Woman Injured After Jumping Out of Dump Truck West of Briceland

Woman jumped from dump truck

This afternoon, a woman was injured jumping from a dump truck near Huckleberry Hill. [Photo by John Casali]

A woman who jumped from a dump truck on the Briceland Thorn Road near Huckleberry Hill was badly injured today. According to John Casali who lives nearby, “She was pretty bloody…I covered her with some blankets.”

Casali said the local volunteer fire departments arrived quickly at the scene. “The ambulance showed up and we put her on a stretcher,” he said.

According to Casali, later, a Reach helicopter flew over and may have been going to meet the ground ambulance at a nearby landing zone.




  • Crazy times around here these days….

  • Why was she in the dump truck in the first place??

    Very strange……….

  • She quickly learned that it was not the rock she was looking for. Lol 😝. In all seriousness hope she’s ok

  • Seriously though, no mention to why she was in a freaking dump truck in the first place and felt the need to jump out!?! What the heck??!!

  • It seems like there is something more to the story… obviously there is limited information at this time but why would she jump from the dump truck? Failed brakes? Kidnapping? Seems fishy

  • From the cab or the back of the dump truck?

    Was the truck going west or east?

    Not that it makes much difference to how my own life works out, but it’s hard to visualize it when all I can get is that a woman apparently jumped from a dump truck on at Huckleberry Hill.

    • I agree. Was she in the truck against her will? Did she go crazy? Was the truck stopped and she thought she could land gracefully? Wtf is going on around here??

      And I thought cassali left the area a few years ago?

      • Don’t know the area, but if it was down hill the answer to why she jumped may be the traditional reason most people jump out of dump trucks. Usually it is the result of poor brake maintenance combined with a driver of limited experience. ‘Course this is Humboldt, so no telling.

  • it was copter 102 that picked her up. other med choppers declined because of weather. way to go cal fire!

  • Good guys to have around!

  • Did the dump truck driver stop to help her? If not, is that considered hit and run? Or leaving the scene of an accident?

  • I hope she is one of the many missing females🙏

    • Wwhhhaatttt!?

    • If you know of specific missing females you should let the sheriff know they are missing. If there is a (road?) Rash of missing women, then lets see a list, so that we can verify this is a thing.

      • There most definitely is a rash, have you ever heard of the Humboldt 5? They found some girl’s skull down by the river just last year, identified as Danielle Bertolini, a girl missing from the Fortuna area. It stretches back to the 90s in the Karen Mitchell case and Beyond.

        • Charles Engebretson

          Allways been like that..some years ago(between five and ten) a state trooper pulled a guy over headed up towards willow creek and noticed something strange in the bed of his pickup..turned out to be a drugged woman with all her clothes and possesions gone under a tarp with shovels and other digging tools

  • OUCH! Road rash is serious business. Jumping from a moving vehicle could have killed them.hope they’ll be ok.

  • So was she the driver? Passenger? Was she just holding on to the rear bumper for a free ride? Wtf why so vague?

  • I just want the whole story not the scanner chatter~

    This is why I’m not a fan of scanner journalism. It never makes sence or tells the story. It just fill the pages of a blog. What happened to real journalism?

    • I’d love to give the full story. But a) I’m not sure I ever will be able to do so as patient’s privacy rights trump your right to know. b) it’s a holiday weekend and law enforcement has not responded to repeated calls on more important stories that I haven’t even posted about.

      So, I give as much information as is possible. (In this case, not from a scanner but from a witness.) If you’d rather have no information, you are, of course, able to skim by without reading. But this minimal story allows those who want as much information as possible to access it.

      Also, real journalism is available, you just have to pay for it. Here you get free reporting and occasionally I can squeeze in some actual researched journalism. I will gladly accept donations to hire some help which would allow more of that though. If you would like to send a check, my address is PO Box 182 Phillipsville, CA 95559

  • More questions than answers here

  • I see the chump is back must have had a good crop this year .Well done .as to the woman jumping out of a dump truck clearly she didn’t like the driver,and you da man John Casali

  • She is a shelter cove woman angry, opened door as a threat to jump and the force of the door going up hill, west, pulled her out. Her head was bleeding quite a bit, road rash on shoulder, one leg hurt real bad. She did not loose consciousness. I kept her talking, slid a clean shirt under her head, and covered her with plastic to keep the rain off. JOHN and BOBBY directed traffic for 20 min. Or more till fire guys, peter and one other man got to the scene and took over. IT really gives you a good feeling to help someone wether you know them or not, you leave feeling warm, satisfied.. IF WE EACH JUST HELPED A STRANGER, FOR NO REASON BUT THEY NEED IT, WHAT A DIFFERENT PLACE THIS WOULD BE. I pray for her recovery and that she grows from this mistake

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