City of Arcata Invites You to Celebrate Zero Waste Day

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

City of Arcata

The air is crisp and trees change color as fall arrives with Thanksgiving just around the corner. While the holiday season is a happy time for all, it can also be the most wasteful time of the year. For example, Americans spend approximately $3.2 billion every year on wrapping paper and single-use gift bags, most of which are sent to the landfill. On November 15, 2017, the City of Arcata in collaboration with local businesses and organizations will be celebrating Zero Waste Day to promote the concepts of zero waste and to encourage the community to participate in practicing zero waste principles.

To help combat these issues, the City of Arcata recently adopted the Zero Waste Action Plan to divert at least 90% of waste generated in the community from landfills and incinerators within 10-15 years. Zero waste is a community-wide movement that requires participation from everyone. To help you reduce your waste, the City will also be releasing a Zero Waste Guide for Arcata residents on Zero Waste Day.

From 11am-2pm on November 15, the City of Arcata will be partnering with the North Coast Co-op and several local waste reduction groups including Zero Waste Humboldt, Campus Center for Appropriate Technology, Waste Reduction & Resources Awareness Program, and the Northcoast Environmental Center, to demonstrate ways that you can reduce your waste. Stay tuned for events other local events happening on November 15, and how you can participate in helping Arcata reach our Zero Waste goal. What will you do to make a difference?

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