And at least they know we have a serious problem that’s the first step. I hope they do what they say

  • 4.8 million dollar gift to an LLC that runs methadone clinics for profit.

    • how much have we given to airlines over the last decade to come here but then pull out after learning it was a bad decision? we spent more money on one section of the bay trail (5.1 million). how much did we give Danco for the Town Downer? I would assume that this facility, which we need, is in the mid 8 digits and they will need to accept Medicaid. we don’t even have an dentist in Humboldt capable of removing wisdom teeth that takes Medicaid.


    So…. is this going to be the safe-injection site?

  • Check it out… Drugs and guns actually don’t just jump into peoples hands.

    I’m afraid the notion of “the(se) people”, as mentioned above by Balzoff (unless you are one of “those people” with a tail, antlers, or some other not-so-sapien characteristic) is troublesome to say the least. You are actually no better no worse. A different childhood, a different education (or one at all), an opportunity from a friend/colleague for which you were aware enough to abide, a loving mentor, a passion found, a long look in a mirror, whatever it is, I’m happy for you. But let me explain that first sentence… (Cause really, the only Self-Made-Man I’ve seen lives in the Washington Rainforest, had a TV show documenting his self-making-IT, be it bows for fire sticks for shelter hides for shoes saps for wounds traps for coons or shale to slice)

    Read: WE NEED EACH OTHER. Whoever said “The best thing for people is people” = Yes.

    The only actual birthright of the European American: THIS IS OURS. The rest of our history is a sideshow. The sides with no dead turkey. Like the US Army paying the NFL for a recital of the National Anthem. Like Thanksgiving or Columbus Day. Bread and Circus. It was and is a mad grab. Sorry fellas but we’re gonna need more.. and more…and more… have some blankets… there’s gold in them their Black Hills.. how bout we add to our narrative of choice with some nice white faces carved on your most sacred of mountains. You gotta believe.. as Sam Cutler laughs he says, “No one drives around England in search of England!”.
    What do you think we’re looking for? The truth?

    Drugs and guns actually DON’T just jump into peoples hands. a culture of over-consumption, under-reflection, trauma (often downplayed=get over stepdads grabs already!), abuse (also aligned with just the way it is antics), and constant competition… Some aren’t built for and some never get their fill… add that to a value system in need of serious review. Call me crazy, plenty do, but i see life as infinitely inherently and intrinsically more valuable a resource than dirty green paper, or it’s present form as numbers on a screen. The life can be molded to most anything, the other, well.. it kinda isn’t real. Another waking dreamtime reality ..can you imagine what would happen to our economy if for one month everyone with 50 pairs of pants and 20 pairs of shoes, a well running car, or a daily Coke and Pepsi habit,… didn’t buy a new one(s)? Free Fallin. Or maybe Drumpf eggs on Young-n-Ill till another empire falls.. Read history much?

    I was around 10 when my grandfather, a progressive ready to judo drop at the wrong comment (famous for letting the all lunch counters in the neighborhood his black employees would be welcomed there whenever and wherever they wanted), a WWII infantryman, and very successful businessman drove me around the slums of our city. Intentionally. The worst of the worst. My family wasn’t rich, yet—actually that was when my castle was consumed by the sea—but we had a house. A comfortable one. What I saw sticks with me to this day. I’ve wanted little to do with this “game” since. ((Save for highly unpopular writing)) The high of a few stacks wears off quick, worry for the next comes in quick. As dads pockets grew he moved out, I was locked up, mom was drunk on the couch, I guess I didn’t see the improvements of the bigger house. Emptiness went unfilled. (For a bitter old man with only short answers his funeral was standing room only, in a huge room).

    The Great American Opiate Crisis was comparable, arguably worse in terms of availability, bout 200 years ago, according to Harpers, in the late 1800’s almost two tons were reaching this young and MUCH smaller nation annually. However, as this was Pre-“Drug War”, Narcotic Act, et al.. before Spice, Fentanyl, Carfentanyl, the Bath Salt, and the billionaire Pharma families prohibition has provided, overdose deaths were significantly lower.

    It’s just so much easier to judge the individual than the entire Cosby Show.

    It’s the high functioning ones that scare me most. The ones after something= but you won’t know what till it’s gone. Your heart, your kids, your money, your time, your harvest, your business, your CC#’s, your wife, your STORY!,… “But they weren’t an addict!” How could someone… in a culture of consumption… of constant competition (more like outright thievery hot blankets and rape)

    At least when you bump into the street junkie you know their needs: A little heroin, a cold meal, and a lukewarm bed. Easy enough.. if WE if ,ANYONE, really cared.. Let em have it. Along with an absolutely necessary productive place in society. I repeat myself….. (Do you have any idea how much work it is waking up broke, making $200, yet going to bed broke to do it again actually is??)

    I think it’s nice to see after 20 years of “no methadone needed here” Eureka might be looking to use a few more of the tools in the belt. I also question the motives of those at the Recovery Centers of America Convention at the Bellagio… SHAMSA. They want paychecks, not empty beds. Love thy neighbor/sister/father/cousin, especially, double when they just don’t have it in em to love themselves. Tough Love is Fake News. XXOO

    Hey Senator, All Due Respect: Don’t forget the IBOGAINE.

    Or… maybe there’s a multi-million dollar contract somewhere in this crisis…

    • Thank you for writing this. It’s spot on.

    • Productivity is a key principle to a happy life, whether it’s music, art, literature, clothing, transportation, housing, nourishment, it’s all important. Those who can’t produce soon fall into a state of being only a consumer. A consumer of goods that was created off of someone elses own time, energy, money, and skills. We become thieves. This has a devastating affect on self and on those we have to steal from. Even if we don’t steal from others directly, we vote through a ballot to have the state steal for us. If others protest the act of theft, our vote for stealing from them has a built in enforcement program. You protest theft, you are cuffed at the point of a gun and tossed into a cement cell.
      Consumerism without productivity equals welfare and dependence upon the State. This is how we build a state of self declared “victims”. Being a victim of your own ballot choices is a hard one to own up to, especially when you know you are responsible for sending men with guns to arrest Joe Blow who couldn’t afford to register his work car & pay the fines tickets for using his unregistered car to get to work and back.
      Eventually we run out of producers.
      There should be a law against declaring “there should be a law”. Actually, there is, it’s called the Constitution.
      There is absolutely no constitutional authority to forbid a person from being productive, yet we are constantly bombarded with laws that do just that. You want to open a lemonaide stand? Get a city permit, state permit, federal permit, environmental permit, hazard permit, fda approval permit, first. If you’ve gotten this far, enjoy your pennies that will also be taxed if you spend them or save them or leave them to somebody in your will.
      None of this is American.
      I agree, there is probably a multi-million dollar contract somewhere in this crisis.

      • YES.

        (It’s early yet..)

        “We used to make sh*t in this country, build sh*t, now we stick our hand in the next guys pocket”

  • What a joke.
    Why not address the real issue here?
    Like #HACHR and their lack of transparency and responsibility in adding to the discarded needles?
    This meeting was a waste of the tax payers time and gave us no assistance for the immediate future.

  • There was talk in Eureka about opening a methadone clinic back in the ’80s and ’90s but it was just us junkies then, not everybody, so there was no incentive to pay millions to a private limited liability corporation for one.
    Glad I gave up waiting for it to happen and just got clean instead.

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