Man Hit by Birdshot Has to Be Flown South for Treatment

HCSO Humboldt County Sheriff's OfficePress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On 11-05-17 at about 5:25 PM Deputies were dispatched to the Redwood Memorial Hospital for the report of a shooting victim there now. Upon arrival the Deputies talked to the victim who told them earlier in the day he was on Indianola Reservation Rd in Loleta when he heard two gunshots. He turned to the direction the shots had came from and was struck in the right eye and shoulder with what appeared to be bird shot. The victim did not see the person who shot him but did see a “hunting type dog”. Doctors later confirmed he was shot with bird shot. The victim was flown south for advanced medical treatment and not expected to die from his injuries. This case is being investigated as a negligent discharge of a firearm. The Sheriff’s Office is requesting the publics help in locating the suspect. Please call 445-7251 if you have any information regarding this investigation.



  • Dick Cheney strikes again? “Sorry I thought you were a bird”

  • Dangerous, in SO MANY WAYS, Dick Cheney strikes again???!!! Just when we thought it was safe to take a walk in the woods…!!!

  • tired of all this

    Not much is treatable in our county hospitals.

  • Sorry for this man who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Hope the negligent shooter is found out. Time for a hunter safety course.

  • I have been in this circumstance when hunting. Unfortunate when the birds fly in a direction and (perhaps) someone may be in the line of fire. First question: who is this person? Was her or she bird watching and walking along the dike in the hunting area? Sorry, if so, that’s fault of the bird watcher. If another hunter-heh dude get your act together! You know there’s hunters out where you’re walking!
    My gut tells me this was a watcher/walker oblivious to what happens in the marsh. Sorry for the injury. Don’t blame the gun or the hunter-this is common sense awareness at fault.

    • except the walker was on the road, so the hunter was birding in the field adjacent to it and before you get to the public launch. or it was from one of the five private parcels all of which have greenhouses. either way this was the negligent discharge of firearms as stated. the birds are in the fields right now so it seems pretty simple to come to a conclusion.

  • I am a hunter, and pro gun. There’s no way this should’ve happened. It’s not the pedestrians fault, nor should they be blamed even the slightest. All hunters are taught in the Hunter Safety/Education, that knowing your target and what’s in front of and beyond it is one of the 10 commandments to gun safety.
    I really don’t like to hear of things like this happening. It puts a black eye on the hunting community whether it was a hunter or not. I make a point to be absolutely as safe as possible anytime around a firearm. And if every person followed the commandments to gun safety, then accidents like this would never happen. That’s exactly why the commandments were made, to prevent this from happening.

    • I agree. My NRA instructor as a child would have instantly pointed out the person shooting as the person in error–always, of course, assuming this incident occurred how the person reported it.

  • Its very common been peppered a few times.. It happens

  • Good point about green houses and someone getting too close. The county road ends where the small power station is located. After that you have to follow the dike westward until you are 300+’ from the trailers there.I still question where this guy was and why he was there? You just don’t walk into the hunting area oblivious to hunters being there. I need more substantial evidence and facts to accept what’s happened. More info!!!!!

    • the road ends at the boat launch at the slough which is after all the trailers. the levee starts at the launch. if you are having trouble accepting gun owners doing the wrong thing these days, national news may help. if it was a hunter then they were shooting in the wrong direction.

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