Law Enforcement Pursued a Burglary Suspect Down Hwy 101 and Captured Them in Fortuna

A short time before 6 p.m., a Honda driven by someone suspected of being involved in a burglary was spotted heading southbound past the Broadway Mall, according to scanner traffic. The driver continued and was pursued south by law enforcement.

About 6:10 p.m., the vehicle, a dark-colored Honda, pulled into Fortuna from Hwy 101 and yielded as a number of law enforcement vehicles surrounded it.

pursuit end

A sheriff’s car and other law enforcement vehicles surround the suspect vehicle on the north end of Fortuna. [Photo provided by a reader]



  • Looks like he needed something from NHS…

  • Had to get there before they closed…

  • Muddy Black Dodge

    I passed them headed south before the CR Exit. That you for the post, I was wondering. Slow speed chase, 6 Leos following…. Several more trying to catch up in traffic…

  • This is nothing to do with this article, but maybe some people will see it and respond. So, gas prices went up .12 and diesel .20 yesterday. Why then has gas gone up .15-30 in some places and diesel is up .30-.50. We continue to get so screwed in Humboldt. Any comments??? Diesel at Hydesville Market went from $3.19 on Monday to $3.69 today!!!

    • Living Easy, I’ll check prices in Sacramento for comparison.
      Have you also noticed that each octane used to be just 10cents more than the lessor octane but now they are 15cents and 20 cents more than the lessor octane in the past month or so?

    • November 1st-California state higher fuel tax goes into effect. It’s the governor’s initiative to raise 52 billion dollars for various transportation needs and improvements.

      • I knew that, but it was only supposed to be .12 for gas a .20 for diesel; but stations locally have raised them 2to3 times that amount. Seems like they are taking advantage of an opportunity to make extra money. As I said, Hydesville Market raised diesel .50. Didn’t look at gas as I drove by. Thanks for commenting!

        • I filled up on Halloween with diesel in Eka for $3.19 and noticed the next day the jump was .50¢ up to $3.69. We have always gotten hosed up here on fuel prices. CA fuel price average for diesel was only up .02¢ from the previous week… Not including the new tax, yet we get an extra .28¢ jump on top of the average overnight. I guess local stations figured this would be a good time to fk us a little harder since the price was already scheduled to jump.

        • When the prices went up for us they also went up for the supplier’s supplying the fuel to the station.

    • Costco was $3.19 for premium on Thursday (11/2).

    • Ah yeah. All the hurricanes supposedly but a hurt on gasoline production in the US.

    • tired of all this

      The new tax kicked in. The tax was passed because vehicles get much better mileage, so we buy less fuel. Our roads are paid for with fuel taxes.
      We bitch endlessly about the conditions of our roads, but bitch about funding them as well.

      • Vehicles get much worse mileage with all the emissions junk CA cars are required to have now. My 98 honda accord averaged 35 mpg, and could get 50 mpg on long trips if it was flat highways. Now honda accords average in the low 20s.
        Also, I rented a charger back east and averaged around 32mpg for two weeks, here my charger averages 22mpg. Thats due to the emissions controls and crappy fuel we get. 10mpg is a huge hit on my fuel budget…

  • I seen them between Loleta and Palmer Blvd. Headed south bound. The car was moving kinda slow I thought

  • The perp is probably all ready out .


    Yes I was wondering about the gas prices at Murrish too.

    • Murrish’s has ALWAYS been as high or higher on their prices as the Name Brand stations in Eureka!!! My $.02 worth is on greed!!!

      • They usually are higher, but it has been the same price as in town for months. Today, Fortuna Chevron diesel was up .30 from Monday and Murrish .50. What the hell happened to the .20 it was supposed to be???

  • like man what’s all those flashy lights behind me? I can’t see my speedometer but I know I’m hauling ass ! Wow there must have been an accident around here! Far out-looks like Xmas lights!

  • CALIFORNIA has the highest gas prices anywhere,wait ,no sorry EUREKA has them all beat. I used to work at shell,and we will always have the highest gas anywhere.SO DUMB

    • When I used to do hauling in the western states in the mid ’00s. Eureka was almost always the very highest price of any other normal size City in California. And if a town/city did beat us, it was only by a couple cents. The only place higher than Eureka consistently we’re places far away from any population centers…such as lakes or other 10 person towns.

      • Cheaper on Maui

        • Yes. I was just going to add that.

          I never understood why gas in Hawaii is cheaper than it is here. They must drive fewer miles than we do because it’s an island and the place only has so much room to roam in. It takes a longer effort to get gas and gas tankers there because– you guessed it– it’s a remote island, 2,000 miles from anywhere in particular.

          Many years ago, the DA encouraged us to file formal complaints with the State Attorney General to conduct an investigation into the question of high gas prices here– they believed price-fixing was happening and people were fed up with it. I did so. Never received a reply or acknowledgment back, it just fell into a black hole, and nothing ever came around from it. We still pay out the nose.

          It’s hard to justify the price we pay here with the flimsy excuses they tell us, especially when gas is cheaper 75 miles away in either direction– including 2,000 miles offshore.

  • Woke up and the sky was blue. Have a great weekend Humco!!

  • When I used to hauling in the western states. Eureka was almost always the very highest price of any other normal size city in California. On the rare occasion a town did beat us, it was only by a couple cents. The only place is higher than Eureka consistently we’re places far away from any population centers…such as lakes or other 10 person towns.

  • Paid $2.49 Sunday in Turlock. We get hosed up here!

  • Hey, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it!

  • Except we don’t have a choice!!!

  • STOP DRIVING SO MUCH. Move closer to work. Bike. Walk. I haven’t driven in years. I beat all those fake hippy “environmentalists” with their old VW vans! Hippycrites.

  • Murrish Brothers been ripping people off for years that’s nothing new. The only thing I’d be buying in that stores a soda. Everything in there is Jack to the hilt but they are still some of my best friends Mike’s wife is high dollar she’s expensive so he’s got to sell stuff at a high price to keep her happy. One more thing is you don’t get a full gallon I took a gallon gas can in there once to fill it up and it only filled it three quarters of the way so they’re not only ripping you off on the price they’re ripping you off on the amount of gas that you get just FYI.

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