The Fourth Annual Golden Tarp Awards Will Be November 18th at the Mateel Community Center

This is a press release from the Mateel Community Center:

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  • I actually can’t find anything to criticize here….They are keeping the kids away, we do grow good weed here, nothing wrong with depping ( if you don’t light up the night), they are not celebrating the mega-ballers and they have kept it local (not shipped it to Santa Rosa), AND it’s at our Mateel…. Right on! See you there!

    • True dat but….pretty ironic that the pic poster shows a mom n pop grow out n the hills. This will be no more and will shunned upon by media and mega grows. Here goes the last of it humboldt….enjoy the last “real” cup. From here on out you will know no one who attends these cups anymore. All suit n ties and advertising pot gurus from the Bay. Locals pushed out by greenrushers who are then pushed out by corporations! Sad

  • And what percentage of those involved have permits? Stupid fucking growers.

    • Permits are for butt-licking cowards just begging to be made compliant. The sell-outs and fools with no guts. They will see come January 1st that their county permit don’t mean squat. But by then they will have already turned themselves in and paid many thousands of dollars in their ill pursuit of being a legitimate butt-kisser corporate ho-bag. Just my opinion!

      • I think I agree mostly with Farce, although my thinking is a little more circumspect now. I *do* think that when the permitted butt lickers get funneled into track and trace, they will see how a really flooded market will look. The black market guys are facing headwinds with the planning dept letters going out like crazy. That’s going to make it tough. Only the really ballsy black market growers are going to go up against those fines. We will see… pass the popcorn

    • So, if hey had permits, you would be cool wit the event?

      @It’s a Farce, keep it real buddy, keep it real. Nothing wrong with that. Cant you show some love for the “butt-kisser”? Funny that you think jan 1st, a county permit will “mean squat”, because in reality, its worth a lot.

  • all this will be a thing of the past soon. happy times ahead, no more greedy growers destroying the land and bringing crime. let big ag handle it down south. sure the economy will take a hit but it’s a small price to pay to get rid of scumbags.

    • the local tweakers will hold the full moon creep awards, displaying your hard earned valuables and trading them for small amounts of poison. feel free to research the mug shots you see in the news, you will learn they won’t be going anywhere and they will still need to creep to support their hard drug lifestyle. even if that day comes, you probably won’t admit what the real problem is in Humboldt.

    • All the mega legal growers are greedy. Duh! No more crime..riiigghhhttt. Do you read the news? No more destroying the planet? You are living in a dream world sicofthem

  • Come see Diggin Dirt afterwards at Stone Junction!!!

  • Why? Light dep season ended a while ago. We had an excellent outdoor season, with a bone dry harvest.
    Maybe because the Emerald Cup is a joke. 3/4 of the entries get disqualified due to contamination or being sprayed with poison.
    They don’t return the disqualified herb, they sell it.
    That’s a fact that can easily be proven.

  • I see green people

    Is it just me or does that whole poster look like oscar the grouch? Or maybe a green Cookie Monster….

  • I’LL BE HAPPY TO SEE THEM ALL GO!!!! We will never be the same again,but maybe it will be good around here again. 🌱

    • Who, going where?? Too funny. You really think the cannabis industry is going to disappear? It is going to slim down and a bunch of these dipshits that moved up here just to grow, will being leaving.

      • Ask Hopland how many hops they grow these days or Cloverdale why they have an exit called Citrus Fair Drive. The predominant crop in an area changes often. Sometimes, like Cloverdale, you just happen to be in early on a new trend but once it catches on and that perfect climate is found elsewhere, poof! Vanished like a magic trick. The only orange tree left in that town is at the historical center and it’s actually the first one planted there, it’s still alive but the industry is long gone, that’s how fast things can change. I bet oranges used to have sweet profit margins.

        • People can keep telling themselves that cannabis will disappear from Humboldt, but I don’t buy into that thought. It will decline as the asshats get weeded out, but it will not completely vanish. I hear ya tho

  • Toothless Reggaeroach

    I like reggae better because theres a better variety of drugs there. And more traveling chickens which ups the odds.

    • Don't blow it now !

      So many ways to fuck up the product …

      Drying / curing 101:
      Light and heat are the enemy!!

      — Skylights on this warehouse are pouring essense and color depleting light onto product!! – total fail.

      —propane is a WET HEAT–another fail.

      Best set up is a dry heat source / dehums / fans/ and dark or extremely low light.

      Install a thermometer and moniter it and the humidity of the room constantly. Ideal temp : 70*-80* (first day or two temps can be a bit on high side to reduce risk of molding on the line)

      Ideal humidity 40-50%

      Ppl make so many bad errors at the end and the product goes off color mildewy & flattened from being stored too wet or reduced to crumbs from being over dry .. focus !

  • What are the results?

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