Vehicle Stolen by SWAT Gear Wearing Armed Robbers Located in River Today

Humboldt COunty Sheriff's OfficeJust before 1 p.m. today, the black 1996 Ford Explorer (which was stolen along with a white Chevy pickup and approximately 1000 pounds of marijuana) was located partially submerged in the Klamath River, confirmed  Lt. Mike Fridley of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

An officer is responding to the 13000 block of Johnson Road off Hwy 169 between Klamath Glen and Martin’s Ferry to evaluate the vehicle.

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Possibly related armed robberies:



  • Wait…. The weed was still in the trailer, in the river? Sounds like a personal grudge to me.

    • No, only the black Ford Explorer was found in the river. I was attempting to explain which vehicle by describing the other things stolen at the same time. I’ve added some parenthesis. See if that helps.

  • this is starting to sound just as fabricated as the expensive hit in Manhattan on Halloween. no one in hupa would put 1,000 pounds in the river, end of story. update: i should have read the story first.

  • I’m torn… world’s dumbest criminals? Or were they actually smart and realized they were gonna get caught or spotted with all that?

  • Only the Black Explorer was found in the river the way I read it.

  • Counting coup?

  • Nope. Read it again. They found the black truck (that was stolen along with 1000 lbs of weed and a white truck.)

    Pretty sure the white truck and weed are still missing.

  • Scooter got it right,read it again…..

  • I’d be interested to know if all 3 incidents with SWAT wearing folks stealing vehicles were the same bunch in an attempt to distract and confuse. It seemed like there were 6 vehicles total stolen — 2 on Bald Hills, 2 in Redwood Valley, and 2 in Redwood National Park. Plus the pot, shoes, etc..

  • Sweet. Crime breeds crime

    • Criminals breed more criminals. That`s why we need a strong, progressive eugenics program. Sterilizing anyone convicted of a serious crime of violence will be a common sense first step toward eliminating many different classes of undesirable, unproductive and generally inferior people.

      • Let’s start with you first!!! If you step out of line no matter how small the offense then it’s a Mandatory sterilization for you!!!

        • I had it done years ago. Cost $350 and I watched the whole procedure in a mirror.

          I wouldn`t as anyone to do something I wouldn`t do. The only real leader leads from the front. I`m thinking about running for dictator.

          Oh, if you have this done, the Dr. will advise you to “take it easy and avoid heavy work”. I learned the hard way that loading re-bar is considered heavy work.

      • John, Sounds like you and Margaret Sanger would get along.

        • You`re quite correct!! I`m a huge admirer of Margaret Sanger, actually. There are 7 billion humans on Earth; the population is increasing at a rate of 12,000 tons per day of new humans. How long can we keep this up?

          We allow — sometimes even encourage — the reproduction by those physically, or mentally weak and unfit or actually defective. This is rapidly reversing the results of hundreds of thousands of years of natural selection.

          We must recognize this, take steps to reverse this degeneracy. If we don`t nature is going to do it for us. Nature always bats last…..

          • John ripper it seems like u are stuck in the past when stupid leaders, lead millions to be raped and killed, this type of abuse isn’t native Americans original nature, it’s sick pricks that forced that on innocent people, leading to centuries of trauma, so shove of, and dont worry About the deep hate for white or “right” leaders, have your 15 minutes of fame on this stupid story [edit]

          • A typical techno-view of simple ansers to solve the world problems. Just elemimate the expendables. Maybe just extend that into ‘deplorables’ also. Or maybe those who are ‘untrainable’. Same old song and dance the Democratic Party has supported depopulation through abortion, election fraud, filling the ‘plantation’ with guns and drugs in stratically urban areas to depopulate Balck Americans and others. Just like Obama’s ‘home town’ Chicago with his little buddy Rahm as mayor. What a crafty POS X-POTUS globalist traitor he is. Same with Margret Sanger and her legion of de-humanized SJW zombie followers like you are a disgrace and a threat to society. You and your ‘progressive’ liberal BS cult are the real NAZI’s in sheeps clothing here.

  • Yeah a buddy back in the day had it done,then mowed a big ass yard, liked to of disabled him for a good week, said he felt great while doing the lawn…

  • Pick a few nice days each week for a couple weeks and have two plain clothes couples park 2 vehicles at a hiking trail, and act like they are going on a hike. Leave a back pack and laptop a little bit in plain view on the back seat. Set up the real swat team in the woods ahead of time and wait. The couples leave the area for 30 min and return. Might take several tries, but worth it if thy catch even someone breaking the window to get the stuff. Maybe even use out of state plates. Bait Car, Bait Car, Bait Car !!! They work. And with motorcycles and bicycles.

    • See that would work if leos could make money from that. But the way it is verses the way it should be doesnt work well. To keep their jobs and funding there needs to be crimes so people will agree to higher taxes. They do the bait car thing in areas where insurance companies offer them money or gifts for doing so. Leos just need numbers to show they are trying but high crime equals larger budgets for them so there is no real reason to end crime for them. It just promotes more jobs

  • What's ours is ours, what's yours is ours....................

    Was any of the grow on Indian land? If it was maybe the robbers were doing a “take back”.

  • Loose lips sinks ships .what if the guys that ripped the 1000 # of weed .gets ripped off buy someone else .that would be what goes around comes around . I hope my grammar and punctuation and spelling is correct.

  • How is the catch n release program working out? I have little doubt when caught, we’ll find out they have a long history.

    I personally think if you go to prison, should be for life. If its not bad enough for life, then why prison? Makes it damn near impossible to get a real job after prison… And often the person can only turn to crime for a living.

    Top paying jobs in the country now are Government if its legal. Or tech (college degree type jobs). Talk about being privileged…

    I wish Congress would either make weed legal (federally) or go after pot (as they are breaking the law). How many growers pay their “fare share” in taxes? How much crime must we bear for their fortune?

    We, as a Country, State, County, Tribe, need to take a close look at where we are going.

    I live close enough to all of this to be concerned. My dog barked for an hour at the end of the road last night. Maybe they were set up down there? Who knows.

    But I have no sympathy for the people who were robbed, or the people “working” there. You bring crime into the area, and it has consequences. The “lifestyle” has consequences. Vote in politicians who will make it legal. Vote in ones who will imprison repeat offenders (for life) in violent crimes that hurt so many. Vote in ones who will insist those who flaunt the law (tax evasion) loose all their “hard earned” money.

  • Growers make easy targets. If your close to the road watch your stuff. Everyo,e k ows your not supposed to have guns with your cannabis rendering you defenseless. Like an open invite!
    They had themselves a good year.

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