The DMV is Going to Withhold Your Registration If You Don’t Pay Off Your Parking Tickets, Says EPD

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department:

Photo from EPD’s Facebook page.

The Eureka Police Department has partnered with Phoenix Group Information Systems to modernize parking enforcement ticket and payment processing for the City of Eureka.

In addition to replacing an outdated database with a web-based solution, citizens are now able to pay and contest parking tickets believed to be issued in error on a secured website. Citizens can access the City of Eureka Parking Enforcement website at or through a link on the Eureka Police Department website.

Failure to pay parking tickets under the new system will result in vehicle registration being withheld with the Department of Motor Vehicles rather than being sent to a third party debt collector.

Individuals with outstanding parking fees are encouraged to contact Eureka Police Department Parking Enforcement at 707-441-4073. Payments are also accepted in person at Eureka Police Department, 604 C St. during office hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, excluding holidays.



  • Not sure why they didn’t do this a long time ago instead of paying such a big chunk of the fines to the collection agency.

  • Another reason to purchase online rather than in Eurtweaker…

    • This comment is the inverse of what I was thinking: why doesn’t eureka just let people park so they come down and not go elsewhere?? Arcata can afford to make a mint with parking Tix. They got different geography, different socio economy etc. Eureka needs to make a few more parking lots for employees and then leave the rest alone for the benefit of their businesses

      • dude where's my car?

        I’ll pay for parking downtown when they clean up the trash and needles. Until then I’ll shirk paying the city anything.

  • If the government does it is it still extortion?

  • They have been doing it the last couple of years or at least Arcata, Fortuna, all toll roads, ecspecially the golden gate. See it every day with renewals. Pay or you just dont get your tags.

    • due where's my car?

      Not so much on tolls. It’s a little selective. Even more so if you have out of state plates, a new car that isn’t registered with the state yet, or a number of other things. Then again, look around town and see how many people with expired tags are driving around. Lots, and lots and lots of cars. With holding registration really isn’t a deterrent.

  • Another way to make it less possible for the poor to survive in Amerika

    • The poor should be exempt from punishment for disobeying rules?

      • tired of all this

        Free parking helps business.

      • Punishments should not be monetary or should be based on a sliding scale. that way they are an equal deterrent and punishment for everyone.

        I wonder if it confuses people that our usernames are nearly identical?

    • Or you can just pay your fucking ticket and not blame everything under the sun, just yourself. Whine about something fucking real instead of something made up. Pay your fucking ticket you are the one that screwed the pooch.

      • due where's my car?

        Yeah”Steve” because we all have time go go argue in court over being 6 inches over the line right? How about you just STFU and don’t drive.

  • When taxes are used to pay for roads and parking, they have already been paid for by the people using them. What they are doing is charging you for your meal, then charging you to sit down to eat it

  • The real story here is that EPD is compelling citizens to do business with a private for profit business which collects personal data. I believe this may be illegal. It certainly should be.

    They also charge a fee for using the service. This fee should be deducted from the citation.

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