They Gave Him His Med Bag Back But Stole His Truck and Phone

Blue truckLast night, two robbers wearing full tactical swat gear and masks robbed two men who were stopped at gates on a private road near Willow Creek, the daughter of one of the victims, Vera Greenwood, told us.

According to my dad, the guys seemed to be waiting for nightfall to rob the property thinking it was a grow site,” She said. Her dad told her that the robbers approached the gates on foot. “They kept asking where the weed was,” she wrote. “My dad and his friend kept telling them they didn’t have any.”

“[T]wo trucks were stolen,” she said. One is her dad’s truck, a 1991 Ford F-150 light blue, standard cab, short bed with a rhino lined hood With the license plate of 6K24346. The other truck is a silver 2006 Toyota Tundra with a black stripe on the hood and a license plate that starts 8B88.  The robbers also took victims’ cell phones–an iPhone and Android.

“I am grateful he wasn’t hurt and the thieves gave him his med bag before taking his truck,” Greenwood said.

“My dad is disabled,” she added. He has a disease that causes strokes and heart trouble, she explained. “I need help finding his truck. This is his only form of transportation that runs right now…My dad can’t afford full coverage so this truck isn’t covered at all…”

Greenwood appealed to our readers to help, “I know it is unlikely that we will get the truck back but I have seen a few cars returned lately with enough social media attention and enough eyes looking…[I]t can’t hurt to try.”




  • This is just the beginning.there is going to be a whole lot more of these robbery attempts.

  • Where was this exactly or atleast roughly? Willow creek wants to know details.

    • Yes, what part of Willow Creek was this in? Do we all need to sleep with our guns under our pillows? This is bull!!
      It is not listed yet but under Humboldt County service logs it gives a list of daily calls to dispatch and where the service was requested. Unfortunately it is only up to 11/1/2017.

  • Here’s hoping the truck is found & the thieves punished!!!

  • No doctors but plenty of robbers. Does this merit further thought?

  • Kym, this awfully resembles the Bald Hills Robbery that occurred not too long ago. Dispatch said they fled toward Orick, but there was no other word so I’m assuming they got away. If they live in Orick, they probably cruised over to Willow Creek for Round Two! Read through the articles and you can see that they are undoubtedly connected:

    “the robbers…wearing bulletproof vests and carrying firearms…reportedly stole two of the vehicles on the farm…one of the vehicles was attached to a trailer which contained marijuana”

    “…two robbers wearing full tactical swat gear and masks robbed two men who were stopped at gates on a private road near Willow Creek” “…the guys seemed to be waiting for nightfall to rob the property thinking it was a grow site…[T]wo trucks were stolen”

    Further more, the first site contained “20-30 workers” yet there were no reported injuries from the armed robbers. Then again on the second site, “the thieves gave [the guy they robbed] his med bag before taking his truck” These tactical, well-armed bandits sure are nice these days…

    People in North County should be vigilant! Although the real mountain folk have always been, sometimes we just need a reminder. Good luck out there.

  • Sad these assholes needed to steal a 25 year old truck. Wish the victim’s grower neighbors would buy him a new rig.

  • I thought and still think it is possible to track an iPhone by GPS. Anyone know more?

  • Bad ripoff. Idiot thieves. You got together some good tactical supplies but you didn’t bother doing any research?! Google sattelite will show you exactly where the grows are. Use maps to figure out the road system. Take a clue from your better thieves up on Bald Hills! Don’t be bothering the little guys or the citizens!! Also- the processed weed will not be getting driven ONTO the grow scene….it will be getting driven out. How stupid can you get?!!

  • OMG professional tweekers with combat gear. Not good 🙁

  • Call Apple Support. I just did, and the techie told me that the tracking does exist under “most” conditions. Good luck! And thank goodness your people are safe.

  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

    FYI, Anybody with an iPhone should enable Apple’s “Find my Phone” GPS tracking BEFORE your device is lost/stolen. Then you can view the location on a map using Apple’s website. If the battery dies, or the device is turned off by the perpetrator (or the device disappears into a lack-of-cell-coverage area) you can view the iPhones last known location.


      Non-apple can use “Where’s My Droid” app. Tracks down to 3ft with a map sent to any phone you text your code word to. Told me exactly which parking space mine fell out at. Badass!
      (gotta have the phone gps on though)

  • You can track the phones. Hopefully you can catch up to the trucks before they’re destroyed.

    Mrs. Greenwood was the subject of a Kym Kemp/LoCo and Arcata Eye article from 5 years ago. Is that pertinent? Maybe, I don’t know.


      Ouch! They even had to “release their four children to family members”

    • Adult in the room

      are You trying to say he was coming off his daughter grow? If you you are dead wrong and what does a raid in Fieldbrook have to do with a man being robbed at gun point in Willow creek

      • This did not happen in Willow Creek, it was Redwood Valley and I just saw on Facebook that his daughter setup a go fund me so obviously it did not have a lot of insurance on it.

    • Me being raided 5 years ago has nothing to do with what happened to my dad. My dad is old and had several medical conditions and needs that truck. I hope you weren’t implying that I caused this to happen to my dad. I asked our community for help with finding his truck knowing I could be attacked on the Internet but I had hoped that people would have had enough decency not to do what you just did. Good job taking a plea for help for my dad and turning it into a public bashing of me.

      • There is no slander in my comment. You have a public history and you posted in a public forum. Your history is related to the current events. I chose not to post any links, but full disclosure may be pertinent.

        I am making no judgment. This crime is abhorrent. I hope your father recovers his property and the perpetrators are caught.

        Best wishes.

        • Could you please explain how in the world my history has relevance? First that was 5 years ago second totally different area third this was a crime committed against an unarmed man who had his truck and phone taken from him at gun point. I really don’t see anything that links what happens to my dad and what happened to me. You took me asking for help finding my disabled fathers truck and twisted it into a public bashing of me.

          • No bashing. Just facts. I didn’t make any claim that you did anything wrong. I only found a couple of articles that were about you and about marijuana. The current article is about marijuana as well. Perhaps your father was targeted because of your history or, perhaps, it was random. I make no claims, but I do feel that full disclosure is relevant.

            Again, I hope your father recovers his property and the perpetrators are caught.

            • You’re just a troll and I really don’t care but seeing as how so many people have been affected by these idiots you really should’ve got your facts straight before posting something that had nothing at all to do with what happened to my father

              • I had no intention of trolling. What facts did I not get “straight “? I’m pretty sure I didn’t post anything that was not accurate.

  • A disturbing and upsetting crime. At least no one was physically injured.

  • It’s just starting, look over your shoulder..

    • Do you mean there will be more of the same because mj is legal?
      Do you think it will get worse, then eventually better?

  • Thanks.
    So much if this armed tweekers. Scary.

  • Oh no,I so hope you get it back. Thieves suck. They stole my Granddaughters car and it was destroyed. I hope you have better luck🍀

  • To organized to be tweakers. Id guess young men with and older male in a leadership role. Its disturbing and I hope they apprehend them before “the nice” wears off and the power high takes over. I feel for those robbed at gunpoint and see a definite escalation of fear used as power. They probably used those phones. The phones owner can get a print out of the usuage including calls and texts in the last 30 days. Sadly I fear it may end up a gunbattle between the tacti-gang and police or armed victims. Americans have had enough and in norcal there are a lot of legal gun owning and trained armed citizens with conceal and carry permits. Its sad our area is losing its fame for the beautiful natural resources we are blessed with and being replaced with a reputation for violence and fear. I lock my doors and carry a tazer, a powerful one everywhere I go as random violence has become the norm.

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