[UPDATE 8:21 p.m.] Accident in Front of Carlotta Post Office

Traffic Collision Car AccidentCarlotta and Hydesville Volunteer Fire Departments are rushing to the scene of an accident in front of the Carlotta Post Office at approximately 8 p.m. They are being told that an occupant needs extrication.

UPDATE 8:11 p.m.: The Incident Commander reports that the vehicle is unoccupied and all the other fire crews responding can be canceled.

UPDATE 8:17 p.m.: The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page reports that this is a Dodge Caravan upsidedown in a culvert about 10 feet off the roadway. 

UPDATE 8:21 p.m.: A woman reportedly was backing up and backed into a ditch and rolled over. She was uninjured.



  • idiots abound, and they vote!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Some are idiots because they don’t vote. That’s how we got DJT. Still hoping Ernie B. will help us understand how kind, decent people could do this to us. The DJT-Repub. tax plan hurts small businesses and the middle class. There must be a lot of anger out there. One day, today’s kids will deserve an answer as to what happened to us, what we did to ourselves. Last post I remember, Ernie was worried about Hillary stealing the election. Har, har, har de har har. The crazy extremist haters, paranoiacs, xenophobes, racists I can understand, but many very nice people decided to pull the bilge plug on the American Experiment. We sink lower every day.

  • Glad driver was ok.

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